Monday, December 29, 2014

Week 20 - Grand Junction - District Leader

Me in my new sweater Christmas 2014
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone. This was a great week for me, luckily police free, but unfortunately not bird free.

Monday Dec 22: 3 days until Christmas
This was a very good day. After emailing we went to the mall and did some Christmas shopping, and also went to the post office. It was a bizarre day for weather because it was sunny, cloudy, snowing, raining, sleighting, hailing, and was very windy all in one day. We got all of the weather you witness in just a few hours. That night we ate dinner with Sister Marcia and Citrus. It was their Christmas dinner because Sister Citrus was leaving back home for Christmas and it was very nice. Sister Marcia really opened up.

Elder Niue loves the snow and was
going around in a short sleeve shirt

Tuesday Dec 23: 2 days until Christmas
I was surprised just how busy Tuesday was with it 
being so close to Christmas. We were able to meet with Sister Hall who lives in this tower that is "locked down" The only way for someone to get in is to call the person and have them open up the door. It was a nice visit though after it took us about 10 minutes just to find the room. We left with a ton of candy and a gift card. We were also able to visit a few other members. That night we were invited by a Brother Hernandez, who speaks half-English half-Spanish, to eat at this place called the Moose lodge were he works. I was a little nervous at first because he said it was a bar but when we got in, it was just a family center with a bar. It was targeted towards older audiences so they had oldies playing and a lot of older couples got up and started dancing. After that we helped Sister Kaiser, the lady with the bird, wrap some presents.

Wednesday Dec 24: Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve was good, but a little slow. We brought some things over to o
ur ward mission leaders house, where we were going to spend Christmas. We also got to meet with Brother Batten and Carolyn with whom we taught the Plan of Salvation. That night we had dinner with the Bell family. He is the elder's quorum president. The dinner was excellent and they did minute to win it games afterwards. I won the one hand cup stacking. We then did a talent show where Elder Niue and I did some magic tricks. We did one where someone tells Elder Niue a number and I come in the room and read it. It blew the kids minds away and the adults who could figure it out started playing along with it. It was fun. After that the kids performed the nativity. It ended with one wise man (a girl with a turbine) giving the Gifts to Mary and saying, "Sorry the other Guys couldn't make it." After that everyone burst out laughing. That night we went to stay the night at our ward mission leaders house, with whom Brother Smith was watching. He is approved to house us so it worked out nicely. Unfortunately I couldn't sleep because I forgot my earplugs.

Most of the candy and leg/hand warmers
I got for Christmas
Thursday Dec 25Christmas
I woke up and went outside the room. It was a little dismal because I was just thinking about home. It stayed like this until Breakfast where Brother Smith made these amazing omelets. After that I started on my presents. I had about 7 boxes to open. I ended up getting two nice sweaters, tons of socks, skittles, hand and feet warmers, skittles, a hovering RC ball, skittles, and MP3 Player with speakers and 200 songs on it, more candy, a hovering ball target game, ties, and more candy. I have enough candy and warmers to supply an entire army, which is much appreciated. Thank you all for the presents and letters. It made my day. 

The Elder's at the Christmas Dinner
At 10AM my time I called my Mom and Paul. It was nice to see them and talk to my Mom for about an hour. After that I called my Dad, Paige, and all my siblings. It was nice to be able to talk to them all for a little bit. They have grown and changed so much in just 4.5 months. It is crazy. This made my Day exponentially better.

After calling Elder Niue and I went out to sing some chorals to some lonely people. We managed to sing to two people. One lady was in a nursing home and demanded that we take her with us, so we had to call a friend of hers to come stay with her. It is great that we have a ward that is willing to come on Christmas.

Brother Smith and I
When I got back home I tried out a few of my presents and called my Grandparents. It was also nice to talk to them and surprise them, and made my day even better. As I was calling it started to snow thick snowflakes and sheet everything in white. I got a white Christmas this year. That night Brother Smith invited a few other missionaries over and we had a Christmas dinner of Smoked Prime Rib, Corn pudding and some Excellent Potatoes. Overall it was an excellent Christmas that I will never forget.

Friday Dec 26:
We couldn't do much on Friday. For lunch we went to a Chinese Buffet and then went to say goodbye to Elder Kuns, our district leader. He got a ride with some members over to Denver because he is going home tomorrow. Elder Capps his companion came with us. Other then that we could only get one lesson in with Brother Wieder.

White Christmas
Saturday Dec 27:
Saturday was very busy we met with Carolyn to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She has been soaking the Gospel up and has had a lot of questions we have been able to answer. We also met with Sister Kaiser where Elder Niue and Capps decided to grab the bird, Chief and chase me with it. I ended up saying I had to go to the bathroom and stayed in there until the Chief was back in his cage. Later that evening we met with Sister Glenn, who is a less-active. This time we visited she essentially told us her life story and taught us about faith and that it was the thing that kept her going. She was so grateful for all that we have done for her. During that lesson we got a call from our mission President. He told us some Transfer news.

White Christmas
Transfers are tomorrow and we found out that Elder Niue will be in the Bookcliff South area. They are reopening it up. I will be staying in the Bookcliff North, will have two companions and will be the District Leader. I am both excited and nervous. I'm excited to be District leader and Senior companion. I'm nervous for two companions, the fact that we have 5 missionaries in our ward, and that I may not have a car. Elder Niue has a bad knee so he has to have a car. However our area is huge and we live a mile south of it. It also consists of hills and the top part is connected only by a small sliver. It will be very difficult without a car. Anyways. I'm excited nonetheless.

Sunday Dec 28:
White Chrstmas
Church was a missionary focused service. Elder Niue and I both sang in Sacrament meeting. I sang "Savior Redeemer of my Soul" accompanied by the Berry on Cello and Piano, and Elder Niue sang "Glorious" from "Meet the Mormons" I did okay and was a bit pitchy on some high notes. After Sacrament meeting I taught the lesson in Gospel Principles on Exaltation. It went really well. I had a rough start but decided to be confident. After the first part things started popping in my head and the whole lesson went really well. It was fun to teach. I realized I just need to be confident about this next transfer. If I'm not it won't go well but if I am it will turn out fine.

Monday Dec 29: 
Usually I don't mention the day I write but I woke up this morning with two inches of snow. We are expecting a snow storm today and tomorrow which will make transfers really interesting for the missionaries going over that pass. We hope they make it safe and on time. I however plan to have a large snowball fight because the snow is heavy and perfect for building. 

Gas at $1.87 a gallon.
Well I hope you all had a great Christmas. Thanks again for all the blessings, presents, and cards. It has helped make this Christmas on my mission one I will never ever forget.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 

Also a quick update on the policeman pulling us over. Apparently there is a law in Colorado that says you can't deny anyone a drink of water or to use the bathroom. That night the police were trying to catch a bunch of gypsies that have been using this law to get in and steal things. The police took the police call as one of these occurrences. So they sent an undercover detective to deal with us. He was hiding in the driveway and as soon as we started leaving pulled out and turned on his lights. I think he was actually a little relieved to find out that we were missionaries.

Elder Dallin S Pulsipher

Monday, December 22, 2014

Week 19 - Grand Junction

Tuesday Dec 16: 9 days till Christmas
I started the week out on exchanges with Elder Capps. Elder Niue went to their area and Elder Capps came here, so this was my first time in charge of my area which went really well. On Tuesday we were able to make contact with three new less-actives and set up appointments. We also visited Sister Kaiser with the talking bird and the bird said Elder Capps name while it was on his shoulder. Our faces were in shock. Whenever people take out that bird I constantly worry that he will fly over to me and it is so annoying. In case you didn't know I have an irrational fear of birds.

We were also trying some people within our new ward boundaries that no info was given on them so we stopped by this one nice looking house and knocked on the door. We saw a man start to walk to the door but then turned around. We then saw a lady come and grab something while coming to the door.
She answered it and said, "What are you doing here!?" 
I said, "Is so-and-so here" 
"Yes! What are you doing here?" 
"We are here to share a message about Christmas"
"Ok. Well I'm calling the Sheriff right now and telling him to escort you off my property!"

We just walked away as she was yelling at us. When we got in the car we just started laughing. It is funny how a situation that can seem intense can really just be funny. Of course we drove away before any police came and besides all they can do is tell us to leave.
Wednesday & Thursday Dec 17 & 18: 8/7 days till Christmas
Wednesday morning we went out to visit a few people when Elder Niue said he needed to go home. On Tuesday he started getting a headache/migraine. So for most of Wednesday and all of Thursday we were home bound. This actually gave me a chance to finish up my Christmas cards. I did however have a chance to make a tie-dye cake I found in one of the cupboards. It was actually pretty good.

Friday Dec 19: 6 days till Christmas
That morning we went to see a sister in our ward that we set up an appointment for. When we got there she let us in and then we sat down. Suddenly I noticed a small colorful bird sitting behind her. I pointed it out to her and she said that was her bird that talks. She tried to pick it up when it bit her and screeched at her. This bird was literally evil. It didn't like to be touched and would screech at everything. Luckily it never flew over to us, but it flew around. Other than that we taught a great lesson to her. Friday we also had to take our phone in. The screen broke awhile ago and we got a new one, but we had to get the phone numbers switched so we took it into sprint. When we got there there was a very nice lady (potentially a member) who helped us out. I also found out that the church may have the largest account with Sprint. It took forever to try and find our phone on the account.

That night we stopped by Sister Orton who has been a huge help to us. She has been able to talk with many people in a senior citizen housing community and has even found people who are members but haven't been to church in years. A while ago she found a lady named Carolyn who joined 30 years ago but just never came back after they moved away. Luckily through a lesson we taught and the support that Sister Orton and others have provided Carolyn in back into full activity and has even tried to get her children back. At one point a man who is anti-mormon came up to her and confronted her about it. She said to him, "I am going to be a mormon, and nothing can stop me!" It is so great to see the joy that Sister Orton has found as well as with Carolyn.
Saturday Dec 20: 5 days till Christmas
It was a very gloomy day. The weather here has been cold and wet. We've gotten some snow but it just melts when it hits the ground. It has rained quite a bit. It was a successful day though and we were able to meet with 5 people. Not much else happened though. However during personal Study I decided to do a little project. A while back I decided to focus an entire week on learning about faith and compiled a list of scriptures about faith and summarized them. So I decided to "analyze" it all by putting the info together on one board. A picture is provided of that board. It was really quite fun and I'd like to do it with some other topics I've done.

Sunday Dec 21: 4 days till Christmas
At church we had our Christmas program. It was put together really well. We have a lot of musical talent in this ward. We also had two non-members come. One was babysitting a family and another one came because her son is going on a mission in January and he was visiting. She has asked us to teach her the discussions, not for conversion, but so she knows what her son is teaching. Luckily almost everyone says that.

Later that day we visited with Carolyn, who had ensigns everywhere and BYUTV on. We also had a member lesson with the Gibbs. When we got to their neighborhood we couldn't see any house numbers so we got out and started knocking doors to see if anyone knew them, hoping we would just knock into their house. We tried calling but know one answered, until after the second door when they told us they were behind one of the other houses. We eventually found it and shared the "He is the Gift" video. Afterwards we got in our car and started driving when we noticed a police car (not a normal one. This one had tons of lights) trying to pull us over. I pulled over and the policeman came to the window and asked for license and registration. As we were getting that he said they got a call about suspicious behavior in the neighborhood of an empty car and people knocking doors. We explained we were missionaries and why we were knocking doors. He understood and let us go. It was kind of funny, and slightly confusing at first.

Like I said my week was full of birds, the police, and Christmas. It was a good week. I just can't wait for Christmas.

Merry Christmas,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher

Monday, December 15, 2014

Week 18 - Grand Junction, CO

Tuesday Dec 9:
This was a very long day. Brother Smith, who is our assistant ward missionary leader asked us to come help him move so we got in our work clothes and went to work. We had Elder Capps and Kuns come help along with our Italian elders, Elder Di Liberto, and Nicotra. We spent about 3 hours packing up the truck. Elder Niue found a dead mouse and started chasing me with it. As soon as he picked it up, I knew what he was going to do. That night Brother Smith needed his stuff unloaded so we went to go help him unload. By the time we had finished it was time to go home. I was so exhausted I fell right to sleep.

Wednesday Dec 10: 
Missionary Christmas Luncheon was amazing. That morning we had interviews with the Mission President. I always enjoy these and he praised me for my work. He has a way with talking to people that makes them feel comfortable so it isn't like an interview but more like a get to know you.

This Christmas our mission decided to do a  Christmas luncheon at a member of our ward's house. They had all the missionaries in the Grand Junction/Fruita area. There were 52 in all. We had a little devotional from our mission president where he shared about a few of his mission Christmases. and We sang some chorals. We then went to eat a great meal and watched a movie called the Christmas Mission. We also did some Christmas Karaoke. There were some amazing singers and a few really horrible singers. One Elder got up and sang with the deepest voice he could muster the song "Silent Night" It was funny. I almost went up but Elder Niue got up and sang "O Holy Night." After that we had another little devotional and we were all sent home with our presents from home along with some presents from the mission. I by far had the most presents so thank you everyone. I really got a sense of just how great christmas can be on a mission.

Thursday Dec 11: 
Brother Averna directing and Narrating the Show.
This was also another great day.This morning we had a district meeting which was great and then Elder Niue and I got some flu shots. Elder Niue is afraid of needles so it was funny to see the doctor put the needle in. After this we both felt like visiting this less-active. When we got there no one was there, but we noticed a car at another person's house who we try every week. We went over and there was sister Marcia a less-active in our ward. Her sister, sister Citrus was visiting from the Sacramento area, and she is very active. We talked for a little and sister Citrus asked if we could come over to help move some things out of their house the next day. We were very happy to finally meet sister Marcia, who has in the past seemed very standoffish.

That night at dinner the family we were eating with invited a pastor from another Church. It was interested and there was a little tension that was eventually difussed. We got to share the "He is the Gift" video at with them all.

The Foutz family along with a few others play a Song.
Jacob you might recognize Josh there.
We also got to meet with brother Batten who told us a story about how when he was a kid in the Great Depression his dad and him were putting some hay in a wagon when suddenly his Dad hopped into the wagon and took off. At first he didn't realize why they were suddenly leaving but he turned around and saw a dust storm coming towards him. His Dad and him raced home against a dust storm and eventually had to go into a neighbors barn so wait the storm out. It was a really interesting story from the time of the Dust Bowl. 

Friday Dec 12:
Today was hit and miss. It had a lot of good things and bad things, but let's focus on the good. We helped two people move some things today. One of those was with Sister Marcia and Citrus. Today Sister Marcia was a lot more happy to see us. We helped them move some things and we shared the "He is the Gift" video at which they both really liked. It was great to see sister Marcia open up a little bit.

A shot of the gym for the Christmas Party
Elder Niue also did something that really surprised me today. At the Christmas Luncheon he didn't get anything from home, but got something from the mission office. His package came a little late and he got it on Friday. He opened it up and looked at it. That night he said he wanted to stop by two peoples houses. When we got there he had wrapped up his presents from home and gave it to these people. This surprised me that he would give away his only presents from home to others. 

Saturday Dec 13: 4 Month Mark & 1/6 through my mission.

the gym was packed.
The man that is dressed is our ward mission leader,
using a lava-lava Elder Niue gave him.

I can't believe I am 1/6 through my mission. It has moved fast and I still feel like I am new. This morning we went to go set up for our ward Christmas party. This year was themed an evening in Bethlehem. The decorations were decked out with lights string across the entire ceiling with sparkling lights, an entire Bethlehem cut out with tents set up for the food. It was fun helping out and being a little creative.

After setting up we helped Sister Marcia finish moving some things. Today she was even happier to see us. It was really nice to see her so happy along with her sister. We left with some homemade cookies and fudge which were really good.

Our primary singing in the program
Another shot of the Christmas Decorations
That night we had our Ward Christmas Party and it was crowded. There were a lot of less-actives who we have never been able to see and a lot of non-members. The food was chicken with pita-pockets and pita-chips. It was all really delicious and the decorations looked amazing. We also had a little program which was headed by Brother Averna who was baptized two months ago. He knows a lot about Jewish history and heritage so he helped out a lot. Brother Niue and I were the first act and we sang "The First Noel" During the middle of the party we had someone run and get us. They said that someone had fallen and that they need our help. I don't exactly know why people automatically assume we are the best people to help with almost anything but we were glad to help. It turns out it was a less-active who we had been trying to get a ride for. He was very happy to be at the party, and we were happy to see him there.

Sunday Dec 14:
Not much happened on Sunday. Church was great with subjects about the Last days. We also were talking with a sister in our ward who recently found out some of her family history and found that her ancestors were deeply involved with the holocaust. She had Jewish relatives who seemed to be everywhere during the war. He mother even met Hitler when she was 12, which was interesting because her family were very anti-Nazi. It was very interesting to hear it all.

We had dinner with the Burtons that night who invited some work colleagues (who aren't members). It was interesting because two of them were from the Philippians and we got to hear a lot about their culture. We also got to show them the "He is the Gift" video at

Overall it was a very great week. I just can't wait for Christmas.

Till next time,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher

Elder Niue and I with our amazing
ward missionary leaders
Why do I have to be so tall

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Week 17 - Grand Junction CO

Talofa! (Translation from Samoan: Hello)
This has been a great week.

Tuesday Dec 2:

There was this very large house with a
huge property and they put up tons of lights
On Monday night I went on exchanges with Elder Capps in the Grand Junction 1st ward. Unfortunately Elder Niue stepped on his foot last week and damaged it to the point that he couldn't walk. So we were pretty much home bound because it is a biking area and all their investigators were far away. However at dinner the family that hosts them took us out to Golden Corral. On our way out a man ran out to stop us. He asked if we knew anything about a book about a Mormon Missionary who went to some island for 3 years. The way he was explaining it sounded like the Other Side of Heaven. He explained that it was the only book he read while in Jail. We got his name and number and told him we would find out the title of the book. Also I found out I have Athletes foot. You can't go on your mission without getting something. (don't worry it is taken care of)

At the entry of this neighborhood.
You can barely see how far these lights go to.
Every tree was covered.

Wednesday Dec 3:  

At lunch we went to Brother Hernandez whom we saw last Sunday. He made some Chicken soup and some amazing rice. It was a whole boiled chicken in a fatty broth. It looked interesting but tasted great. Elder Niue felt right at home. After lunch we tried a bunch of people (all of whom were not home) until our last lesson with Cristian and Miguell, who were baptized a month ago. We basically taught them about what is next in their future progression in the church. When we were teaching them I could just see them as missionaries some day. That night we had our ward missionary coordination meeting and a great dinner with the Gustavsons our ward missionary leaders.

Me in front of the lights.

Thursday Dec 4:

Today was the best day I have had since I've been in this area. We had a district meeting and then Brother Smith took us to some great Chinese food afterwards. On our way back to our place we got a call from Sister Stone. She isn't a member but her husband is. She said that they need some help with Christmas lights. We had planned to do service anyways so it worked out. When we got there Brother Stone looked at us suprised and said, "My wife called you, didn't she?" He allowed us to help. By the time we had to go we had put up light all along his fence and decked out his front porch. He was so happy by the time we left. It was great to see a giant smile on his face. We offered to come back the next day and finish. He tried to object but suddenly just agreed to let us come.

The house that we decorated
The rest of the night was great. We visited a lady who asked for 12 He is the Gift pass-along cards for a party she plans to have. (we have to pass out 10 every day) We also had a great dinner with the bishop and his wife.

Friday Dec 5:

This was another excellent day. Our day was full. We helped finish the Stone's house and drove by that night. It looks great. It was fun and he was very greatful for our help. That night we taught the Gallegos family, and the Bunnel daughter. She just turned 8 and is from a strong LDS family. We went over there one night and taught the restoration and their daughter loved it so much that she asked to take the other discussions. She is a great example and is very knowledgable for just an 8 years old. She got baptized the next day.

Saturday Dec 6:

The stocking that Rachel sent me.
Saturday was gloomy. There was an overcast of gray clouds and half of our appointments fell through. We did however get to meet with a lot of people in a place called Monterrey park (a retired community). Today I tried to be a little more forward and bold with people. I think it worked well. In stead of sugar coating things, I tried to be honest and bold. Our dinner cancelled for that night and Brother Smith offered to take us to Sushi. It was good to finally have some sushi. It was good but I still miss the Sushi back home. That night I got a package from Rachel Mattice my step sister. In it was a stocking with 25 presents one for each day and every one had a scripture on it that has to do with the present. That made my day. Thanks Rachel.

These were some Christmas
decorations that my mom sent me on December 1

Sunday Dec 7:

It was another great day. We were expecting to see some people come to church, but none of them could make it. When we got to church we noticed two people we hadn't expected to come. One is a lady who lost contact with the church 30 years ago but loves the church. The other is an investigator of ours Suzie. Church was great and in our Gospel Principles class, Brother Gustavson showed us the Time Table of the World. It is a massive 25 page timeline of the world from Adam down to 2000. It was cool. I remember my teacher had one in her class in 6th grade. After church we went by a lot of people and met some new people and found times we could stop by. That night we ate dinner with the Benefield's the aunt and uncle of Cristain and Miguell. We had homemade pizza, watched the Devotional (which was great) and talked about the He is the Gift Video at Brother Benefield asked for 15 cards, and we had passed out 6 earlier.

Overall it was a great week. Unfortunately the library is very packed so responses will be short.

Till next time,
Elder Dallin Pulsipher

Monday, December 1, 2014

Week 16 - Grand Junction CO

This was a very very slow week, but pretty good.

Monday Nov 24:
Elder Niue dancing with the bear.
On Monday we had a great Preperation Day. We played basketball with three teams. It is kind of confusing but quite fun. You have teams on both sides of the court and one that travels back and forth. Whoever gets the basket goes to the other side to face the other team. We ate dinner at the Carpenters who made some great Taco Salad. Afterwards we helped Brother Averna's (a recent convert who acts like he has been extremely active for 50 years)  daughter move some furniture around her house. 

Tuesday Nov 25:
On Tuesday we got a chance to go to the Library to check out the website that the church has produced. When I got there I had to wait about 30 minutes to watch the video, so I went on family search and found an error in one my ancestors. It reported that all of this mother's children were born after she died. I was then able to find a duplicate with the correct dates and fixed that. It was cool. The rest of the day we stopped by less-actives and got three lessons in. We also stopped by a member and showed them the website and the "He is the Gift" video. They really liked it, but it was a little weird considering that Thanksgiving was in two days.

A portion (about 1/4)
of the Howell's Christmas lights.
Paul the competition is on.
Wednesday Nov 26:
This day was great. We just stopped by less-actives and members all day. We met this one lady who we thought was less-active. We brought sister Young with us, who is a huge help to us. When we got there we found out that this lady in our ward has gone through a very rough time, but has somehow stayed really strong through it all. In fact this experience helped to re-activate her. She is now really active. She is a young single mother in a bad situation but shared with us the miracles that she has witnessed because of her faithfulness. In about one week everything started to change for the better. It was a strong testimony, that I'm glad I got to hear.

One thing that Elder Niue and I are trying to do is visit every single member we can and share this "He is the Gift video along with a quick message about Christmas. It has been very successful. On Wednesday we were able to share it 4 times.

Thursday Nov 27: Thanksgiving
Shaking hands with a grizzly
Thanksgiving was very nice. We really can't do much. We can't go tracting, and many people are out of town so stopping by people isn't that effective. We tried to visit people who didn't have any plans. We managed to meet one person who was alone and we made his some cookies. He really appreciated that. Thanksgiving dinner was with the Howells. They had their son, parents and brother there. Apparently Sister Howell's father went on three missions one as a mission president, is a patriarch, and was an area seventy. It was cool and he gave us some suggestions on how to use the "He is the Gift" initiative. Brother Howell hunts a lot and has a museum downstairs, so we took a lot of pictures with the animals. We stayed to later that night because we couldn't do anything. It was a great Thanksgiving.

Friday Nov 28:

Friday was another successful day and we visited many members and less-actives. We even met with a family where the mom ins't a member and we set up weekly appointments. Not much else happened today, just a lot of visits and teaching, which is always good.

 A picture with the
largest duck in the world.
It has spikes coming out of its wings.
Saturday Nov 29:

Saturday was pretty much like Friday except we did some work in our new area that we got with this new transfer. We met many new people who would like lessons, one even has an unbaptized daughter and which they would like taught. We also stopped by a sister in our ward who hasn't been coming to church. When we first met her she was yelling at us (not out of anger towards us, but she was reenacting something. We have been meeting with her weekly and she has progressed a lot. She is starting to realize that she needs to go to church to help herself before she can help others. We also met with Sister Glenn who grew up on a ranch out in Utah. She was reluctant to have us come back at first but now she wants us to come back regularly. When we left she left us a little book about the history of the area with her story and her parents story in it.

Sunday Nov 30: 

Its a Canadian staring contest.
the bear got loose.
Today was great. We had an excellent church service all focused on gratitude and the post mortal world. Brother Foutz gave a great talk on gratitude in sacrament meeting which is just what I needed to hear. He gave this cycle

Gratitude ---> Obedience ----> Blessings ----> Gratitude

You just need to take that first step of gratitude to enable this cycle.

 During a combined priesthood and Relief Society our lesson was people coming up and sharing brief experiences of gratitude. It was a great meeting.

Later that day we visited Brother Hernandez who doesn't speak English that well and intertwines spanish and english. It was a little confusing but we understood most of what he said. He also shared his favorite scriptures with us out of his Spanish Book of Mormon and we would look it up in our English Book of Mormon. I think it is cool that we have a church that has many languages and cultures but we all have the same gospel. That is a huge miracle

Overall it was a great week. We had low numbers, but we tried to visit a lot of people, which was one of the topics Brother Foutz talked about. It is better to put forth a great amount of effort and lose, than to put forth little effort and win.

Till next time,

Elder Dallin Pulsipher

Monday, November 24, 2014

Week 13 - Grand Junction

Good Morning everyone. This has been a very crazy week.

Monday Nov 3:

Last Preperation Day we went to a bunch of Doctors appointments for Elder Niue and he found out that he has a stress fracture. So he has been walking around in a boot and with some heavy duty crutches.

Tuesday Nov 4:

Tuesday was very successful until that night. Earlier in the day we taught a part member couple. The husband who is a member helped to build the San Diego and Sacramento temple, but has been less-active for a number of years. He however has an interest to come back to church so we have been teaching him. We taught them the Plan of Salvation and at the end I was about to say the prayer when he interrupted and said, "I will say it" with a look of determination on his face. It is great to see him take the steps to come back to church. 

That night there was an exchange set up with our district leaders and Elder Niue and I got into an argument about who was staying in the area. It has been difficult to work with Elder Niue. We do get work done, but our cultural differences and customs clash sometimes. 

Wednesday Nov 5: 

All of Wednesday I spent with Elder Capps in the Grand Junction 1st ward. It wasn't a very good day for me. I felt bad about arguing the previous night and had little motivation to work. Luckily Elder Capps can talk about anything and he helped me feel better about the whole situation. That night we had dinner at a really good Mexican Restaurant called Dos Hombres. It reminded me of the good Mexican food back home. They also had a ghost chili burrito (ghost peppers are apparently extremely spicy) which if you can eat it in 30 minutes you get your picture put up on their wall of fame. They had two large posters of just missionaries that have tried it. This made my day.

Thursday Nov 6:

Thursday was better. I still felt bad about Tuesday night but We were able to still get work done. We had a district Meeting on Thursday and I gave a training on Christlike Attributes and the importance in the mission. I tried to stress that as a missionary we should represent Jesus Christ everywhere; In public, and in private. Especially because we walk around with name tags that say Jesus Christ in large letters on it. I think it also applies with every member, especially because when we are baptized we take the name of Christ upon us.

Elder Niue had another Doctors appointment where they confirmed the stress fracture. That night we did an 8PM member lesson with sister Orton where she invited a lady named Carolyn. She had apparently been baptized in Idaho 30 years prior and was interested in coming to church.

Friday Nov 7:

Today we decided to work on Suzie's shed/garage again and finally finished sanding and started painting. We also had a dinner at another Mexican restaurant and I tried the Teriyaki Chicken Burrito. It was actually quite good. After dinner we went to go see our new boundaries and they are huge. They are about 2 miles wide and go on for 4-5 miles. There is also a lot of space in between houses so that will be interesting. Besides that not much happened on Friday.

Saturday Nov 8:

Today was very successful. We were able to teach two less-actives, talked with 3 other part-member families, and also found out that someone had moved. In fact when we went to a house to see someone three drunk adults answered the door and said, "Really! 2AM at night?" It was actually 7PM, but I got a good laugh out of it. We also talked to a person we met a while back named George. His wife died 15 years ago and he still is mourning it. We were able to set up a lesson with him which was really exciting. Overall this was a very good day.

Sunday Nov 9:

Today was very good. We had an excellent Ward Council and a Coordination meeting to get a head start on the new ward boundary change. We also saw a Shirls who owns the talking bird at church. She was exciting to be in a new ward and especially that they have a family history class 2nd hour. We also had our mission presidency suddenly show up at church today. Elder Gifford who is leaving next week also gave an amazing unplanned talk in Sacrament meeting. Overall this was a very good day with much success

So I don't have to much time to email today because the library is crowded and I might get kicked off soon so I won't be sending to many e-mails or any pictures this week.

Till next time,

Elder Dallin Pulsipher

Week 14 - Grand Junction

This was a very hard week.

Monday Nov 10: 

This was Preperation day and we spent a lot of time emailing and I was able to look at some of my family history and found that a line through King David and Judah, (146th Generation). That night we ate dinner at a less active lady in our ward who has an amazing story. She grew up on a ranch with a bunch of Cowboys, and took over a failing business of scaffolding in the 70's.

Suzies Grage finally Finished

Tuesday Nov 11:

I woke up with zero motivation to go out and work, so I decided to say a quick prayer for help and was able to go out and work the rest of the day. That day we went to the hospital to visit two members. We have a giant hospital in our ward boundaries and it was very confusing. We spent a good two hours there visiting and trying to find out where to go. It was actually a little funny because one member that we visited looked better than he ever has. That night we had dinner with Sister Porter who invited the bishop and his wife and two other members as well. It was an excellent feast.

Wednesday Nov 12:

Part of our District
Wednesday was very busy. We went to go work on Suzie's Garage and put on our first coat of paint. It was very cold. Temperatures aren't as crazy as some places in Colorado but it has been down in the 25-32 degrees. We used this service called Tell Me which is a toll free number and found out that Elder Gifford's (one of the other elders in our ward) home had a high of 3 degrees with a low of -10. After that we went to go teach Cristian and Miguell about prayer and scripture study. It was a great lesson and it is funny what responses they give.

That night we had some curry with our ward mission leader and then had our Coordination Meeting where we discuss the people in our area. I've liked these meetings because it gives us some assignments and allows us to report. Right after this Elder Niue presented some things about American Samoa to the Bear Scouts.

Elder Capps and I

Thursday Nov 13:  3 Month Mark

Thursday marks 3 Months on my mission from the time I entered the MTC. It has gone by fast. This morning we had a district meeting. It was fun and we played this game where there is an investigator with two problems (Two missionaries whispering in the investigators ears some of their problems and issues and instructions to trump the two missionaries) then there are two missionaries who try and resolve the issue. After the district meeting we finally finished Suzie's Garage. That night we stopped by Sister Orton who lives in a Senior Citizen Community. She is a great member missionary and has found many less-active members we didn't even know about in her neighborhood. She even plans to invite them all to her house for a family home evening.

Elder Capps decide to drink a Bottle of Meeting.
Just to prove he could

Friday Nov 14:

On Friday we went to go help Brother Hildebradt lay some sod (grass) for his and his neighbor's lawn. It was fun and they fed us a great lunch afterwards. Later that night we decided to stop by a family who is becoming more active in our ward and talked for a while. I then decided to share a scripture and felt like I should share Alma 32:21 which talks about faith. After wards he said he needed to hear that because of something that had happened earlier that day. On Friday while we were driving we also listened to 17 Evidences of the True Church. I would suggest people to listen to it.
An Alley in Grand Junction. There are many of these

Saturday Nov 15:

This was a very hard day for me. Everything seemed to happen the opposite of what I wanted and expected. We had our only investigator drop on Saturday, George. He said he just didn't want to change. Also the first person I learned to love on my mission and invited him to be baptized got baptized today. I am happy that he made that decision but I'm sad that I wasn't able to be there. He was baptized over in Littleton which is about 4 hour drive. We also got news about transfers. So I will be staying and so will Elder Niue, and one of the other elders in our ward will be joining us, Elder Yarbrough. I was not happy about this honestly. I really wanted to train or at least have a new  companion, but now Elder Niue is staying and we have a another person joining us. I don't like the idea of three missionaries in the companionship.

Sunday Nov 16:

Elder Jensen and I at the library
Sunday was very hard as well. I am still feeling disappointed about his next transfer and I'm a little scared of it too.  We did however go to a baptism of a friend of a member in our ward. It was great to see the smile of this girl after she was baptized. You really do see a change in people. We are also combining the north and south areas of our ward and our area has increased. So we now have an investigator who will be baptized hopefully this next week.

Overall this has been a difficult week especially at the end, but you get those sometimes.

Elder Pulsipher