Friday, August 22, 2014

Week 2 - MTC Provo, UT

This last week has been great. We have an awesome district and zone and they all want to be here. As a zone leader I've gotten to talk to other missionaries in our zone and have had multiple chances to give guidance when needed. 

Saturday 16:
It was weird having a Saturday exactly like any other day. I'm so used to having Saturdays being different than any other day.

Sunday 17:
It was also weird going to church at the MTC. We only have two hours, Sacrament and Priesthood. After that we got to go up to the temple for a few hours. After lunch Elder Brimhall and I went to New Leadership Training where they show us how to become effective zone leaders. That night there was a devotional given by Jenny Oaks Baker (popular violinist and daughter of Dallin H. Oaks.) It was very cool because she played musical numbers throughout. After this we watched a talk titled "Character of Christ" by Elder Bednar. This is one of the best talks I have every heard and I would suggest everyone if you can find it.

Monday 18: 
Just a normal day at the MTC

Tuesday 19:
Elder Brimhall and I got the chance to sing in the devotional choir. We just barely got seats before they had to turn people away.

Wednesday 20:
I had the chance to welcome the new missionaries through an orientation, where we explain MTC life, answer any questions and give a tour. My companion, Elder Brimhall, and I have enjoyed serving as zone leaders. I also ran into Savannah Asay. It was her first day at the MTC.

Thursday 21:
Here at the MTC we do a lot of role-playing and teaching. Sometimes its just simply sharing a message, but often our teachers will role-play as people they used to know and they seem to have every possible problem in the world. It has been hard, because sometimes they don't get it. We also have these things called TRC (Training Resource Center). In this we are given an investigator, some are non-members and some are members. You however don't know which is which, but they all role-play. The first time we met ours we had a hard time. He wouldn't believe anything we said and stopped us half way through our lesson. He is very knowledgeable of the gospel and has read the Book of Mormon. The second time we visited him, he told us to go on a walk with him. He then proceeded to tell us he really is not a member and what he does here at the MTC. (which makes him our first real investigator) Our goal for the lesson was to help him feel the spirit. He said that the only time in his life he had felt something like the spirit was when his children were born. We then had him read Alma 17 in the Book of Mormon and he felt it. He wouldn't admit it but we knew he felt it, for the first time since the birth of his children. This was our last visit with him. I have found a love and respect for this man, even though we only met for 1.5 hours. I hope he accepts the gospel I really do.

It have had a great time here at the MTC, but I can't wait to get out into the field.

Elder Dallin S Pulsipher

P.S. I found that throwing a Frisbee around is actually quite fun.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Week 1 - MTC Provo, UT

Hello everyone,

These last two days have been crazy, in the best way possible.

After getting on the plane to go to Salt Lake City, It hit me that I really am a missionary now. There were a few other elders on the flight, but we were all in different seats. When I got to the airport Matthew was waiting there and we went to Temple Square. It was nice because we had time to tour the Conference Center. After this we headed to Provo to eat lunch with Rachel, Russel, and Amanda. I said goodbye to them all and went to the MTC. 

When you enter the MTC you have no idea what you are doing. All you do is just follow the lines to get your name-tag and various other supplies. After this I went to my classroom and met my companion Elder Brimhall. He came straight out of high school and is from the Albany area New York. After meeting Elder Brimhall I met the rest of my district (all of whom are straight out of high-school) We all get along and I can tell they all want to be here. After meeting with the district we went to a room with all the incoming missionaries. The speakers were great and there were a lot of missionaries. 

The next day went more smoothly, but we found it hard to be on time. The schedule is so jam packed that there is little time to spare. This is good though, because it constantly keeps my mind on missionary work. Throughout the day Elder Brimhall and got to know each other a lot more. I found that we are both dedicated and want to do our best. I couldn't have asked for a better first companion. Later that night we met the Branch Presidency. I was impressed that even though I barely know them and they would only be my Branch Presidency for 12 days, I was inspired by their counsel. At the end of the meeting they had Elder Brimhall and I stand up and they made us Zone Leaders. As a Zone Leader we are in charge of our two district or our entire branch. We talk to District Leaders who talk with the district. We also welcome the incoming missionaries and give them an orientation, which is crazy because we'll only be here one week. We mostly teach lessons and stand as an example.

So far the MTC has been great, just full of information. I feel like a glass being overfilled. I love it here so far, but can't wait to get out to the field.

Elder Pulsipher

P.S. The food is very deceptive. It really good, but they give you small portions, which causes you to go back for seconds. That is why you gain weight.