Monday, September 29, 2014

Week 7 - Littleton, CO

Good Morning,
This was an awesome week.

Tuesday Sept 23:
This was our first day where tracting wasn't required to fill up time. We were very busy and visited many people. At one of the lessons we invited Sister Richmond (a widow whose husband and her were mission presidents). She shared something from "The Articles of Faith" that really stuck out to me. She shared that every person has the qualities of God in bud forms. It is up to us to develop these. We also came up with the idea of for every member lesson we teach we give the family something to pass out to friends. So we have been teaching about prophets and giving out pass along cards about General Conference. As far as we can tell people really like this idea. I also have found a heightened interest in paintings. Whenever I see one I find myself analyzing it.

Wednesday Sept 24:
I actually didn't sleep Tuesday night. Elder Hernandez, who is in our zone, stayed the night with us because we went to a District Leadership Training early on Wednesday. Between the snoring of Elder Clark and Elder Hernandez trying to stop it, it was quite difficult and slightly humorous. District Leadership Training was great. This apparently means I will become one in the near future. After the training we were asked to help with driving some people for exchanges. This took about 2.5 hours and by the end of it I learned more about patience. The rest of the day was long and I almost fell asleep while we were tracting. Overall this day was pretty hard for me.

Thursday Sept 25:
On Thursday morning we went over to a recent convert who had a few questions about the Book of Mormon, mostly about Korihor. After that we went to District Meeting where I taught a lesson on Using Time Wisely. I found that the best way to ensure you use time wisely is to plan effectively. If you plan effectively you don't waste time figuring out what to do next. The rest of the day was also hard for me. I have found tracting to be difficult and a little scary, I am just always caught up in how people will answer the door. I fear that someone will be angry. It wasn't until the Friday that I realized that it doesn't matter. People can yell at you, but most often they don't, their nice, and you may never see that person again. One of the great things about Thursday though is that we got homemade bread and some amazing strawberry jam from the Bates family.

Friday Sept 26:
I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I stayed like this most of the day until we did something that we call the go-list. We have been putting a list together of people who are less-active inactive or just unknown on the ward list. It also has which sector and sub-sector of town they live in and the order to visit them. Right before we went to the first door I just decided to be happy and excited no matter the response. This was the point my week turned around. After this we were able to contact some old members and have been putting together a more accurate list for bishop of who has moved and additional information. We also had a training given by our zone leaders on how to do weekly planning. They showed us an awesome effective way to conduct it. They are are amazing missionaries. The method they taught us helps us to daily contact those we are teaching.

That night we went tracting and taught three lessons to 5 people and handed out two Book of Mormons. I was still intimidated by tracting but it has gotten better.

Saturday Sept 27:
Friday night I had a chance to test some ear plugs I from my Mom and they worked gloriously. I hadn't slept that well in days. This morning we helped a lady move in to her new home. She is friends with a member and we were able to help coordinate missionaries to go help her pack up in the Colorado Springs Mission. That evening we had dinner with the Donaldson's. Sister Donaldson's mother actually lives in Fair Oaks and was good friends with the Woods. Hey Dad you should be expecting an old lady with curly hair to come to the door with a picture of me at dinner on her phone. Heads up. It was great to talk a little about Sacramento area. Sister Donaldson remembers when the Mormon Center was a Rec Center and when they Changed it. Sorry but she doesn't know where the bowling alley was.

Right after dinner we got a call from a lady who we tracted into earlier. Her car had broken down and she was wondering if we knew someone that could take her grocery shopping. She had just moved into the area that week and knew no one, except us. Luckily Sister Donaldson was able to give her a ride, which was great because that would make Sister Donaldson her first acquaintance her besides us. It turns out that this lady trusted us because her daughter is LDS and the missionaries have helped her before.

Saturday night was the highlight of my week. We were teaching Kurt about baptism and he excepted to be baptized in November. Kurt is so awesome and has such an amazing testimony. He has grown to love the gospel and constantly seeks out more knowledge in it. His wife was baptized a few months ago and his son is being baptized next month. They will all have the gospel in their lives. I just feel on top of the world.

Sunday Sept 28:
We started today with an effective Ward Council and Ward Coordination Meeting. I was also able to share a few of my ideas for missionary work. This stake here doesn't actually have a mission prep class. So I suggested that we could teach one for the youth in the ward. They liked the idea and we might try it and see if it works. The youth program back in Folsom was so great with regards to missionary work that it has made me realize just how great it was for me in preparing me for my mission. During church we had a great Fast and Testimony Meeting, and a member brought a non-member family to church. The rest of the meetings were great as well and Elder Clark and I had the opportunity to teach the young women some methods they could use to share the gospel in preparation for a mini-MTC they are doing. We did one back home a few years ago.

After church we were actually asked if we knew how to break into a car. A sister in our ward had accidentally locked her keys in her car, so I tried to break into it, unsuccessfully.

That night we had a cottage meeting at Sister Taylor's house (one of the ward missionaries). Tons of people came and I had a chance to talk with Sister Hill about the Pulsipher Family growing up. It was funny to be able to talk about family with a person I barely know. It was good though and reminded me of home a little bit.

The last thing that happened this week was that the lady from last night that Sister Donaldson helped called us with an emergency we were able to help out with. It was almost as if Heavenly Father had us meet her so that we could help her.

I came on my mission for weeks like this. It was hard at the beginning and amazing at the end. 

Till next time,

Elder Dallin S Pulsipher

Monday, September 22, 2014

Week 6 - Littleton, CO

Hello Everyone.
This last week has been a pretty normal week actually.

The Beginning of our hike this morning
Tuesday Sept 16:
This day was quite successful. We started the day off by going to the Re-store (Goodwill for furniture and appliances) and doing some service there. Apparently though every missionary in our district had the same idea and they all came. Later that day we went tracting and actually taught two lessons in a row with two mothers. We handed Book of Mormons and invited to read and pray about it. One of them even said that we should come by in a couple of weeks. It was also pretty cool because we use these surveys when we meet people kind

Me standing next two some red rocks.
These large rock formations that stick out of the ground.

of as an icebreaker and to see their beliefs. Usually we might get 1 lesson with every 6 surveys, but today we got 2 with 2. By the end of the day I was exhausted and fell right to sleep.

Wednesday Sept 17:
Me standing on a foothill with Lockheed in the background.
I also found out why I'm not sleeping the best. My companion Elder Clark is a terrible snorer. It sounds like a train going through the room in short 2 second intervals. It also progressively gets louder. I tried to wake him up in the calmest way possible but it really didn't work out until I messed with the blinds. Besides Elder Clarks snoring, we were tracting and ran into a lady that investigated the church 20 years ago and was almost baptized. She said she would be interested in going to Relief Society activities though. Also on Tuesday we had a member lesson with an elderly lady that is related to Zera Pulsipher in D&C 124.

Thursday Sept 18:
I don't know if I've explained this yet but because the MTC time has been lowered, they do a program called 12 week which essentially completes the training by doing an hour of a curriculum everyday. A new missionary will be paired up with another missionary that just completed their first 12 weeks and train the new missionary which means I will probably train in two transfers. On this particular day it was how to use members in missionary work and gave me many new ideas I would like to try. It also reminded me of how the missionary youth program is back home. All the things I did back home with the youth program and its leaders really helped prepare me for coming out here.

There are many grassy fields out in the valley.
Friday Sept 19:
Today was an interesting day. We had weekly planning as usual which felt a lot faster this time because I had a good attitude going into it, but besides this we went tracting and met a few people. The first person we met we walked up to and he handed us two Gatorades and said, "How are you doing, Elders" It turns out he was a member that we just hadn't met yet. His daughter also suggested to go visit a house on the other side of the street. She had talked with everyone except that house. So we went over their and knocked on the door. We were about to leave when the garage door opened and a man came out. He paused and said, "Former Member," saluted, and then walked away. It was very surprising. The next house we went to was also surprising. We went and knocked and saw a man walk fast to the door. He opened the door pointed at the sign that said no soliciting, started swearing at us and essentially said get out of here or else. Let me just say one more time. Missionaries are not Solicitors. Anyway it shook me up a bit, but what is a mission without some excitement.

Saturday Sept 20:
The company Lockheed which is just like Aroejet.
They work with rockets.
 It is a building out in the middle of nowhere.
Today was great. It was also Elder Clark's 19th birthday. We spent most of the morning trying to contact less-actives, in-actives, and people the bishop didn't know in an area outside of town. No one actually answered but we found out that we had previously tracted into some inactive members. After that we went tracting in a neighborhood near dinner and met this very nice elderly couple. When the wife answered the door she couldn't hear us so we had to yell at her. We talked with them for a bit and they said they would try and make it to church, they gave us their phone number, and said that they would love us to come back and teach them and their family some time. We then went to dinner at a recent convert, Sister O'Conner's, house who Elder Clark helped baptize. It was great and was kind of a birthday party, so many members came over. 

After dinner and cake we taught a lesson to Sister O'Conner and her husband Kurt Krenitz, who is an investigator. We taught them the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This is the same brother that we taught last week at the church. It was a great lesson and it has been amazing to see how they have both progressed. In fact their son is turning 8 soon and he really wants to be baptized. Kurt and Carrie have progressed so much and Kurt is so close to baptism. He even does more than we ask him to do between lessons.

Me standing out in the valley. This is half of our area
Sunday Sept 21:
First I would like to say Happy Birthday Mom! Hope you had a great birthday. I wish I could be there. On Sunday morning the Lavechias made us a big birthday breakfast of french toast. It was great. We then went to ward coordination meeting and met some of the new ward missionaries. I'm excited because they seem really excited. One of them is Sister Hill who was friends with my Dad and his family growing up. Church this Sunday was something called the Come and See where we stress to invite non-members to come and see how our church service runs. We actually only saw about two families that we didn't recognize, but Brother Krenitz came with his son without his wife because she was ill. He also stayed all three hours which was exciting. Later that night we had Stake Priesthood meeting where they stressed the youth program which really reminded more about the great youth program I had back home.

Monday Sept 22:
It is a little blurry, but there is a neighborhood
with houses built around and
on top of these red rocks. It is pretty cool,
 we have one member who lives out here.
So today we went hiking for about two hours in this valley between two neighborhoods. It was beautiful and the weather was great, even though last night it was storming, and it is storming right now. The pictures attached are from this hike. Also many of my pictures are of these rocks, keep in mind that the area is not all like this. I'll take some pictures in town for next week. 

Well that concludes this week. It has been great and I expect a baptism pretty soon!

Till next time,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher

Monday, September 15, 2014

Week 5 - Littleton, CO

Good Morning to all.
This last week has actually been very slow with a lot of great moments

Tuesday Sept 9:
We started the morning off with by running to the park near our house. It was only about a quarter mile, but I could only run about half of it. I'm just going to blame it on the altitude. We went about our normal schedule when our zone leaders called us at lunch. They forgot to assign someone to do some service at a place called re-store which is like goodwill for furniture and appliances.  So we covered and got to destroy some more furniture. It was nice to take a short break from proselyting and get some physical exercise besides running. That night we went to dinner with one of the ward missionaries. She works hard to help us and even went with us to a less active lesson right afterwards.

Standing outside in the first snow of the season

Wednesday Sept 10:
This day wasn't very good at all. I have had some problems sleeping and have kept on having bad dreams about missionary service. It has been lasting the last week. Luckily the last few days have been good for sleep. This morning was also hard because two of our lessons cancelled on us. We ended up just stopping by some less actives who all didn't answer. We even went to an appointment with a lady we tracted into the previous week and she never answered the door. We did however teach a lesson to a mother and daughter that have been investigating the church for 7 years. We were able to receive some light on what they believe and why it has been 7 years. That night we went tracting in an apartment complex and a man got angry at us for "soliciting". Just so everyone knows Missionary work is not soliciting. While this day was hard and a little disappointing I know there will be days like this.

Thursday Sept 11:
This morning we went to a district meeting which was very good and inspirational. It provided some ideas to help us plan better. It also helped me to realize that I've just been teaching lessons not people. After district meeting we had to get two tires replaced. Apparently the the two back tires were so worn out that they couldn't even be repaired. Oh and another interesting fact. When we were cleaning our car out we found a snake skin. Last transfer one of the missionaries picked up his coat out of the car and a snake slithered out of it. There had been a snake living inside the car and know one even knew it was there.

Friday Sept 12:
Snow in Littleton in Sept, 2014
I woke up this morning and looked outside the window and to my surprise it was snowing. It even stuck to the roofs a little. We went downstairs and looked outside the kitchen window and saw a rabbit sitting there still. We went back later and it was still there. We thought it might have been frozen. So we went outside and went close to it and it ran away. We were trying to think of what you would do with a frozen rabbit. In fact here in Colorado there are so many rabbits. They are like squirrels back in Folsom. They are everywhere. So on Fridays it is our weekly planning session. The last few weeks it has taken up to 6 hours to complete. This really agitated us both and we argued a little about what we should do and how to do it. At the end of it we came to the conclusion that our unsuccessful week was because of our attitude. We have really been slightly negative and our attitude hasn't been very good at all. We apologized and came up with some ways to stay happy. 

After this we went tracting and got to use sweaters and gloves for once. We also went about with a better attitude and smiles on our faces. We were able to get 13 surveys. These surveys are how we approach doors. We ask if they want to take a survey and we ask questions that our lessons answer. It is a great way to get people talking and to introduce the first lesson. Our mission goal is to get 20 surveys per week, but we were able to get 31 this week. Out of this we also got two Book of Mormons placed and one lesson taught to a couple. Heavenly Father really was looking out for us and blessed us with success when we had a good attitude.

Frozen rabbit
Saturday Sept 13:
Today was great! It not only is the one month mark but I'm already 1/24th through my mission. That is crazy, that I'm already at one month. This morning we had stake missionary meeting which brought together everyone involved in missionary work in our stake. They talked about how to get the members in the ward more involved. The housing coordinators also came up and indirectly complemented Elder Clark and I about how our house is clean. After this meeting we went with a recent convert and her husband who is an investigator to do family history work. She was very excited and had a book with her family history on one side. He to was also excited and wanted to see if he had any cowboy decent. 

We then went back home to do our personal and Companionship study when I realized that my Book of Mormon, for the 42-day challenge, was missing. I then realized that I had given it to a British lady named Angie while we were tracting the previous night. We stopped by her house and she didn't answer. While we were walking back we saw her driving her car and I stopped her. I was about to explain what happened but she just said that I have your Book of Mormon, the one with all the highlighting. That means she looked in it. We replaced the Book of Mormon and I explained that I had been highlighting all the references to Christ.

That night we taught one of our investigators. We gave him a church tour and explained many of the things that our church does/provides and explained the pictures in the building. It really invited the spirit and was actually fun. We then went to the chapel and taught him about faith and feeling the spirit. He said that he wanted to have the lesson at the church because he felt something good. I then proceeded to help him understand that he is feeling the spirit. It was an excellent lesson. He ended saying that he is finding joy in learning about the gospel and even once mentioned "When I'm Baptized".

Sunday Sept 14:
Today was zone conference and Elder Larry Lawrence and his wife came and spoke to us. It was an amazing and uplifting conference. Sister Lawrence talked about what it means to be part of the House of Israel and how that ties to our purpose and missionaries. I learned many new things and it really makes me understand the importance of the Abrahamic covenant, forordination, and missionary work. It also made me want to learn more by myself, so if anyone has suggestions about where to read I would like to hear them. After she spoke Elder Lawrence got up and spoke about obedience and consecrating ourselves to missionary work. It was truly inspirational and sparked my interest.

Like I said this week has been hard full of great experiences. I'm starting to learn more about my purpose as a missionary and my personal purpose of being here. I also learned that your attitude affects your work tremendously.

Elder Dallin Pulsipher  

Monday, September 8, 2014

Week 4 - Littleton, CO

Good Morning.
This last week has been very successful.

Monday Sept 1: 
Elder Clark and I on a hike with the Levechias.
After I emailed last week I went with the Levechias (the people I'm living with) to a place called Red Rocks. It is outside our area but I got special permission to go. Below are some pictures of the area. It was beautiful and awesome. There are just huge sleights of red rock protruding from the ground. In between the two largest ones is a theatre which has perfect accoustics I am told. We weren't actually allowed to go in because they were preparing for a concert. It was a cool experience. I also got to touch some dinosaur bones which are around that area.

Tuesday Sept 2: 
This day was an excellent day full of stupidity.
A view of Denver on the hike
  1. Lost my wallet so Elder Clark had to pay for lunch. ( I eventually found it in my suit coat. Of Course!)
  2. My scriptures went missing in between a few appointments ( I eventually found them underneath the car seat).
  3. Lastly I left my clothes in the washing machine all day and forgot to change them.
Besides this the day was excellent. We spent the morning doing service at a place called re-store. What they do is take old furniture and appliances and sell them. They then donate most of the proceeds to help build houses. It was fun. We got to move furniture, destroy a few things, and put a toilet together. We also taught one of our new investigators Phillip the Plan of Salvation and invited him to baptism. He replied that he would be honored to if he came to know it was true. 

Wednesday Sept 3:
It was actually a very successful day. We woke up at 4:00AM so that we could go to the Denver Temple. It was a 6:00. Later that day we taught a recent convert the Plan of Salvation and helped her answer many questions. One of the things we have been focusing on is reactivation. So we have been meeting with about 4 less-active members regularly to help them come back. It is great to see them make the small steps back to the church. Later that night we taught three lessons, only one of them planned. The planned lesson was on Gratitude. We were actually tracting on a street when we ran into a woman sitting down smoking a cigarette We went up and asked if she would be willing to take a survey. She agreed and we eventually taught her a lesson and gave her a Book of Mormon. So every night we try and set up an appointment at 8PM with members. An hour before we went to our appointment they called and told us they invited a friend to it. It was great to teach another lesson that night.

great experience. I however almost fell asleep. It also turns out that we didn't have to go so early and that the other missionaries in our zone went at 

A huge rock at the entrance to the Red Rock Stage.
Thursday Sept 4:
This morning we went to a district meeting where we found out that our companionship is doing really well. After this we were able to set up an appointment with a fomer investigator named Dwayne. He was very interested in our message of the Restoration and we used something called soft invite (we essentially say that if you find these things to be true will you be baptized.) He said that he would think about it and that it would be a very hard step to take. This actually came as a relief. The last few lessons we taught, we felt the investigator didn't fully understand what being baptized would mean. We haven't been explaining our purpose very well but with Dwayne we really explained that baptism is essential. He understood what we were asking which came as a relief. We even came up with a little motto "Make every lesson a Dwayne lesson." That night we went to a restaurant called Noodles and Company which serves noodles from all different cultures. It was very good. We also had the oppurtunity to teach Fred and Sue again about the Book of Mormon and brought their neighbor over Brother Hill. It was a good lesson and he really helped out. In fact this time Sue was really interested and even asked where she should start reading.

Friday Sept 5:
This was the most productive, least productive day. We started the morning off with interviews with our mission president and his wife. They helped us find ways to really push forward and improve our area. They also helped inspire and motivate me. I asked Sister Murdock if anyone is actually meeting the Mission Goals and she said that either you are far under the goals or you are far above them. They also said that they could tell that Elder Clark and I are 100% obedient and that they need to rely on us to carry the mission forward. President and Sister Murdock are truly inspired. After the interviews we spent the rest of the day planning the upcoming week, for our investigators, and we made goals and plans for each one of them. Because we didn't really go anywhere or even teach it became the most productive, least productive day.
 A road on our hike with the Red Rock Stage above it.

Saturday Sept 6: 
We spent most of the day tracting. This allowed us to find three people. The first person we found was a lady who said she would be interested in hearing our message and we set up an appointment with her. The second person was a man who allowed us to come in and teach the Restoration. He ultimately denied our message, but he was very kind about it. The third person was a teenager who said he was an atheist, but he was interested in our message. We challenged him to read the Book of Mormon and pray to know if it is true. He said he would. Just as this happened his Dad came home and I could tell he wanted us to leave. The rest of the day was pretty slow.

Sunday Sept 7:
This morning we were preparing for church when we got a call from some other elders. One of the elders was ill so we had to go on splits, so that the other elder could welcome one of their investigator to church. This gave me time to catch up on my reading in the Book of Mormon. At church we ended up teaching Gospel Essentials class. Our lesson was on talents. We actually invited one of our investigators to church. He said he was going to come even during church he said that but he never showed up. This was a huge disappointment. We still don't know why he didn't show up.

Overall this was a very successful week. One of the things I've decided to work on while I'm out here is to be more humble, not just in actions but in thoughts. I have come to realize that one of the ways to do that is to be completely obedient. By being obedient we put our will aside and put the will of the Lord in front. This humbles us, because we are not constantly doing what we want.
I hope to become more humble as I strive to be obedient.

Until next week,
Elder Dallin Pulsipher

Rock formations like this stretch for miles. There is a family in my ward that lives right next to one.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Week 3 - Littleton, CO

So I finally made it out into the field.

MTC Closure: The last few days in the MTC were great and busy. Nothing really exciting happened though.

Monday 25:
We woke up early and got on a bus to the airport along with 27 other missionaries going to the Colorado Denver South Mission. The flight felt long even though it was just 1 hour long. When we got to Denver we were welcomed by the President and sister Murdock and the Assistants to the President. That day we did a bunch of activities and a lengthy orientation. President and Sister Murdock are awesome and really know what they are doing. He is a Car Salesman and really knows how to motivate. That night we ate at the Murdocks home and I stayed with one of the Senior Couples.

Tuesday 26:
 Me behind the Provo Temple
I woke up very nervous about where I'm going and who I'm going to be paired up with. We went to the Transfer Meeting and I was assigned with Elder Clark and to the Chatfield ward in Littleton (Columbine area). Elder Clark is from Germany but is his family is military so he is an United States citizen. This is actually his third transfer and he has been out for 12 weeks. They are doing this program that after 12 weeks you become a trainer. Littleton is up against the foothills and is very pretty. I'm having a hard time getting used to it though because most of the streets have the same name. For instance there is an Allison drive, way, place, court, etc. Sometimes there are multiple streets with the same suffix. The first day was mostly planning and tracting. We actually were able to hand out one Book of Mormon.

Wednesday 27:
So we live with a family called the Lavechias. They are actually non-members who have a son out on a mission. They said that they would host missionaries as long as he is out. They have a large, nice home and let us use many of their things. This morning we taught our first lesson to the husband of a recent convert. We taught the Restoration and I invited him to be baptized. He said not right now but possibly in the future. The lesson went quite well. Later that day we did some service at the Arc (like goodwill or D.I). When we go tracting we use this survey that opens up people about their religion and helps us get into the homes. I also had a chance to meet the Ward mission leader who really works hard with us.

Thursday 28:
 My companion and I getting ready to go the Denver Colorado South Mission
This morning we went to a zone meeting which went over how to tract, use the survey, and invite others to baptize. After the meeting we went to go teach two less-actives. It's crazy because these people seem like active members but find excuses to not come to church. It is slightly confusing.
Later that day we went to tracting and had no success because people were watching the Bronco's game, until we ran into Fred and Sue. They instantly said to come in because we were elders. They are good friends with some members and let us teach them a lesson. They were receptive and allowed us to come back this next Tuesday.

Friday 29:

 Lunch with my siblings right before entering the MTC
 The Elder's of my MTC zone
We started the day with Weekly Planning, where we go over the entire week. This took 5 hours and I almost fell asleep. Later that night we scheduled an appointment with a man named Phillip who is an investigator. He has had a very harsh life but recently he has been blessed. He is starting to see God's hand in his life. We taught him the restoration and he was very receptive he even said he would go to church (he actually never came because he thought it wasSaturday). Later that night we taught a recent convert sister O'conner the Restoration. She actually wanted her son to have a Priesthood bleesing for school. When her son, Ethan sat down he asked me to give the blessing. It was very cool to give a blessing of comfort for the school year.

Saturday 30:
We went to a Trainer Training at the mission Office where we were motivated to be urgent throughout our whole mission not just at the end of the game (mission). It helped motivate me to stay busy and not waste time. We later did some service at the Arc and taught Sister O'Conner's husband Brother Krenitz who is a non-member. He really is open and accepts everything we are teaching. We taught him the Plan of Salvation.

Sunday 31:
Because it was the 5th Sunday, all the meetings besides church were cancelled so we had a hard time filling our schedule. Church was great and I met a lot of people who are from California and know family and friends. I actually met the Hill's who apparently grew up with my Dad's family and Sister ward said she instantly knew I was a Pulsipher and that she dated my Dad in High school.

Monday  September 1: 
Today we are going to go hiking with the Levechias and a place called Red Rock. We also have a BBQ with the Ward Mission Leader this afternoon. He is inviting a lot of non-members so hopefully we can get some refferalls.

Sorry for the long letter. Usually they will be a lot shorter. It was just my first week and it has been 10 days since my last letter. I will be e-mailing from 10:00AM-12:30PM every Monday for this transfer so if you want to catch me let me know.

Also if you want to send letters or packages you can send them to the address below. Also it must have my first and last name, because their are two Pulsipher's in this mission.

Elder Dallin Pulsipher
7441 S. Lee Way
Littleton, Co 80127

or you can send them to the Mission office where they will direct it to me at:

Colorado Denver South Mission
Elder Dallin Pulsipher
999 S Tufts Ave
Cherry Hills Village, Co 80113

Please use USPS otherwise they can't forward the packages

 Me at the Provo Temple
  My district attempting to point at Denver.

 My district in front of the Provo Temple