Monday, September 1, 2014

Week 3 - Littleton, CO

So I finally made it out into the field.

MTC Closure: The last few days in the MTC were great and busy. Nothing really exciting happened though.

Monday 25:
We woke up early and got on a bus to the airport along with 27 other missionaries going to the Colorado Denver South Mission. The flight felt long even though it was just 1 hour long. When we got to Denver we were welcomed by the President and sister Murdock and the Assistants to the President. That day we did a bunch of activities and a lengthy orientation. President and Sister Murdock are awesome and really know what they are doing. He is a Car Salesman and really knows how to motivate. That night we ate at the Murdocks home and I stayed with one of the Senior Couples.

Tuesday 26:
 Me behind the Provo Temple
I woke up very nervous about where I'm going and who I'm going to be paired up with. We went to the Transfer Meeting and I was assigned with Elder Clark and to the Chatfield ward in Littleton (Columbine area). Elder Clark is from Germany but is his family is military so he is an United States citizen. This is actually his third transfer and he has been out for 12 weeks. They are doing this program that after 12 weeks you become a trainer. Littleton is up against the foothills and is very pretty. I'm having a hard time getting used to it though because most of the streets have the same name. For instance there is an Allison drive, way, place, court, etc. Sometimes there are multiple streets with the same suffix. The first day was mostly planning and tracting. We actually were able to hand out one Book of Mormon.

Wednesday 27:
So we live with a family called the Lavechias. They are actually non-members who have a son out on a mission. They said that they would host missionaries as long as he is out. They have a large, nice home and let us use many of their things. This morning we taught our first lesson to the husband of a recent convert. We taught the Restoration and I invited him to be baptized. He said not right now but possibly in the future. The lesson went quite well. Later that day we did some service at the Arc (like goodwill or D.I). When we go tracting we use this survey that opens up people about their religion and helps us get into the homes. I also had a chance to meet the Ward mission leader who really works hard with us.

Thursday 28:
 My companion and I getting ready to go the Denver Colorado South Mission
This morning we went to a zone meeting which went over how to tract, use the survey, and invite others to baptize. After the meeting we went to go teach two less-actives. It's crazy because these people seem like active members but find excuses to not come to church. It is slightly confusing.
Later that day we went to tracting and had no success because people were watching the Bronco's game, until we ran into Fred and Sue. They instantly said to come in because we were elders. They are good friends with some members and let us teach them a lesson. They were receptive and allowed us to come back this next Tuesday.

Friday 29:

 Lunch with my siblings right before entering the MTC
 The Elder's of my MTC zone
We started the day with Weekly Planning, where we go over the entire week. This took 5 hours and I almost fell asleep. Later that night we scheduled an appointment with a man named Phillip who is an investigator. He has had a very harsh life but recently he has been blessed. He is starting to see God's hand in his life. We taught him the restoration and he was very receptive he even said he would go to church (he actually never came because he thought it wasSaturday). Later that night we taught a recent convert sister O'conner the Restoration. She actually wanted her son to have a Priesthood bleesing for school. When her son, Ethan sat down he asked me to give the blessing. It was very cool to give a blessing of comfort for the school year.

Saturday 30:
We went to a Trainer Training at the mission Office where we were motivated to be urgent throughout our whole mission not just at the end of the game (mission). It helped motivate me to stay busy and not waste time. We later did some service at the Arc and taught Sister O'Conner's husband Brother Krenitz who is a non-member. He really is open and accepts everything we are teaching. We taught him the Plan of Salvation.

Sunday 31:
Because it was the 5th Sunday, all the meetings besides church were cancelled so we had a hard time filling our schedule. Church was great and I met a lot of people who are from California and know family and friends. I actually met the Hill's who apparently grew up with my Dad's family and Sister ward said she instantly knew I was a Pulsipher and that she dated my Dad in High school.

Monday  September 1: 
Today we are going to go hiking with the Levechias and a place called Red Rock. We also have a BBQ with the Ward Mission Leader this afternoon. He is inviting a lot of non-members so hopefully we can get some refferalls.

Sorry for the long letter. Usually they will be a lot shorter. It was just my first week and it has been 10 days since my last letter. I will be e-mailing from 10:00AM-12:30PM every Monday for this transfer so if you want to catch me let me know.

Also if you want to send letters or packages you can send them to the address below. Also it must have my first and last name, because their are two Pulsipher's in this mission.

Elder Dallin Pulsipher
7441 S. Lee Way
Littleton, Co 80127

or you can send them to the Mission office where they will direct it to me at:

Colorado Denver South Mission
Elder Dallin Pulsipher
999 S Tufts Ave
Cherry Hills Village, Co 80113

Please use USPS otherwise they can't forward the packages

 Me at the Provo Temple
  My district attempting to point at Denver.

 My district in front of the Provo Temple