Monday, September 8, 2014

Week 4 - Littleton, CO

Good Morning.
This last week has been very successful.

Monday Sept 1: 
Elder Clark and I on a hike with the Levechias.
After I emailed last week I went with the Levechias (the people I'm living with) to a place called Red Rocks. It is outside our area but I got special permission to go. Below are some pictures of the area. It was beautiful and awesome. There are just huge sleights of red rock protruding from the ground. In between the two largest ones is a theatre which has perfect accoustics I am told. We weren't actually allowed to go in because they were preparing for a concert. It was a cool experience. I also got to touch some dinosaur bones which are around that area.

Tuesday Sept 2: 
This day was an excellent day full of stupidity.
A view of Denver on the hike
  1. Lost my wallet so Elder Clark had to pay for lunch. ( I eventually found it in my suit coat. Of Course!)
  2. My scriptures went missing in between a few appointments ( I eventually found them underneath the car seat).
  3. Lastly I left my clothes in the washing machine all day and forgot to change them.
Besides this the day was excellent. We spent the morning doing service at a place called re-store. What they do is take old furniture and appliances and sell them. They then donate most of the proceeds to help build houses. It was fun. We got to move furniture, destroy a few things, and put a toilet together. We also taught one of our new investigators Phillip the Plan of Salvation and invited him to baptism. He replied that he would be honored to if he came to know it was true. 

Wednesday Sept 3:
It was actually a very successful day. We woke up at 4:00AM so that we could go to the Denver Temple. It was a 6:00. Later that day we taught a recent convert the Plan of Salvation and helped her answer many questions. One of the things we have been focusing on is reactivation. So we have been meeting with about 4 less-active members regularly to help them come back. It is great to see them make the small steps back to the church. Later that night we taught three lessons, only one of them planned. The planned lesson was on Gratitude. We were actually tracting on a street when we ran into a woman sitting down smoking a cigarette We went up and asked if she would be willing to take a survey. She agreed and we eventually taught her a lesson and gave her a Book of Mormon. So every night we try and set up an appointment at 8PM with members. An hour before we went to our appointment they called and told us they invited a friend to it. It was great to teach another lesson that night.

great experience. I however almost fell asleep. It also turns out that we didn't have to go so early and that the other missionaries in our zone went at 

A huge rock at the entrance to the Red Rock Stage.
Thursday Sept 4:
This morning we went to a district meeting where we found out that our companionship is doing really well. After this we were able to set up an appointment with a fomer investigator named Dwayne. He was very interested in our message of the Restoration and we used something called soft invite (we essentially say that if you find these things to be true will you be baptized.) He said that he would think about it and that it would be a very hard step to take. This actually came as a relief. The last few lessons we taught, we felt the investigator didn't fully understand what being baptized would mean. We haven't been explaining our purpose very well but with Dwayne we really explained that baptism is essential. He understood what we were asking which came as a relief. We even came up with a little motto "Make every lesson a Dwayne lesson." That night we went to a restaurant called Noodles and Company which serves noodles from all different cultures. It was very good. We also had the oppurtunity to teach Fred and Sue again about the Book of Mormon and brought their neighbor over Brother Hill. It was a good lesson and he really helped out. In fact this time Sue was really interested and even asked where she should start reading.

Friday Sept 5:
This was the most productive, least productive day. We started the morning off with interviews with our mission president and his wife. They helped us find ways to really push forward and improve our area. They also helped inspire and motivate me. I asked Sister Murdock if anyone is actually meeting the Mission Goals and she said that either you are far under the goals or you are far above them. They also said that they could tell that Elder Clark and I are 100% obedient and that they need to rely on us to carry the mission forward. President and Sister Murdock are truly inspired. After the interviews we spent the rest of the day planning the upcoming week, for our investigators, and we made goals and plans for each one of them. Because we didn't really go anywhere or even teach it became the most productive, least productive day.
 A road on our hike with the Red Rock Stage above it.

Saturday Sept 6: 
We spent most of the day tracting. This allowed us to find three people. The first person we found was a lady who said she would be interested in hearing our message and we set up an appointment with her. The second person was a man who allowed us to come in and teach the Restoration. He ultimately denied our message, but he was very kind about it. The third person was a teenager who said he was an atheist, but he was interested in our message. We challenged him to read the Book of Mormon and pray to know if it is true. He said he would. Just as this happened his Dad came home and I could tell he wanted us to leave. The rest of the day was pretty slow.

Sunday Sept 7:
This morning we were preparing for church when we got a call from some other elders. One of the elders was ill so we had to go on splits, so that the other elder could welcome one of their investigator to church. This gave me time to catch up on my reading in the Book of Mormon. At church we ended up teaching Gospel Essentials class. Our lesson was on talents. We actually invited one of our investigators to church. He said he was going to come even during church he said that but he never showed up. This was a huge disappointment. We still don't know why he didn't show up.

Overall this was a very successful week. One of the things I've decided to work on while I'm out here is to be more humble, not just in actions but in thoughts. I have come to realize that one of the ways to do that is to be completely obedient. By being obedient we put our will aside and put the will of the Lord in front. This humbles us, because we are not constantly doing what we want.
I hope to become more humble as I strive to be obedient.

Until next week,
Elder Dallin Pulsipher

Rock formations like this stretch for miles. There is a family in my ward that lives right next to one.