Monday, September 15, 2014

Week 5 - Littleton, CO

Good Morning to all.
This last week has actually been very slow with a lot of great moments

Tuesday Sept 9:
We started the morning off with by running to the park near our house. It was only about a quarter mile, but I could only run about half of it. I'm just going to blame it on the altitude. We went about our normal schedule when our zone leaders called us at lunch. They forgot to assign someone to do some service at a place called re-store which is like goodwill for furniture and appliances.  So we covered and got to destroy some more furniture. It was nice to take a short break from proselyting and get some physical exercise besides running. That night we went to dinner with one of the ward missionaries. She works hard to help us and even went with us to a less active lesson right afterwards.

Standing outside in the first snow of the season

Wednesday Sept 10:
This day wasn't very good at all. I have had some problems sleeping and have kept on having bad dreams about missionary service. It has been lasting the last week. Luckily the last few days have been good for sleep. This morning was also hard because two of our lessons cancelled on us. We ended up just stopping by some less actives who all didn't answer. We even went to an appointment with a lady we tracted into the previous week and she never answered the door. We did however teach a lesson to a mother and daughter that have been investigating the church for 7 years. We were able to receive some light on what they believe and why it has been 7 years. That night we went tracting in an apartment complex and a man got angry at us for "soliciting". Just so everyone knows Missionary work is not soliciting. While this day was hard and a little disappointing I know there will be days like this.

Thursday Sept 11:
This morning we went to a district meeting which was very good and inspirational. It provided some ideas to help us plan better. It also helped me to realize that I've just been teaching lessons not people. After district meeting we had to get two tires replaced. Apparently the the two back tires were so worn out that they couldn't even be repaired. Oh and another interesting fact. When we were cleaning our car out we found a snake skin. Last transfer one of the missionaries picked up his coat out of the car and a snake slithered out of it. There had been a snake living inside the car and know one even knew it was there.

Friday Sept 12:
Snow in Littleton in Sept, 2014
I woke up this morning and looked outside the window and to my surprise it was snowing. It even stuck to the roofs a little. We went downstairs and looked outside the kitchen window and saw a rabbit sitting there still. We went back later and it was still there. We thought it might have been frozen. So we went outside and went close to it and it ran away. We were trying to think of what you would do with a frozen rabbit. In fact here in Colorado there are so many rabbits. They are like squirrels back in Folsom. They are everywhere. So on Fridays it is our weekly planning session. The last few weeks it has taken up to 6 hours to complete. This really agitated us both and we argued a little about what we should do and how to do it. At the end of it we came to the conclusion that our unsuccessful week was because of our attitude. We have really been slightly negative and our attitude hasn't been very good at all. We apologized and came up with some ways to stay happy. 

After this we went tracting and got to use sweaters and gloves for once. We also went about with a better attitude and smiles on our faces. We were able to get 13 surveys. These surveys are how we approach doors. We ask if they want to take a survey and we ask questions that our lessons answer. It is a great way to get people talking and to introduce the first lesson. Our mission goal is to get 20 surveys per week, but we were able to get 31 this week. Out of this we also got two Book of Mormons placed and one lesson taught to a couple. Heavenly Father really was looking out for us and blessed us with success when we had a good attitude.

Frozen rabbit
Saturday Sept 13:
Today was great! It not only is the one month mark but I'm already 1/24th through my mission. That is crazy, that I'm already at one month. This morning we had stake missionary meeting which brought together everyone involved in missionary work in our stake. They talked about how to get the members in the ward more involved. The housing coordinators also came up and indirectly complemented Elder Clark and I about how our house is clean. After this meeting we went with a recent convert and her husband who is an investigator to do family history work. She was very excited and had a book with her family history on one side. He to was also excited and wanted to see if he had any cowboy decent. 

We then went back home to do our personal and Companionship study when I realized that my Book of Mormon, for the 42-day challenge, was missing. I then realized that I had given it to a British lady named Angie while we were tracting the previous night. We stopped by her house and she didn't answer. While we were walking back we saw her driving her car and I stopped her. I was about to explain what happened but she just said that I have your Book of Mormon, the one with all the highlighting. That means she looked in it. We replaced the Book of Mormon and I explained that I had been highlighting all the references to Christ.

That night we taught one of our investigators. We gave him a church tour and explained many of the things that our church does/provides and explained the pictures in the building. It really invited the spirit and was actually fun. We then went to the chapel and taught him about faith and feeling the spirit. He said that he wanted to have the lesson at the church because he felt something good. I then proceeded to help him understand that he is feeling the spirit. It was an excellent lesson. He ended saying that he is finding joy in learning about the gospel and even once mentioned "When I'm Baptized".

Sunday Sept 14:
Today was zone conference and Elder Larry Lawrence and his wife came and spoke to us. It was an amazing and uplifting conference. Sister Lawrence talked about what it means to be part of the House of Israel and how that ties to our purpose and missionaries. I learned many new things and it really makes me understand the importance of the Abrahamic covenant, forordination, and missionary work. It also made me want to learn more by myself, so if anyone has suggestions about where to read I would like to hear them. After she spoke Elder Lawrence got up and spoke about obedience and consecrating ourselves to missionary work. It was truly inspirational and sparked my interest.

Like I said this week has been hard full of great experiences. I'm starting to learn more about my purpose as a missionary and my personal purpose of being here. I also learned that your attitude affects your work tremendously.

Elder Dallin Pulsipher