Monday, September 22, 2014

Week 6 - Littleton, CO

Hello Everyone.
This last week has been a pretty normal week actually.

The Beginning of our hike this morning
Tuesday Sept 16:
This day was quite successful. We started the day off by going to the Re-store (Goodwill for furniture and appliances) and doing some service there. Apparently though every missionary in our district had the same idea and they all came. Later that day we went tracting and actually taught two lessons in a row with two mothers. We handed Book of Mormons and invited to read and pray about it. One of them even said that we should come by in a couple of weeks. It was also pretty cool because we use these surveys when we meet people kind

Me standing next two some red rocks.
These large rock formations that stick out of the ground.

of as an icebreaker and to see their beliefs. Usually we might get 1 lesson with every 6 surveys, but today we got 2 with 2. By the end of the day I was exhausted and fell right to sleep.

Wednesday Sept 17:
Me standing on a foothill with Lockheed in the background.
I also found out why I'm not sleeping the best. My companion Elder Clark is a terrible snorer. It sounds like a train going through the room in short 2 second intervals. It also progressively gets louder. I tried to wake him up in the calmest way possible but it really didn't work out until I messed with the blinds. Besides Elder Clarks snoring, we were tracting and ran into a lady that investigated the church 20 years ago and was almost baptized. She said she would be interested in going to Relief Society activities though. Also on Tuesday we had a member lesson with an elderly lady that is related to Zera Pulsipher in D&C 124.

Thursday Sept 18:
I don't know if I've explained this yet but because the MTC time has been lowered, they do a program called 12 week which essentially completes the training by doing an hour of a curriculum everyday. A new missionary will be paired up with another missionary that just completed their first 12 weeks and train the new missionary which means I will probably train in two transfers. On this particular day it was how to use members in missionary work and gave me many new ideas I would like to try. It also reminded me of how the missionary youth program is back home. All the things I did back home with the youth program and its leaders really helped prepare me for coming out here.

There are many grassy fields out in the valley.
Friday Sept 19:
Today was an interesting day. We had weekly planning as usual which felt a lot faster this time because I had a good attitude going into it, but besides this we went tracting and met a few people. The first person we met we walked up to and he handed us two Gatorades and said, "How are you doing, Elders" It turns out he was a member that we just hadn't met yet. His daughter also suggested to go visit a house on the other side of the street. She had talked with everyone except that house. So we went over their and knocked on the door. We were about to leave when the garage door opened and a man came out. He paused and said, "Former Member," saluted, and then walked away. It was very surprising. The next house we went to was also surprising. We went and knocked and saw a man walk fast to the door. He opened the door pointed at the sign that said no soliciting, started swearing at us and essentially said get out of here or else. Let me just say one more time. Missionaries are not Solicitors. Anyway it shook me up a bit, but what is a mission without some excitement.

Saturday Sept 20:
The company Lockheed which is just like Aroejet.
They work with rockets.
 It is a building out in the middle of nowhere.
Today was great. It was also Elder Clark's 19th birthday. We spent most of the morning trying to contact less-actives, in-actives, and people the bishop didn't know in an area outside of town. No one actually answered but we found out that we had previously tracted into some inactive members. After that we went tracting in a neighborhood near dinner and met this very nice elderly couple. When the wife answered the door she couldn't hear us so we had to yell at her. We talked with them for a bit and they said they would try and make it to church, they gave us their phone number, and said that they would love us to come back and teach them and their family some time. We then went to dinner at a recent convert, Sister O'Conner's, house who Elder Clark helped baptize. It was great and was kind of a birthday party, so many members came over. 

After dinner and cake we taught a lesson to Sister O'Conner and her husband Kurt Krenitz, who is an investigator. We taught them the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This is the same brother that we taught last week at the church. It was a great lesson and it has been amazing to see how they have both progressed. In fact their son is turning 8 soon and he really wants to be baptized. Kurt and Carrie have progressed so much and Kurt is so close to baptism. He even does more than we ask him to do between lessons.

Me standing out in the valley. This is half of our area
Sunday Sept 21:
First I would like to say Happy Birthday Mom! Hope you had a great birthday. I wish I could be there. On Sunday morning the Lavechias made us a big birthday breakfast of french toast. It was great. We then went to ward coordination meeting and met some of the new ward missionaries. I'm excited because they seem really excited. One of them is Sister Hill who was friends with my Dad and his family growing up. Church this Sunday was something called the Come and See where we stress to invite non-members to come and see how our church service runs. We actually only saw about two families that we didn't recognize, but Brother Krenitz came with his son without his wife because she was ill. He also stayed all three hours which was exciting. Later that night we had Stake Priesthood meeting where they stressed the youth program which really reminded more about the great youth program I had back home.

Monday Sept 22:
It is a little blurry, but there is a neighborhood
with houses built around and
on top of these red rocks. It is pretty cool,
 we have one member who lives out here.
So today we went hiking for about two hours in this valley between two neighborhoods. It was beautiful and the weather was great, even though last night it was storming, and it is storming right now. The pictures attached are from this hike. Also many of my pictures are of these rocks, keep in mind that the area is not all like this. I'll take some pictures in town for next week. 

Well that concludes this week. It has been great and I expect a baptism pretty soon!

Till next time,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher