Monday, September 29, 2014

Week 7 - Littleton, CO

Good Morning,
This was an awesome week.

Tuesday Sept 23:
This was our first day where tracting wasn't required to fill up time. We were very busy and visited many people. At one of the lessons we invited Sister Richmond (a widow whose husband and her were mission presidents). She shared something from "The Articles of Faith" that really stuck out to me. She shared that every person has the qualities of God in bud forms. It is up to us to develop these. We also came up with the idea of for every member lesson we teach we give the family something to pass out to friends. So we have been teaching about prophets and giving out pass along cards about General Conference. As far as we can tell people really like this idea. I also have found a heightened interest in paintings. Whenever I see one I find myself analyzing it.

Wednesday Sept 24:
I actually didn't sleep Tuesday night. Elder Hernandez, who is in our zone, stayed the night with us because we went to a District Leadership Training early on Wednesday. Between the snoring of Elder Clark and Elder Hernandez trying to stop it, it was quite difficult and slightly humorous. District Leadership Training was great. This apparently means I will become one in the near future. After the training we were asked to help with driving some people for exchanges. This took about 2.5 hours and by the end of it I learned more about patience. The rest of the day was long and I almost fell asleep while we were tracting. Overall this day was pretty hard for me.

Thursday Sept 25:
On Thursday morning we went over to a recent convert who had a few questions about the Book of Mormon, mostly about Korihor. After that we went to District Meeting where I taught a lesson on Using Time Wisely. I found that the best way to ensure you use time wisely is to plan effectively. If you plan effectively you don't waste time figuring out what to do next. The rest of the day was also hard for me. I have found tracting to be difficult and a little scary, I am just always caught up in how people will answer the door. I fear that someone will be angry. It wasn't until the Friday that I realized that it doesn't matter. People can yell at you, but most often they don't, their nice, and you may never see that person again. One of the great things about Thursday though is that we got homemade bread and some amazing strawberry jam from the Bates family.

Friday Sept 26:
I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I stayed like this most of the day until we did something that we call the go-list. We have been putting a list together of people who are less-active inactive or just unknown on the ward list. It also has which sector and sub-sector of town they live in and the order to visit them. Right before we went to the first door I just decided to be happy and excited no matter the response. This was the point my week turned around. After this we were able to contact some old members and have been putting together a more accurate list for bishop of who has moved and additional information. We also had a training given by our zone leaders on how to do weekly planning. They showed us an awesome effective way to conduct it. They are are amazing missionaries. The method they taught us helps us to daily contact those we are teaching.

That night we went tracting and taught three lessons to 5 people and handed out two Book of Mormons. I was still intimidated by tracting but it has gotten better.

Saturday Sept 27:
Friday night I had a chance to test some ear plugs I from my Mom and they worked gloriously. I hadn't slept that well in days. This morning we helped a lady move in to her new home. She is friends with a member and we were able to help coordinate missionaries to go help her pack up in the Colorado Springs Mission. That evening we had dinner with the Donaldson's. Sister Donaldson's mother actually lives in Fair Oaks and was good friends with the Woods. Hey Dad you should be expecting an old lady with curly hair to come to the door with a picture of me at dinner on her phone. Heads up. It was great to talk a little about Sacramento area. Sister Donaldson remembers when the Mormon Center was a Rec Center and when they Changed it. Sorry but she doesn't know where the bowling alley was.

Right after dinner we got a call from a lady who we tracted into earlier. Her car had broken down and she was wondering if we knew someone that could take her grocery shopping. She had just moved into the area that week and knew no one, except us. Luckily Sister Donaldson was able to give her a ride, which was great because that would make Sister Donaldson her first acquaintance her besides us. It turns out that this lady trusted us because her daughter is LDS and the missionaries have helped her before.

Saturday night was the highlight of my week. We were teaching Kurt about baptism and he excepted to be baptized in November. Kurt is so awesome and has such an amazing testimony. He has grown to love the gospel and constantly seeks out more knowledge in it. His wife was baptized a few months ago and his son is being baptized next month. They will all have the gospel in their lives. I just feel on top of the world.

Sunday Sept 28:
We started today with an effective Ward Council and Ward Coordination Meeting. I was also able to share a few of my ideas for missionary work. This stake here doesn't actually have a mission prep class. So I suggested that we could teach one for the youth in the ward. They liked the idea and we might try it and see if it works. The youth program back in Folsom was so great with regards to missionary work that it has made me realize just how great it was for me in preparing me for my mission. During church we had a great Fast and Testimony Meeting, and a member brought a non-member family to church. The rest of the meetings were great as well and Elder Clark and I had the opportunity to teach the young women some methods they could use to share the gospel in preparation for a mini-MTC they are doing. We did one back home a few years ago.

After church we were actually asked if we knew how to break into a car. A sister in our ward had accidentally locked her keys in her car, so I tried to break into it, unsuccessfully.

That night we had a cottage meeting at Sister Taylor's house (one of the ward missionaries). Tons of people came and I had a chance to talk with Sister Hill about the Pulsipher Family growing up. It was funny to be able to talk about family with a person I barely know. It was good though and reminded me of home a little bit.

The last thing that happened this week was that the lady from last night that Sister Donaldson helped called us with an emergency we were able to help out with. It was almost as if Heavenly Father had us meet her so that we could help her.

I came on my mission for weeks like this. It was hard at the beginning and amazing at the end. 

Till next time,

Elder Dallin S Pulsipher