Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Week 10 - Grand Junction, CO

Tuesday Oct 14:

On Tuesday we tried to visit a lot of less-actives and managed to teach lessons to two of them. Grand Junction consists of college aged kids and elderly people. Most of the "less-actives" in our ward are elderly and the reason they are less-active is because they physically can't make it to church. The youth program is very small and really consists of two maybe three families. On Tuesday we also had a chance to give a blessing to a sister who had a stroke and was mentally unstable. While we gave the blessing she was very calm though. Later in the day we were helping some of the other elders, Elders Martinez and Capps, to look for their phone which they had lost. After looking at the church and calling the phone we decided to look at our house. When we got there was a sticky note on the door that said, "Hi, I'm your neighbor and I found your phone". Our neighbor explained that he say the phone sitting on the side of a garbage can. He was going to turn it into lost and found but that was when we called and he saw the name Elder and instantly knew it was a missionaries. Heavenly Father really does look out for the missionaries. Also when we were walking a lady pulled over and asked to meet with us, which was great to actually have someone want to meet with us.

Wednesday Oct 15:

Today I went on exchanges with Elder Capps in his area. It was very helpful to see different ways to go about missionary work. We mostly did some OYM's (Open Your Mouth or talking to random people, TRP). At one point we were walking by some teenagers that were yelling at us something about Satan. Elder Capps instantly wanted to go over there and talk to them. I honestly wanted to go the other direction but said agreed as long as he does the talking. We surveyed them and they answered negatively to all the questions so we left. That night dinner cancelled and we decided to walk to Wendy's. On the way there I felt uneasy. We kept on walking and I still felt uneasy. Eventually the thought, "Go home" came to mind. I kept on walking. Again the same thought came to mind "Go home" I kept on walking. Finally the thought "Go home now" came to mind and I stopped. I explained this to Elder Capps and he suggested we pray. After the prayer we decided to walk back home. On the way back home we passed by the teenagers from earlier. Suddenly one ran up and asked for a Bible. We explained that we didn't have one but that we had a Book of Mormon. He said that was fine and ran off. Later that night we saw the other teenagers walking past without that boy. They said that he was praying for about 2 minutes after we met them the first time. It was a very uplifting and learning experience.

Thursday Oct 16:

Not much happened on Thursday. We had a great district meeting and visited a couple of new less-actives. On Wednesday I missed the Ward Coordination meeting in which the ward missionary leader thanked us for being the first hard working and obedient missionaries in a very long time. We have apparently done more work in the last two weeks than most of the other missionaries have done in one transfer, which surprised me.

Friday Oct 17:

On Friday we had weekly planning and went to go visit the lady from Tuesday. When we got there we found that she is a member who has lived in the ward for two months (one in the hospital) and has been trying to find some missionaries to give her some information on the ward. We talked with her for a while and called a few people to help. She is a very nice lady who considers missionaries as her children because she helps them so much. She also had a blind dog which had no idea where it was going and a bird that can talk, that really likes men. Apparently this bird can take a full conversation with you and lives to about 80 years old. Unfortunately it was a little shy and was more curious than anything. The rest of the day all our lessons cancelled and we did some service sanding the back of a house (reminded me of home) and went tracting.

Saturday Oct 18:

Today we woke up and filled the baptismal fount for the baptism of Cristain and Miguell Munoz. They are two brothers who are the two kids who dressed up like missionaries at our ward Halloween Party. The baptism was great. They were baptized by their uncle, and Elder Niue and I sang Savior Redeemer of My Soul. It was great to see just how much happier they seemed after baptism. It reminded me of when I was baptized especially when they said they just felt really clean. After that we went to their aunts house for a lunch and watched a talk given by Ezra Taft Bensen on the last days. It was really good. That night we had Stake Conference. The talks were all really good. I especially liked one given on Family History and how my generation on really have been given specific talents to do family history work. The other talk I liked was given by Stake President Stagg. He talked about how if we stick to the basics we will never faulter, which I found is true. Even though deep doctrine can be fun to look at, if you don't have that strong foundation in the basics you will faulter and you wont understand the deep doctrine as well.

Sunday Oct 19:

This morning we had a broadcast for Stake Conference which was a little weird but the talks were amazing. Elder David A Bednard said that sacrifice is the lesser law, but that consecration is the higher law we should all strive to follow. My favorite talk was given By Richard G. Scott. He said that sometimes the answer to prayer is no answer. This allows us to exercise faith and act to receive an answer and help us grow. The rest of the day we visited a lot of people between recent converts and less-actives.

This week was very eventful and I learned a lot about missionary work. The leaves have also started to turn colors and fall. It is very beautiful and the weather is very nice.

Till next time,

Elder Dallin S Pulsipher

Monday, October 13, 2014

Week 9 - Grand Junction, CO

Transfers this week

I am now in Grand Junction 2nd ward. We now go to the library to do my e-mails in which I only have about an hour and a half.. They will now be slightly shorter and responses will be shorter.

Tuesday Oct 7:

Today we woke up early to go to transfer meeting. When I got there they told me I was being transferred to Grand Junction 2nd ward. We then drove through the mountains which were beautiful. It is like driving through a very very deep canyon the whole way. We then got to Grand Junction and I met my new companion Elder Niue (New-way). He is from American Samoa. I was very nervous about this companionship because he apparently was very disobedient at the beginning of his mission. I soon found out that he is obedient. Something changed and he decided to be obedient now. Our ward actually has four elders, two sets of companionship. IT is a little odd because our area is half of the ward and theirs is the other half.I got to see Daniel Jensen. He is doing great and is having a great time.

Wednesday Oct 8:

The ward is very small and there are a lot of less actives. Much of the work here is trying to re-activate them.  It has been very unfruitful, but I plan to change that. We have great ward missionaries and they help us in a heartbeat. That night we ate at the ward mission leaders house and had our coordination meeting. They really fulfill their calling and find less actives for us to teach. Other than this we visited about three less actives.

Thursday Oct 9: 

Today we got to watch Meet the Mormons. The mission president came and we got to see it before it comes out in theaters. It was a very good movie and I'm a movie critic. It was funny, emotional and really presented a good message that Mormons are all different, we have weaknesses, but that we all know our purpose in life. It really was  a great movie and the last segment almost made me cry.

I also finished the Book of Mormon challenge. It was a great experience to really see how the Lord plays a role in our lives. There are only about 8 pages without a reference to Jesus Christ.

Friday Oct 10:

On Friday we visited a lot of less actives and met a man who is 92 and is still in good shape. It was great to talk to him for a little while and share the Plan of Salvation. That night we had our Halloween party and got a chance to meet a lot of the members of the ward. One of our ward missionaries Brother Smith made really good hamburgers. There was also a balloon man who could blow up the long thin balloons with his mouth. Other than that, two of our investigators who are ages 9 and 10 came dressed as missionaries. There is a picture attached.

Saturday Oct 11:

Today I learned that no one I know has a dirty house, even if they think it does. Today I saw one of the dirtiest houses I have every seen. It helped me to be grateful for how clean of a house I live in. Other than that this was a slow day and not much happened. Much of the work has been just visiting less actives randomly. I let Elder Niue kind of run things this first week to get used to the area, but this week I plan to start new things and progress the area even more.

Sunday Oct 12:

Happy Birthday 17th Birthday Jacob!!! I hope you had a great birthday.
Sunday was a very good day. That morning we went to ward council and I really got a feel for how the ward functions. They are very organized which is very helpful. During church a recent convert was confirmed and was given the priesthood and made a priest. He also spoke and explained his story. When he was younger he had a dream he would become a priest, so he went to school to become a priest but dropped out. He then for about 40 years hopped churches and religions until his daughter was baptized. When she was baptized he thought he should investigate the church. On the first visit he said he wanted to be baptized. He is such a great person and really knows his doctrine. He also owns a radio station that plays positive appropriate music. So he has a great voice.

After church the two investigator boys Cristain and Miguell got their baptismal interview and we went over their program. They are getting baptized next Saturday by their uncle. It is really cool to see the step they are taken in their life.

Overall Grand Junction is beautiful and has some towering mesas in the distance. There are a lot of great areas I'd like to see. Our area also has the Mesa State University in it, and downtown, so a lot of the area is green and pretty.

Till next time,

Elder Dallin S Pulsipher

New Address for cookies and care packages.

Elder Dallin Pulsipher
125 Franklin Avenue #312
Grand Junction, CO 81505

Monday, October 6, 2014

Week 8 - Littleton, CO

Hello Everyone. 
Picking the Wyncoop's Apples
So I found out on Saturday night that this is my last day in Chatfield ward in Littleton. I am going to be transferred. I don't know where or with who though.

Tuesday Sept 30:

On Tuesday morning I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Luckily I was able to quickly turn that around. We were able to teach three less-actives about personal revelation and the priesthood. We have been doing two lessons preparing people for General Conference; one on personal revelation and one on prophetic revelation. I think it has really been helping them. We were also talking with a member and she asked if we could pick a few of her apples. So we picked about 50 of them and gave about half to her. That night when we got home there was a note on the desk that said that the stake missionary housing coordinators came and inspected and said we did an excellent job. It was funny because I told Elder Clark that the likelihood of them coming that day was low.
Picking the Wyncoop's Apples

Wednesday Oct 1:

A view from a hike this morning.
There are so many hiking places in our area.
We have been trying to do them all.
If you live on the Metro side of the mission every first Wednesday of the month you get to go the temple. It was a great experience of much learning and was very uplifting. Later that day we mowed sister Jensen's lawn. She does our meal calendar and is an amazing lady. That nights dinner cancelled and she gave us a gift card to Chile's along with a few bags of candy. That night we stopped by a family that has been investigating the church for 7 years. We taught about how the Book of Mormon can answer the simplest of questions. It was a little awkward but we had the daughter think of a question and as we read, she had got an answer. It was interesting because I didn't even think the passage would have helped. Right after that we were going to stop by another person who we tracted into when Elder Clark suggested we visit another long time investigator. When we got to the door we were able to go in and teach a lesson. It was interesting because she is very hard to catch.

A View of Denver

Thursday Oct 2:

On Thursday we taught a recent convert Sister O'Conner. We taught about the Plan of Salvation. I think we went a little to deep and confused her though. We talked about the War in Heaven and Missionary work in the Spirit world. I learned just how teaching simply is so much better. Luckily we had Sister Ward there who helped explain things simply to her. I also learned just how much I take other peoples word as truth. When she asked many of these questions I had little to no idea where the scriptural reference was and had to look it up. Later that day we did some service at the Arc. A while back a man came up to us and asked what Paul's thorn is. While at the Arc that day I told him what it means and he was very suprised that I knew it. He shook my hand and I asked him what Christ meant when He said "Other sheep I have which are not of this fold". I told him to do some research and report back.
There are three places within our area, the Valley,
in town, and Trailmark. This is a nice part of the Valley.
Another pose on the tallest hill.

Friday Oct 3:

I've been learning a lot about patience. I thought I was patient but I learned I could improve. Weekly Planning is one of those times where I learn about patience the most. It can be long. We got to teach another recent convert, Sister Zuchman. We taught about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It has been amazing to see just how much she has progressed since I got here six weeks ago. She and her husband were the first people I taught a lesson to. We spent the rest of the day tracting.

We could see the entire Denver area from this one rock.

Saturday and Sunday Oct 4 and 5:

We hiked to the tallest hill in our area 
and you can see a few snow peaked mountains.
General Conference is finally here. Elder Clark and I watched it at the church. One of my favorite talks was given by Elder Lynn G Robbins. He talked about which way do you face? He talked about peer pressure and how we should be like Christ an always face the same way and not give into the influence of others. I really liked this because even though people may answer the door and yell at you or push you away you can know that as long as you face God you will be fine and protected. Another talk I liked was Tad R Callister's. He talked about how parents are Prime Gospel Teachers. It reminded me of how my parents are my prime gospel teachers and the lessons they taught me helped prepare me for my mission. There were so many great talks. I found that many of the messages centered on that prophets are called of God, parenthood, the sacrament, and that this is a world-wide church. Not to mention that the first talks given in a language besides English were given.
One more week to turn this to 22 months. :) 

Transfers coming

On Saturday night we got a call from the President Murdock. He said that Elder Clark is going to be the District leader and that I am being transferred. When he said that I was a little shocked. Usually you stay in an area for at least two transfers and when you are new usually for four transfers. I suddenly realized just how attached I had become to the Chatfield ward and area. I have learned to love the people here and it hurts a little to not be able to say goodbye to some of them and to leave. I'm also going to miss a baptism of one of our investigators. I am excited though. I can't wait to see who I'm being paired with and where I'm going to be.

Also please just send packages and letters just to the Mission Office for now. That address is:

Elder Dallin Pulsipher
Colorado Denver South Mission
999 E Tufts Ave.
Cherry Hills Village, CO 80113

Till next time,

Elder Dallin S Pulsipher