Monday, October 13, 2014

Week 9 - Grand Junction, CO

Transfers this week

I am now in Grand Junction 2nd ward. We now go to the library to do my e-mails in which I only have about an hour and a half.. They will now be slightly shorter and responses will be shorter.

Tuesday Oct 7:

Today we woke up early to go to transfer meeting. When I got there they told me I was being transferred to Grand Junction 2nd ward. We then drove through the mountains which were beautiful. It is like driving through a very very deep canyon the whole way. We then got to Grand Junction and I met my new companion Elder Niue (New-way). He is from American Samoa. I was very nervous about this companionship because he apparently was very disobedient at the beginning of his mission. I soon found out that he is obedient. Something changed and he decided to be obedient now. Our ward actually has four elders, two sets of companionship. IT is a little odd because our area is half of the ward and theirs is the other half.I got to see Daniel Jensen. He is doing great and is having a great time.

Wednesday Oct 8:

The ward is very small and there are a lot of less actives. Much of the work here is trying to re-activate them.  It has been very unfruitful, but I plan to change that. We have great ward missionaries and they help us in a heartbeat. That night we ate at the ward mission leaders house and had our coordination meeting. They really fulfill their calling and find less actives for us to teach. Other than this we visited about three less actives.

Thursday Oct 9: 

Today we got to watch Meet the Mormons. The mission president came and we got to see it before it comes out in theaters. It was a very good movie and I'm a movie critic. It was funny, emotional and really presented a good message that Mormons are all different, we have weaknesses, but that we all know our purpose in life. It really was  a great movie and the last segment almost made me cry.

I also finished the Book of Mormon challenge. It was a great experience to really see how the Lord plays a role in our lives. There are only about 8 pages without a reference to Jesus Christ.

Friday Oct 10:

On Friday we visited a lot of less actives and met a man who is 92 and is still in good shape. It was great to talk to him for a little while and share the Plan of Salvation. That night we had our Halloween party and got a chance to meet a lot of the members of the ward. One of our ward missionaries Brother Smith made really good hamburgers. There was also a balloon man who could blow up the long thin balloons with his mouth. Other than that, two of our investigators who are ages 9 and 10 came dressed as missionaries. There is a picture attached.

Saturday Oct 11:

Today I learned that no one I know has a dirty house, even if they think it does. Today I saw one of the dirtiest houses I have every seen. It helped me to be grateful for how clean of a house I live in. Other than that this was a slow day and not much happened. Much of the work has been just visiting less actives randomly. I let Elder Niue kind of run things this first week to get used to the area, but this week I plan to start new things and progress the area even more.

Sunday Oct 12:

Happy Birthday 17th Birthday Jacob!!! I hope you had a great birthday.
Sunday was a very good day. That morning we went to ward council and I really got a feel for how the ward functions. They are very organized which is very helpful. During church a recent convert was confirmed and was given the priesthood and made a priest. He also spoke and explained his story. When he was younger he had a dream he would become a priest, so he went to school to become a priest but dropped out. He then for about 40 years hopped churches and religions until his daughter was baptized. When she was baptized he thought he should investigate the church. On the first visit he said he wanted to be baptized. He is such a great person and really knows his doctrine. He also owns a radio station that plays positive appropriate music. So he has a great voice.

After church the two investigator boys Cristain and Miguell got their baptismal interview and we went over their program. They are getting baptized next Saturday by their uncle. It is really cool to see the step they are taken in their life.

Overall Grand Junction is beautiful and has some towering mesas in the distance. There are a lot of great areas I'd like to see. Our area also has the Mesa State University in it, and downtown, so a lot of the area is green and pretty.

Till next time,

Elder Dallin S Pulsipher

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