Monday, November 3, 2014

Week 11 - Grand Junction

This was a great week.

Tuesday Oct 21:

I woke up this morning to a heart wrenching scream, or a weird kind of snore coming from Elder Niue. I'm not really sure, but it was a little creepy. On Tuesday morning we took in our car to get it repaired. Apparently last transfer an old lady had backed up into the car and left a mark and dent. So we took in the car and we have been riding bikes ever since, which is kind of a nice because the weather has been beautiful here in the 70's with a nice cool breeze.

Later in the day we gave a church tour to a recent convert which is one of my favorite things to do because you talk about the paintings and the meaning behind them. We tied in the 4th article of Faith or lesson 3 in Preach My Gospel. After that we went to see that lady that pulled us over. Her name is Shirls and we visited last Friday. As we stood up to go, he bird, Chief said, "What are you doing?", then "Where are you going?". Shirls then explained to the Chief that we had to leave and Chief said, "I love you." It was really cool. It was the first time I have ever seen a bird talk. The rest of the day it was raining.

Wednesday Oct 22:

Today was particularity hard. Wednesday morning we visited a brother Ryder, a less active. Everything that we tried to teach he would come up with a counter argument for. Sometimes the counter argument agreed with what we were saying but he said in a way that was like an argument. I then asked why he bothers to meet with us. He explained he has been waiting for someone to teach him something new, which we have been trying to do, and that he was there to teach us. He really frustrated me, and by the end of "the debate" I didn't want to go back. So we will give him another try. We did have an excellent Coordination meeting though. The previous week we contacted over 20 less-actives. That night Elder Niue was listening to "Glorious" by David Archuleta from the Meet the Mormons movie. He would listen to it over and over again. over 100 times straight. I asked him to stop and he said no, but still stopped. Sorry Jacob for forcing you to listen to my music over and over again in the car going to school every morning.

Thursday Oct 23:

Today we had a District Meeting and a Zone Meeting. The zone leaders talked a lot about what gift we could give to the savior and challenged us to give three things.
  1. One baptism or to bring someone into the fold.
  2. Being exactly obedient
  3. Sacrifice one thing.
The rest of the meeting was great and we started some planning for some things we can do on the Holidays. Later we visited a less-active who actually helped build the Sacramento and San Diego temple. I tried to be as sincere as possible when talking to him about not coming to church and I found that it really helped him realize my intent and open up a little bit. Brother Stone said that he would start trying and would like to visit with us. That boosted my spirits a little. We also visited a lot of less actives. We had dinner with the Newton's that night and their daughter invited her boyfriend over. He said he would be interested in taking the discussions. He actually lives in the other elders area but they taught him that night, and the next day and put him on date for November 22. It was cool to see just how prepared some people are.

Friday Oct 24:

This morning we were doing Companionship study when Elder Niue said he didn't feel well, got up and went to sleep. So I was home bound most of the day. I was surprised how much I really got to do though. I had a chance to really go through the area book and clean it out, wrote some letters, played some piano, read some of Jesus the Christ and Our Search for Happiness (which are great books) and did a little bit of extra study. Not much actually happened today but I found things to do.

Saturday Oct 25:

This morning we moved someone into the ward. It is actually the grandfather of someone Jacob went to music camp with, the Foutz. It took about three hours. I got to talk with some of the ward members and found it enjoyable to move things. The rest of the day included visiting less-actives. So this entire week I there has been contention between Elder Niue and I. There are many things which he does that frustrate me and on Saturday night I found that many of these things are due to cultural differences. We were raised very very differently and our views on things conflict. We also have different personalities which also conflict with one another. The entire week has been like this but I've been trying to let it go and just be positive. It is hard but possible. Actually coming into this e-mail I was looking back on my week as negative, but I have found that it has been very positive and we got a lot done.

Sunday Oct 26:

At church on Sunday we found out that the ward boundaries are changing. We will probably be getting more people and more area because our ward is so small. I'm excited to see how it is going to turn out. Also at church we had the Primary Program. It reminded me of David, Madeline and Sam. Especially David. I was thinking about what David might do this year during his part of the Primary Program. It was great to see our two newest converts in it too and participate in it. After the program someone came up to us and asked us to teach them. They were invited by a member and said that they would like to be taught. It is amazing for someone to just come up and ask to be taught. We also taught three recent converts today and in one of our lessons with brother Averna he brought up a good point. All of the Ten Commandments fall under one of the two great commandments except one really.

 Love God
Love they Neighbor 
 1: No other God's
 2: No Idols
 3: Don't take God's name in vain
 4: Keep Sabbath Day Holy
5: Honor thy Father and thy Mother 
6: Don't Kill
7: Don't commit Adultery
8: Don't Steal
9: Don't Lie
10: Don't Covet 
Honor thy mother and thy Father really encompasses both. It also happens to be in the middle. God is our father and we should honor him, and we should also honor our earthly parents.

As a whole this has been an excellent week. We visited 17 less-actives and recent converts and taught them, which is a lot for this mission. Hopefully next week we can find some people.

Till next time,

Elder Dallin S Pulsipher