Monday, November 3, 2014

Week 12 - Grand Junction

This has been a very very slow week.

Tuesday Oct 28:

On Tuesday Elder Niue woke up and couldn't walk. His foot has been swollen and he has had a very hard time getting around. We stayed home so that he could recover. I got a chance to watch something called 18 lives and the Book of Mormon. It was a Youth Cultural Event put on here in Grand Junction, very similar to the one that we did back home. It was about a seminary class and how following the example of Book of Mormon prophets helped them change their lives around. It was put together really well, and I'll have to get a copy. I also had a chance to really study. I've decided that each week I will focus on one gospel principle and research, ponder, and study it. This week was Faith. What I did is I looked up every scripture in Preach My Gospel on the subject and wrote what I thought the verse meant. I would then look in some of the other resources I have such as Bible Dictionary, True to the Faith, etc. It has been really great and I've learned a lot about Faith. One thing that I found instructive was found in Alma 32 (essentially Alma's sermon on faith). He likened faith to a seed and mentioned that if a seed is a good seed it will bring forth a lot of fruit that holds that same seed. For example, Let's say that your seed is respect. If you nurture or show respect for others, many other people will show respect back. If you smoke, it may bring temporary happiness but will ultimately bring death or ill-health. You know that respect is a good seed because it brings respect and you know that smoking is a bad seed because it brings forth death. I also learned that one seed brings forth many fruit.

Wednesday Oct 29:

This day was full of miracles. I could really see Heavenly Father looking out for us. Elder Niue could walk with crunches slowly but could not ride a bike, so we decided to try and walk to our first appointment. One our way a member from another ward pulled over and gave us a ride. We had only gotten about 300 yards when he pulled up. After this appointment we got a call saying our car was finished in the repair shop. A member gave us a ride and we finally had a car. Perfect timing. Later on in the day we were teaching our two new coverts Cristian and Miguell about tithing and fasting. I think we might have confused them about fasting because they seemed a little concerned. Luckily I think their grandmother explained it afterwards. That night we had dinner with a less-active couple and had a discussion about genealogy and the early church. That night we had a coordination meeting where Elder Niue and I sang, and an amazing 8PM member lesson with the Lewis family. It was a great day full of blessings.

Thursday Oct 30:

Today we had zone conference. This is where multiple zones come together for an all day meeting with the Mission leadership. When we got their we parked our car and they did an inspection, luckily the repair shop cleaned it for us. They hand out awards for the cleanest car.  We then got instruction about the mission and other various things. President and Sister Murdock went to a conference in Navoo and learned that our mission was the top mission in the mid-United states in finding people. They also talked about I-Pads. Apparently they are having issues, with some of the software and we wont be getting them until early next year. The rest of the conference went well. This Christmas as a mission every missionary is going to sacrifice something. I've been really trying to think of exactly what I should sacrifice.
I also got to see Daniel Jensen and caught up with him. He has been doing great and sounds like he really enjoys his mission.

Friday Oct 31: Halloween

Because it was Halloween all of our appointments cancelled on us so we really couldn't do much. We decided to do service. We have been sanding the back of this house so that we can paint it. It has been taking a long time but we finally got most of the sanding done. That night we went over to our Ward Mission Leaders house for dinner and to talk for a while. We unfortunately are not allowed to go knock on doors, probably because they'll think we are dressed as missionaries and some people did think we were dressed as missionaries for Halloween. It was nice though. We talked about the lineage of Abraham, Ebola, and why there are such things as participation awards. That night we went started exchanges with the zone leaders. I went to their area which is the YSA ward for the college with brother Smith.
That night we went around to members of the YSA ward and wrote Happy Halloween on the sidewalk with chalk.

Saturday Nov 1:

Let me just say that being a YSA missionary right after Halloween was very interesting. We spent about 5 hours of tracting which made me very nervous. I have never tracted that long and tracting in general makes me nervous, but it turned out to be great. Elder Smith was an expert at telling if college students lived at a house so we would be driving and he would suddenly stop and we would go up to a door. It was fun to talk to people around my age for once. It is easier to relate to them and they are all very willing to try new things. We met about 20 people that day and talked to them all for at least 10 minutes at a time. It turned out to be a great exchange and I learned a lot about the OYM (Open Your Mouth or talking to random people). That night when I got back Elder Niue was sitting in a chair with a weird looking shoe. They had apparently gone to the hospital and they told him to basically stop working and rest for a while.

Sunday Nov 2:

Today at church we had a combined 2nd and 5th ward Sacrament Meeting. They changed the ward boundaries and the name. I am no longer in the 2nd ward but now in the Bookcliff ward. My area doubled and if I stay next transfer I'll have a lot of work to do with new members to the ward. It was a very emotional church meeting for the 5th ward, because they were a very large connected ward and we were a very very small ward. Many members moved over and the split was larger than people expected. I'm personally excited to have so many new people. After that in Gospel Principles class our Ward Missionary leader asked us to sing, so Elder Niue and I sang, and we had an excellent lesson on Genealogy. The rest of the day was slow because we couldn't really go out and work, but I got a chance to read most of Our Search for Happiness. It is an awesome book about our basic beliefs and I would encourage everyone to read it.

This week was very slow in that we only taught 7 lessons only to less-actives and recent converts but it was still a great week,

Till next time,

Elder Dallin S Pulsipher

P.S. last Preparation day I learned how to play football. I actually really enjoyed it.