Monday, November 24, 2014

Week 13 - Grand Junction

Good Morning everyone. This has been a very crazy week.

Monday Nov 3:

Last Preperation Day we went to a bunch of Doctors appointments for Elder Niue and he found out that he has a stress fracture. So he has been walking around in a boot and with some heavy duty crutches.

Tuesday Nov 4:

Tuesday was very successful until that night. Earlier in the day we taught a part member couple. The husband who is a member helped to build the San Diego and Sacramento temple, but has been less-active for a number of years. He however has an interest to come back to church so we have been teaching him. We taught them the Plan of Salvation and at the end I was about to say the prayer when he interrupted and said, "I will say it" with a look of determination on his face. It is great to see him take the steps to come back to church. 

That night there was an exchange set up with our district leaders and Elder Niue and I got into an argument about who was staying in the area. It has been difficult to work with Elder Niue. We do get work done, but our cultural differences and customs clash sometimes. 

Wednesday Nov 5: 

All of Wednesday I spent with Elder Capps in the Grand Junction 1st ward. It wasn't a very good day for me. I felt bad about arguing the previous night and had little motivation to work. Luckily Elder Capps can talk about anything and he helped me feel better about the whole situation. That night we had dinner at a really good Mexican Restaurant called Dos Hombres. It reminded me of the good Mexican food back home. They also had a ghost chili burrito (ghost peppers are apparently extremely spicy) which if you can eat it in 30 minutes you get your picture put up on their wall of fame. They had two large posters of just missionaries that have tried it. This made my day.

Thursday Nov 6:

Thursday was better. I still felt bad about Tuesday night but We were able to still get work done. We had a district Meeting on Thursday and I gave a training on Christlike Attributes and the importance in the mission. I tried to stress that as a missionary we should represent Jesus Christ everywhere; In public, and in private. Especially because we walk around with name tags that say Jesus Christ in large letters on it. I think it also applies with every member, especially because when we are baptized we take the name of Christ upon us.

Elder Niue had another Doctors appointment where they confirmed the stress fracture. That night we did an 8PM member lesson with sister Orton where she invited a lady named Carolyn. She had apparently been baptized in Idaho 30 years prior and was interested in coming to church.

Friday Nov 7:

Today we decided to work on Suzie's shed/garage again and finally finished sanding and started painting. We also had a dinner at another Mexican restaurant and I tried the Teriyaki Chicken Burrito. It was actually quite good. After dinner we went to go see our new boundaries and they are huge. They are about 2 miles wide and go on for 4-5 miles. There is also a lot of space in between houses so that will be interesting. Besides that not much happened on Friday.

Saturday Nov 8:

Today was very successful. We were able to teach two less-actives, talked with 3 other part-member families, and also found out that someone had moved. In fact when we went to a house to see someone three drunk adults answered the door and said, "Really! 2AM at night?" It was actually 7PM, but I got a good laugh out of it. We also talked to a person we met a while back named George. His wife died 15 years ago and he still is mourning it. We were able to set up a lesson with him which was really exciting. Overall this was a very good day.

Sunday Nov 9:

Today was very good. We had an excellent Ward Council and a Coordination meeting to get a head start on the new ward boundary change. We also saw a Shirls who owns the talking bird at church. She was exciting to be in a new ward and especially that they have a family history class 2nd hour. We also had our mission presidency suddenly show up at church today. Elder Gifford who is leaving next week also gave an amazing unplanned talk in Sacrament meeting. Overall this was a very good day with much success

So I don't have to much time to email today because the library is crowded and I might get kicked off soon so I won't be sending to many e-mails or any pictures this week.

Till next time,

Elder Dallin Pulsipher