Monday, November 24, 2014

Week 14 - Grand Junction

This was a very hard week.

Monday Nov 10: 

This was Preperation day and we spent a lot of time emailing and I was able to look at some of my family history and found that a line through King David and Judah, (146th Generation). That night we ate dinner at a less active lady in our ward who has an amazing story. She grew up on a ranch with a bunch of Cowboys, and took over a failing business of scaffolding in the 70's.

Suzies Grage finally Finished

Tuesday Nov 11:

I woke up with zero motivation to go out and work, so I decided to say a quick prayer for help and was able to go out and work the rest of the day. That day we went to the hospital to visit two members. We have a giant hospital in our ward boundaries and it was very confusing. We spent a good two hours there visiting and trying to find out where to go. It was actually a little funny because one member that we visited looked better than he ever has. That night we had dinner with Sister Porter who invited the bishop and his wife and two other members as well. It was an excellent feast.

Wednesday Nov 12:

Part of our District
Wednesday was very busy. We went to go work on Suzie's Garage and put on our first coat of paint. It was very cold. Temperatures aren't as crazy as some places in Colorado but it has been down in the 25-32 degrees. We used this service called Tell Me which is a toll free number and found out that Elder Gifford's (one of the other elders in our ward) home had a high of 3 degrees with a low of -10. After that we went to go teach Cristian and Miguell about prayer and scripture study. It was a great lesson and it is funny what responses they give.

That night we had some curry with our ward mission leader and then had our Coordination Meeting where we discuss the people in our area. I've liked these meetings because it gives us some assignments and allows us to report. Right after this Elder Niue presented some things about American Samoa to the Bear Scouts.

Elder Capps and I

Thursday Nov 13:  3 Month Mark

Thursday marks 3 Months on my mission from the time I entered the MTC. It has gone by fast. This morning we had a district meeting. It was fun and we played this game where there is an investigator with two problems (Two missionaries whispering in the investigators ears some of their problems and issues and instructions to trump the two missionaries) then there are two missionaries who try and resolve the issue. After the district meeting we finally finished Suzie's Garage. That night we stopped by Sister Orton who lives in a Senior Citizen Community. She is a great member missionary and has found many less-active members we didn't even know about in her neighborhood. She even plans to invite them all to her house for a family home evening.

Elder Capps decide to drink a Bottle of Meeting.
Just to prove he could

Friday Nov 14:

On Friday we went to go help Brother Hildebradt lay some sod (grass) for his and his neighbor's lawn. It was fun and they fed us a great lunch afterwards. Later that night we decided to stop by a family who is becoming more active in our ward and talked for a while. I then decided to share a scripture and felt like I should share Alma 32:21 which talks about faith. After wards he said he needed to hear that because of something that had happened earlier that day. On Friday while we were driving we also listened to 17 Evidences of the True Church. I would suggest people to listen to it.
An Alley in Grand Junction. There are many of these

Saturday Nov 15:

This was a very hard day for me. Everything seemed to happen the opposite of what I wanted and expected. We had our only investigator drop on Saturday, George. He said he just didn't want to change. Also the first person I learned to love on my mission and invited him to be baptized got baptized today. I am happy that he made that decision but I'm sad that I wasn't able to be there. He was baptized over in Littleton which is about 4 hour drive. We also got news about transfers. So I will be staying and so will Elder Niue, and one of the other elders in our ward will be joining us, Elder Yarbrough. I was not happy about this honestly. I really wanted to train or at least have a new  companion, but now Elder Niue is staying and we have a another person joining us. I don't like the idea of three missionaries in the companionship.

Sunday Nov 16:

Elder Jensen and I at the library
Sunday was very hard as well. I am still feeling disappointed about his next transfer and I'm a little scared of it too.  We did however go to a baptism of a friend of a member in our ward. It was great to see the smile of this girl after she was baptized. You really do see a change in people. We are also combining the north and south areas of our ward and our area has increased. So we now have an investigator who will be baptized hopefully this next week.

Overall this has been a difficult week especially at the end, but you get those sometimes.

Elder Pulsipher