Monday, November 24, 2014

Week 15 - Grand Junction

I'll just go right into my week.

Monday Nov 17:

So on Monday night we went to Elder Yarbrough's investigator's house, Triston, to teach a lesson. Triston is 18 years old and lives by himself. We found him through his girlfriend at a dinner and the South elders started teaching him. He was put on date the next day after the second lesson and they stopped teaching him for some reason. Right beforehand Elder Yarbrough got a call from the Assistants that he was going to be transferred that next morning all the way in Denver. It came as a shock to him because we usually get the calls on Friday and Saturday night, but the mission made a sudden change. Now it is just Elder Niue and I which came as a relief actually because I was nervous about having a threesome.

This is Elder Capps Brother Smith
(who helps us out more than anyone ever has.
He should be made a missionary),
and Elder Kuns our new district leader.

Tuesday Nov 18: Transfer 3

Tuesday morning was Transfer meeting. My trainer Elder Clark is now in my zone. My district decreased to only three sets of elders. My zone has 5 people who came out with me which is exciting. I also found out that the investigator who was supposed to be baptized in my last area but wasn't is going to continue the discussions soon, because his son, who is 8 years old, told him that he has to or not even come to church. His son is awesome and is a huge motivator.

After Transfer meeting we went to Sonic with the new district leader, Elder Kuns, and Elder Capps. I'm excited about him being my district leader because he is always happy and motivated. It should be a good transfer for our district.

After Lunch Elder Niue and I taught an amazing lesson with a less-active/part member couple. The wife who is not a member really want's her husband to come back to church and even helped us with our lesson by bearing her testimony of the Atonement. I really am seeing a change in him and for his want to come back to church.

That night we taught Triston and I found out that his baptismal date was set for this Saturday. He had only been taught the first three lessons and we had two more lessons (which usually broken up into about 8-12 lessons, because they are all the commandments and ordinances). So we taught him all of lesson 4 which covers the commandments required for baptism.

Wednesday-Thursday Nov 19-20:

So I was ill with a cold on Wednesday and Thursday. We were home bound until our ward coordination meeting on Wenesday and on Thursday I couldn't stop coughing so we stayed home again. After our dinner however we visited with a less-active family which was really nice and taught a lesson to Brother Averna, a recent convert who acts as if he has been an extremely active member his entire life. We taught about chasity, which is always fun to teach! (sarcasm deeply applied).

Friday Nov 21:

On Friday morning we had a weekly Planning Session. During a weekly planning session we do something called a companionship inventory where you and your companion essentially discuss your relationship and how you can improve. I essentially told Elder Niue that something needed to change and that we both had to come out and say what was bothering us. I soon found out that Elder Niue has been getting homesick because I haven't been much fun. I've been too serious. I was glad he said that, that way I actually know what to improve on. This was the turning point for our companionship. The rest of the day I tried to talk more and he has been trying to listen more. 

That night Triston had his Baptismal interview with the District Leader and we taught him lesson 5. He was so excited to get baptized that he really couldn't sit still and kept on moving during the lesson.

Elder Niue and I with Triston

Saturday Nov 22: Triston's Baptism (#3)

This day was full of Miracles.
  1. At a zone meeting we learned about a Christmas Initiative called He is the Gift. The church is buying advertisements in Times Square and all over New York. They are also going to be the Home Page advertiser on YouTube fromDecember 7-Christmas. There will also be an Ensign devoted just to this with 9 pass-along cards leading people to a video and a website As missionaries our entire proselyting efforts are going towards this initiative. I encourage everyone to watch the video and share it with everyone they can. It really is a great video.
  2. After district meeting we drove by some people who signaled for us to stop. They needed some help jump starting their car so we helped them. Afterwards they asked for a Bible and we gave them two DVD's and a Book of Mormon we were so excited.
  3. We had to get all of our tires replaced because they were almost completely worn out and they weren't sure if they could complete before close which would mean we wouldn't get it back until Monday, but they managed to fit it into their schedule
  4. Triston and I at his Baptism
  5. Saturday Night at 6 Triston Jackson was baptized. It was a great experience and we had a full room. Even his mom and siblings came who are in full support of this. The service went well and His girlfriends dad, Brother Newton baptized him. We were all a little concerned with this because he is very heavy and can't walk very well. As I was witnessing I thought there was no way he could do it and we were told to be ready to go in if something happens. I just stood there and said a quick prayer for Brother Newton to have the strength to baptize the 200 pound over 6 foot Triston. When he went under the water Brother Newton pulled him up easily. He made it look simple. It was an excellent baptism.

Sunday Nov 23:

On Sunday Triston was confirmed and given the Aaronic Priesthood. He was very happy. We also got our first real snowfall and got a quick 20 minute snow storm during church. When we left church all the snow had been melted and temperatures went up to the 50's. It was a good day but slow.

Elder Niue and I are doing much better now and we are having more fun. We had very slow weekdays and a very busy weekend. Overall it was a great week.

Till next time,

Elder Dallin S Pulsipher