Monday, December 1, 2014

Week 16 - Grand Junction CO

This was a very very slow week, but pretty good.

Monday Nov 24:
Elder Niue dancing with the bear.
On Monday we had a great Preperation Day. We played basketball with three teams. It is kind of confusing but quite fun. You have teams on both sides of the court and one that travels back and forth. Whoever gets the basket goes to the other side to face the other team. We ate dinner at the Carpenters who made some great Taco Salad. Afterwards we helped Brother Averna's (a recent convert who acts like he has been extremely active for 50 years)  daughter move some furniture around her house. 

Tuesday Nov 25:
On Tuesday we got a chance to go to the Library to check out the website that the church has produced. When I got there I had to wait about 30 minutes to watch the video, so I went on family search and found an error in one my ancestors. It reported that all of this mother's children were born after she died. I was then able to find a duplicate with the correct dates and fixed that. It was cool. The rest of the day we stopped by less-actives and got three lessons in. We also stopped by a member and showed them the website and the "He is the Gift" video. They really liked it, but it was a little weird considering that Thanksgiving was in two days.

A portion (about 1/4)
of the Howell's Christmas lights.
Paul the competition is on.
Wednesday Nov 26:
This day was great. We just stopped by less-actives and members all day. We met this one lady who we thought was less-active. We brought sister Young with us, who is a huge help to us. When we got there we found out that this lady in our ward has gone through a very rough time, but has somehow stayed really strong through it all. In fact this experience helped to re-activate her. She is now really active. She is a young single mother in a bad situation but shared with us the miracles that she has witnessed because of her faithfulness. In about one week everything started to change for the better. It was a strong testimony, that I'm glad I got to hear.

One thing that Elder Niue and I are trying to do is visit every single member we can and share this "He is the Gift video along with a quick message about Christmas. It has been very successful. On Wednesday we were able to share it 4 times.

Thursday Nov 27: Thanksgiving
Shaking hands with a grizzly
Thanksgiving was very nice. We really can't do much. We can't go tracting, and many people are out of town so stopping by people isn't that effective. We tried to visit people who didn't have any plans. We managed to meet one person who was alone and we made his some cookies. He really appreciated that. Thanksgiving dinner was with the Howells. They had their son, parents and brother there. Apparently Sister Howell's father went on three missions one as a mission president, is a patriarch, and was an area seventy. It was cool and he gave us some suggestions on how to use the "He is the Gift" initiative. Brother Howell hunts a lot and has a museum downstairs, so we took a lot of pictures with the animals. We stayed to later that night because we couldn't do anything. It was a great Thanksgiving.

Friday Nov 28:

Friday was another successful day and we visited many members and less-actives. We even met with a family where the mom ins't a member and we set up weekly appointments. Not much else happened today, just a lot of visits and teaching, which is always good.

 A picture with the
largest duck in the world.
It has spikes coming out of its wings.
Saturday Nov 29:

Saturday was pretty much like Friday except we did some work in our new area that we got with this new transfer. We met many new people who would like lessons, one even has an unbaptized daughter and which they would like taught. We also stopped by a sister in our ward who hasn't been coming to church. When we first met her she was yelling at us (not out of anger towards us, but she was reenacting something. We have been meeting with her weekly and she has progressed a lot. She is starting to realize that she needs to go to church to help herself before she can help others. We also met with Sister Glenn who grew up on a ranch out in Utah. She was reluctant to have us come back at first but now she wants us to come back regularly. When we left she left us a little book about the history of the area with her story and her parents story in it.

Sunday Nov 30: 

Its a Canadian staring contest.
the bear got loose.
Today was great. We had an excellent church service all focused on gratitude and the post mortal world. Brother Foutz gave a great talk on gratitude in sacrament meeting which is just what I needed to hear. He gave this cycle

Gratitude ---> Obedience ----> Blessings ----> Gratitude

You just need to take that first step of gratitude to enable this cycle.

 During a combined priesthood and Relief Society our lesson was people coming up and sharing brief experiences of gratitude. It was a great meeting.

Later that day we visited Brother Hernandez who doesn't speak English that well and intertwines spanish and english. It was a little confusing but we understood most of what he said. He also shared his favorite scriptures with us out of his Spanish Book of Mormon and we would look it up in our English Book of Mormon. I think it is cool that we have a church that has many languages and cultures but we all have the same gospel. That is a huge miracle

Overall it was a great week. We had low numbers, but we tried to visit a lot of people, which was one of the topics Brother Foutz talked about. It is better to put forth a great amount of effort and lose, than to put forth little effort and win.

Till next time,

Elder Dallin Pulsipher