Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Week 17 - Grand Junction CO

Talofa! (Translation from Samoan: Hello)
This has been a great week.

Tuesday Dec 2:

There was this very large house with a
huge property and they put up tons of lights
On Monday night I went on exchanges with Elder Capps in the Grand Junction 1st ward. Unfortunately Elder Niue stepped on his foot last week and damaged it to the point that he couldn't walk. So we were pretty much home bound because it is a biking area and all their investigators were far away. However at dinner the family that hosts them took us out to Golden Corral. On our way out a man ran out to stop us. He asked if we knew anything about a book about a Mormon Missionary who went to some island for 3 years. The way he was explaining it sounded like the Other Side of Heaven. He explained that it was the only book he read while in Jail. We got his name and number and told him we would find out the title of the book. Also I found out I have Athletes foot. You can't go on your mission without getting something. (don't worry it is taken care of)

At the entry of this neighborhood.
You can barely see how far these lights go to.
Every tree was covered.

Wednesday Dec 3:  

At lunch we went to Brother Hernandez whom we saw last Sunday. He made some Chicken soup and some amazing rice. It was a whole boiled chicken in a fatty broth. It looked interesting but tasted great. Elder Niue felt right at home. After lunch we tried a bunch of people (all of whom were not home) until our last lesson with Cristian and Miguell, who were baptized a month ago. We basically taught them about what is next in their future progression in the church. When we were teaching them I could just see them as missionaries some day. That night we had our ward missionary coordination meeting and a great dinner with the Gustavsons our ward missionary leaders.

Me in front of the lights.

Thursday Dec 4:

Today was the best day I have had since I've been in this area. We had a district meeting and then Brother Smith took us to some great Chinese food afterwards. On our way back to our place we got a call from Sister Stone. She isn't a member but her husband is. She said that they need some help with Christmas lights. We had planned to do service anyways so it worked out. When we got there Brother Stone looked at us suprised and said, "My wife called you, didn't she?" He allowed us to help. By the time we had to go we had put up light all along his fence and decked out his front porch. He was so happy by the time we left. It was great to see a giant smile on his face. We offered to come back the next day and finish. He tried to object but suddenly just agreed to let us come.

The house that we decorated
The rest of the night was great. We visited a lady who asked for 12 He is the Gift pass-along cards for a party she plans to have. (we have to pass out 10 every day) We also had a great dinner with the bishop and his wife.

Friday Dec 5:

This was another excellent day. Our day was full. We helped finish the Stone's house and drove by that night. It looks great. It was fun and he was very greatful for our help. That night we taught the Gallegos family, and the Bunnel daughter. She just turned 8 and is from a strong LDS family. We went over there one night and taught the restoration and their daughter loved it so much that she asked to take the other discussions. She is a great example and is very knowledgable for just an 8 years old. She got baptized the next day.

Saturday Dec 6:

The stocking that Rachel sent me.
Saturday was gloomy. There was an overcast of gray clouds and half of our appointments fell through. We did however get to meet with a lot of people in a place called Monterrey park (a retired community). Today I tried to be a little more forward and bold with people. I think it worked well. In stead of sugar coating things, I tried to be honest and bold. Our dinner cancelled for that night and Brother Smith offered to take us to Sushi. It was good to finally have some sushi. It was good but I still miss the Sushi back home. That night I got a package from Rachel Mattice my step sister. In it was a stocking with 25 presents one for each day and every one had a scripture on it that has to do with the present. That made my day. Thanks Rachel.

These were some Christmas
decorations that my mom sent me on December 1

Sunday Dec 7:

It was another great day. We were expecting to see some people come to church, but none of them could make it. When we got to church we noticed two people we hadn't expected to come. One is a lady who lost contact with the church 30 years ago but loves the church. The other is an investigator of ours Suzie. Church was great and in our Gospel Principles class, Brother Gustavson showed us the Time Table of the World. It is a massive 25 page timeline of the world from Adam down to 2000. It was cool. I remember my teacher had one in her class in 6th grade. After church we went by a lot of people and met some new people and found times we could stop by. That night we ate dinner with the Benefield's the aunt and uncle of Cristain and Miguell. We had homemade pizza, watched the Devotional (which was great) and talked about the He is the Gift Video at Brother Benefield asked for 15 cards, and we had passed out 6 earlier.

Overall it was a great week. Unfortunately the library is very packed so responses will be short.

Till next time,
Elder Dallin Pulsipher