Monday, December 15, 2014

Week 18 - Grand Junction, CO

Tuesday Dec 9:
This was a very long day. Brother Smith, who is our assistant ward missionary leader asked us to come help him move so we got in our work clothes and went to work. We had Elder Capps and Kuns come help along with our Italian elders, Elder Di Liberto, and Nicotra. We spent about 3 hours packing up the truck. Elder Niue found a dead mouse and started chasing me with it. As soon as he picked it up, I knew what he was going to do. That night Brother Smith needed his stuff unloaded so we went to go help him unload. By the time we had finished it was time to go home. I was so exhausted I fell right to sleep.

Wednesday Dec 10: 
Missionary Christmas Luncheon was amazing. That morning we had interviews with the Mission President. I always enjoy these and he praised me for my work. He has a way with talking to people that makes them feel comfortable so it isn't like an interview but more like a get to know you.

This Christmas our mission decided to do a  Christmas luncheon at a member of our ward's house. They had all the missionaries in the Grand Junction/Fruita area. There were 52 in all. We had a little devotional from our mission president where he shared about a few of his mission Christmases. and We sang some chorals. We then went to eat a great meal and watched a movie called the Christmas Mission. We also did some Christmas Karaoke. There were some amazing singers and a few really horrible singers. One Elder got up and sang with the deepest voice he could muster the song "Silent Night" It was funny. I almost went up but Elder Niue got up and sang "O Holy Night." After that we had another little devotional and we were all sent home with our presents from home along with some presents from the mission. I by far had the most presents so thank you everyone. I really got a sense of just how great christmas can be on a mission.

Thursday Dec 11: 
Brother Averna directing and Narrating the Show.
This was also another great day.This morning we had a district meeting which was great and then Elder Niue and I got some flu shots. Elder Niue is afraid of needles so it was funny to see the doctor put the needle in. After this we both felt like visiting this less-active. When we got there no one was there, but we noticed a car at another person's house who we try every week. We went over and there was sister Marcia a less-active in our ward. Her sister, sister Citrus was visiting from the Sacramento area, and she is very active. We talked for a little and sister Citrus asked if we could come over to help move some things out of their house the next day. We were very happy to finally meet sister Marcia, who has in the past seemed very standoffish.

That night at dinner the family we were eating with invited a pastor from another Church. It was interested and there was a little tension that was eventually difussed. We got to share the "He is the Gift" video at with them all.

The Foutz family along with a few others play a Song.
Jacob you might recognize Josh there.
We also got to meet with brother Batten who told us a story about how when he was a kid in the Great Depression his dad and him were putting some hay in a wagon when suddenly his Dad hopped into the wagon and took off. At first he didn't realize why they were suddenly leaving but he turned around and saw a dust storm coming towards him. His Dad and him raced home against a dust storm and eventually had to go into a neighbors barn so wait the storm out. It was a really interesting story from the time of the Dust Bowl. 

Friday Dec 12:
Today was hit and miss. It had a lot of good things and bad things, but let's focus on the good. We helped two people move some things today. One of those was with Sister Marcia and Citrus. Today Sister Marcia was a lot more happy to see us. We helped them move some things and we shared the "He is the Gift" video at which they both really liked. It was great to see sister Marcia open up a little bit.

A shot of the gym for the Christmas Party
Elder Niue also did something that really surprised me today. At the Christmas Luncheon he didn't get anything from home, but got something from the mission office. His package came a little late and he got it on Friday. He opened it up and looked at it. That night he said he wanted to stop by two peoples houses. When we got there he had wrapped up his presents from home and gave it to these people. This surprised me that he would give away his only presents from home to others. 

Saturday Dec 13: 4 Month Mark & 1/6 through my mission.

the gym was packed.
The man that is dressed is our ward mission leader,
using a lava-lava Elder Niue gave him.

I can't believe I am 1/6 through my mission. It has moved fast and I still feel like I am new. This morning we went to go set up for our ward Christmas party. This year was themed an evening in Bethlehem. The decorations were decked out with lights string across the entire ceiling with sparkling lights, an entire Bethlehem cut out with tents set up for the food. It was fun helping out and being a little creative.

After setting up we helped Sister Marcia finish moving some things. Today she was even happier to see us. It was really nice to see her so happy along with her sister. We left with some homemade cookies and fudge which were really good.

Our primary singing in the program
Another shot of the Christmas Decorations
That night we had our Ward Christmas Party and it was crowded. There were a lot of less-actives who we have never been able to see and a lot of non-members. The food was chicken with pita-pockets and pita-chips. It was all really delicious and the decorations looked amazing. We also had a little program which was headed by Brother Averna who was baptized two months ago. He knows a lot about Jewish history and heritage so he helped out a lot. Brother Niue and I were the first act and we sang "The First Noel" During the middle of the party we had someone run and get us. They said that someone had fallen and that they need our help. I don't exactly know why people automatically assume we are the best people to help with almost anything but we were glad to help. It turns out it was a less-active who we had been trying to get a ride for. He was very happy to be at the party, and we were happy to see him there.

Sunday Dec 14:
Not much happened on Sunday. Church was great with subjects about the Last days. We also were talking with a sister in our ward who recently found out some of her family history and found that her ancestors were deeply involved with the holocaust. She had Jewish relatives who seemed to be everywhere during the war. He mother even met Hitler when she was 12, which was interesting because her family were very anti-Nazi. It was very interesting to hear it all.

We had dinner with the Burtons that night who invited some work colleagues (who aren't members). It was interesting because two of them were from the Philippians and we got to hear a lot about their culture. We also got to show them the "He is the Gift" video at

Overall it was a very great week. I just can't wait for Christmas.

Till next time,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher

Elder Niue and I with our amazing
ward missionary leaders
Why do I have to be so tall