Monday, December 22, 2014

Week 19 - Grand Junction

Tuesday Dec 16: 9 days till Christmas
I started the week out on exchanges with Elder Capps. Elder Niue went to their area and Elder Capps came here, so this was my first time in charge of my area which went really well. On Tuesday we were able to make contact with three new less-actives and set up appointments. We also visited Sister Kaiser with the talking bird and the bird said Elder Capps name while it was on his shoulder. Our faces were in shock. Whenever people take out that bird I constantly worry that he will fly over to me and it is so annoying. In case you didn't know I have an irrational fear of birds.

We were also trying some people within our new ward boundaries that no info was given on them so we stopped by this one nice looking house and knocked on the door. We saw a man start to walk to the door but then turned around. We then saw a lady come and grab something while coming to the door.
She answered it and said, "What are you doing here!?" 
I said, "Is so-and-so here" 
"Yes! What are you doing here?" 
"We are here to share a message about Christmas"
"Ok. Well I'm calling the Sheriff right now and telling him to escort you off my property!"

We just walked away as she was yelling at us. When we got in the car we just started laughing. It is funny how a situation that can seem intense can really just be funny. Of course we drove away before any police came and besides all they can do is tell us to leave.
Wednesday & Thursday Dec 17 & 18: 8/7 days till Christmas
Wednesday morning we went out to visit a few people when Elder Niue said he needed to go home. On Tuesday he started getting a headache/migraine. So for most of Wednesday and all of Thursday we were home bound. This actually gave me a chance to finish up my Christmas cards. I did however have a chance to make a tie-dye cake I found in one of the cupboards. It was actually pretty good.

Friday Dec 19: 6 days till Christmas
That morning we went to see a sister in our ward that we set up an appointment for. When we got there she let us in and then we sat down. Suddenly I noticed a small colorful bird sitting behind her. I pointed it out to her and she said that was her bird that talks. She tried to pick it up when it bit her and screeched at her. This bird was literally evil. It didn't like to be touched and would screech at everything. Luckily it never flew over to us, but it flew around. Other than that we taught a great lesson to her. Friday we also had to take our phone in. The screen broke awhile ago and we got a new one, but we had to get the phone numbers switched so we took it into sprint. When we got there there was a very nice lady (potentially a member) who helped us out. I also found out that the church may have the largest account with Sprint. It took forever to try and find our phone on the account.

That night we stopped by Sister Orton who has been a huge help to us. She has been able to talk with many people in a senior citizen housing community and has even found people who are members but haven't been to church in years. A while ago she found a lady named Carolyn who joined 30 years ago but just never came back after they moved away. Luckily through a lesson we taught and the support that Sister Orton and others have provided Carolyn in back into full activity and has even tried to get her children back. At one point a man who is anti-mormon came up to her and confronted her about it. She said to him, "I am going to be a mormon, and nothing can stop me!" It is so great to see the joy that Sister Orton has found as well as with Carolyn.
Saturday Dec 20: 5 days till Christmas
It was a very gloomy day. The weather here has been cold and wet. We've gotten some snow but it just melts when it hits the ground. It has rained quite a bit. It was a successful day though and we were able to meet with 5 people. Not much else happened though. However during personal Study I decided to do a little project. A while back I decided to focus an entire week on learning about faith and compiled a list of scriptures about faith and summarized them. So I decided to "analyze" it all by putting the info together on one board. A picture is provided of that board. It was really quite fun and I'd like to do it with some other topics I've done.

Sunday Dec 21: 4 days till Christmas
At church we had our Christmas program. It was put together really well. We have a lot of musical talent in this ward. We also had two non-members come. One was babysitting a family and another one came because her son is going on a mission in January and he was visiting. She has asked us to teach her the discussions, not for conversion, but so she knows what her son is teaching. Luckily almost everyone says that.

Later that day we visited with Carolyn, who had ensigns everywhere and BYUTV on. We also had a member lesson with the Gibbs. When we got to their neighborhood we couldn't see any house numbers so we got out and started knocking doors to see if anyone knew them, hoping we would just knock into their house. We tried calling but know one answered, until after the second door when they told us they were behind one of the other houses. We eventually found it and shared the "He is the Gift" video. Afterwards we got in our car and started driving when we noticed a police car (not a normal one. This one had tons of lights) trying to pull us over. I pulled over and the policeman came to the window and asked for license and registration. As we were getting that he said they got a call about suspicious behavior in the neighborhood of an empty car and people knocking doors. We explained we were missionaries and why we were knocking doors. He understood and let us go. It was kind of funny, and slightly confusing at first.

Like I said my week was full of birds, the police, and Christmas. It was a good week. I just can't wait for Christmas.

Merry Christmas,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher