Monday, December 29, 2014

Week 20 - Grand Junction - District Leader

Me in my new sweater Christmas 2014
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone. This was a great week for me, luckily police free, but unfortunately not bird free.

Monday Dec 22: 3 days until Christmas
This was a very good day. After emailing we went to the mall and did some Christmas shopping, and also went to the post office. It was a bizarre day for weather because it was sunny, cloudy, snowing, raining, sleighting, hailing, and was very windy all in one day. We got all of the weather you witness in just a few hours. That night we ate dinner with Sister Marcia and Citrus. It was their Christmas dinner because Sister Citrus was leaving back home for Christmas and it was very nice. Sister Marcia really opened up.

Elder Niue loves the snow and was
going around in a short sleeve shirt

Tuesday Dec 23: 2 days until Christmas
I was surprised just how busy Tuesday was with it 
being so close to Christmas. We were able to meet with Sister Hall who lives in this tower that is "locked down" The only way for someone to get in is to call the person and have them open up the door. It was a nice visit though after it took us about 10 minutes just to find the room. We left with a ton of candy and a gift card. We were also able to visit a few other members. That night we were invited by a Brother Hernandez, who speaks half-English half-Spanish, to eat at this place called the Moose lodge were he works. I was a little nervous at first because he said it was a bar but when we got in, it was just a family center with a bar. It was targeted towards older audiences so they had oldies playing and a lot of older couples got up and started dancing. After that we helped Sister Kaiser, the lady with the bird, wrap some presents.

Wednesday Dec 24: Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve was good, but a little slow. We brought some things over to o
ur ward mission leaders house, where we were going to spend Christmas. We also got to meet with Brother Batten and Carolyn with whom we taught the Plan of Salvation. That night we had dinner with the Bell family. He is the elder's quorum president. The dinner was excellent and they did minute to win it games afterwards. I won the one hand cup stacking. We then did a talent show where Elder Niue and I did some magic tricks. We did one where someone tells Elder Niue a number and I come in the room and read it. It blew the kids minds away and the adults who could figure it out started playing along with it. It was fun. After that the kids performed the nativity. It ended with one wise man (a girl with a turbine) giving the Gifts to Mary and saying, "Sorry the other Guys couldn't make it." After that everyone burst out laughing. That night we went to stay the night at our ward mission leaders house, with whom Brother Smith was watching. He is approved to house us so it worked out nicely. Unfortunately I couldn't sleep because I forgot my earplugs.

Most of the candy and leg/hand warmers
I got for Christmas
Thursday Dec 25Christmas
I woke up and went outside the room. It was a little dismal because I was just thinking about home. It stayed like this until Breakfast where Brother Smith made these amazing omelets. After that I started on my presents. I had about 7 boxes to open. I ended up getting two nice sweaters, tons of socks, skittles, hand and feet warmers, skittles, a hovering RC ball, skittles, and MP3 Player with speakers and 200 songs on it, more candy, a hovering ball target game, ties, and more candy. I have enough candy and warmers to supply an entire army, which is much appreciated. Thank you all for the presents and letters. It made my day. 

The Elder's at the Christmas Dinner
At 10AM my time I called my Mom and Paul. It was nice to see them and talk to my Mom for about an hour. After that I called my Dad, Paige, and all my siblings. It was nice to be able to talk to them all for a little bit. They have grown and changed so much in just 4.5 months. It is crazy. This made my Day exponentially better.

After calling Elder Niue and I went out to sing some chorals to some lonely people. We managed to sing to two people. One lady was in a nursing home and demanded that we take her with us, so we had to call a friend of hers to come stay with her. It is great that we have a ward that is willing to come on Christmas.

Brother Smith and I
When I got back home I tried out a few of my presents and called my Grandparents. It was also nice to talk to them and surprise them, and made my day even better. As I was calling it started to snow thick snowflakes and sheet everything in white. I got a white Christmas this year. That night Brother Smith invited a few other missionaries over and we had a Christmas dinner of Smoked Prime Rib, Corn pudding and some Excellent Potatoes. Overall it was an excellent Christmas that I will never forget.

Friday Dec 26:
We couldn't do much on Friday. For lunch we went to a Chinese Buffet and then went to say goodbye to Elder Kuns, our district leader. He got a ride with some members over to Denver because he is going home tomorrow. Elder Capps his companion came with us. Other then that we could only get one lesson in with Brother Wieder.

White Christmas
Saturday Dec 27:
Saturday was very busy we met with Carolyn to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She has been soaking the Gospel up and has had a lot of questions we have been able to answer. We also met with Sister Kaiser where Elder Niue and Capps decided to grab the bird, Chief and chase me with it. I ended up saying I had to go to the bathroom and stayed in there until the Chief was back in his cage. Later that evening we met with Sister Glenn, who is a less-active. This time we visited she essentially told us her life story and taught us about faith and that it was the thing that kept her going. She was so grateful for all that we have done for her. During that lesson we got a call from our mission President. He told us some Transfer news.

White Christmas
Transfers are tomorrow and we found out that Elder Niue will be in the Bookcliff South area. They are reopening it up. I will be staying in the Bookcliff North, will have two companions and will be the District Leader. I am both excited and nervous. I'm excited to be District leader and Senior companion. I'm nervous for two companions, the fact that we have 5 missionaries in our ward, and that I may not have a car. Elder Niue has a bad knee so he has to have a car. However our area is huge and we live a mile south of it. It also consists of hills and the top part is connected only by a small sliver. It will be very difficult without a car. Anyways. I'm excited nonetheless.

Sunday Dec 28:
White Chrstmas
Church was a missionary focused service. Elder Niue and I both sang in Sacrament meeting. I sang "Savior Redeemer of my Soul" accompanied by the Berry on Cello and Piano, and Elder Niue sang "Glorious" from "Meet the Mormons" I did okay and was a bit pitchy on some high notes. After Sacrament meeting I taught the lesson in Gospel Principles on Exaltation. It went really well. I had a rough start but decided to be confident. After the first part things started popping in my head and the whole lesson went really well. It was fun to teach. I realized I just need to be confident about this next transfer. If I'm not it won't go well but if I am it will turn out fine.

Monday Dec 29: 
Usually I don't mention the day I write but I woke up this morning with two inches of snow. We are expecting a snow storm today and tomorrow which will make transfers really interesting for the missionaries going over that pass. We hope they make it safe and on time. I however plan to have a large snowball fight because the snow is heavy and perfect for building. 

Gas at $1.87 a gallon.
Well I hope you all had a great Christmas. Thanks again for all the blessings, presents, and cards. It has helped make this Christmas on my mission one I will never ever forget.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 

Also a quick update on the policeman pulling us over. Apparently there is a law in Colorado that says you can't deny anyone a drink of water or to use the bathroom. That night the police were trying to catch a bunch of gypsies that have been using this law to get in and steal things. The police took the police call as one of these occurrences. So they sent an undercover detective to deal with us. He was hiding in the driveway and as soon as we started leaving pulled out and turned on his lights. I think he was actually a little relieved to find out that we were missionaries.

Elder Dallin S Pulsipher