Monday, January 12, 2015

Week 22 - Grand Junction - First Week as District Leader

Elder Young and I waiting at the library
Hello everyone. I hope you all had a great week.

Tuesday Jan 6:
It was a very busy day. That morning we had DLC (District Leader Council). We met with our zone leaders and talked about this upcoming transfer and what to expect as District Leaders. There was a lot of info to all take in at once but overall it went well. After that we had a Zone meeting about learning by Faith.  It was a great meeting about how us as missionaries really need to learn by faith in order to teach our investigators to gain faith. I plan to use this as a basis for my upcoming district meetings.

After this we had some time to do our study and Elder Young and I have decided to do short little projects or studies sometimes for Companion study. So for this week we did the Twelve tribes of Israel. We looked for everything we could find on the tribes (which was helpful because Brother Averna in our ward is very knowledgeable on this stuff) and then put it all on two boards. It was fun and interesting.

We then went out and tried some people and I found out that a Kevin Pulsipher who lives in Delta is related to Zera Pulsipher and not David. Everyone keeps asking if I'm related to him but I just found out I'm distantly. I was actually in Walmart one day when a random person who was most likely not a member asked if I was related to him.

The Twelve Tribes of Israel
Wednesday Jan 7:
Because we have no car or bikes we have been walking a lot. It has actually been fine because Elder Young and I get to know each other better. While we were walking to go try a less-active a member of our ward stopped and gave us a lift. It was actually a huge blessing because the person we were trying would have been gone by the time we would have gotten there. A little later on we had a member call us to help him push his truck down a driveway. We were happy to help and got a ride and cheesecake out of it. That night we had our coordination meeting and dinner at the Gustavsons. We also tried to tract which has been proven extremely ineffective when it is 20 degrees outside and dark. While tracting we stopped by a member of our ward and he gave us a referral and said it was a very strong referral.

Thursday Jan 8: Happy Birthday Dad!
 Elder Young. This is basically who he is in a picture.
Thursday was also very busy. That morning I had my first District meeting as District Leader. I started it off by setting some goals as a district. Unfortunately no one would talk so there were a lot of instances of complete silence. I then quickly moved into casting a vision. One thing our mission stresses is casting a vision of our investigators. That mission could be seeing them dressed in white for baptism or their sealing. I then suggested that we should cast a vision of ourselves and then had everyone write down who they wanted to become by the end of the year. This is something that my Branch President in the MTC asked us to do. It has been very beneficial to me. I then gave a training of Praying with faith. Overall it was a shaky district meeting which is fine because it is my first.

As the day went on we were able to contact and teach about 4 people and got two referrals from our bishop. That night a sister in our ward took us out to Costa Vida which made me very happy. It is one of my favorite places to eat. We then tried to tract but ended up going over to the Gustavsons to make some calls because it was too cold outside. 

Friday Jan 9:
It was honestly not a good morning for me. For some reason as the week has gone one I've had a lot of anxiety about doing missionary work. I don't know why because I have done a lot harder things in my life but I was getting anxious. I think it really is just the fact that this transfer is very different as a district leader and having little transportation capabilities. I figure time will just fix it once I get used to this new way to do missionary work.

At about 2PM we got picked by Brother Smith and we tried a potential investigator. He wasn't home so we took this opportunity to visit some less-actives far out in our area. We eventually came to this long driveway and decided that the house might be down it. While going down it we got stuck in the mud. We tried to pull forward but couldn't really turn and ended up coming right to the end of another car. After a lot of calls and no responses from nearby doors, we eventually got a member to tow us out. 

The Organization of the church
specifically with the priesthood.
That night we met with a Part-member family and this time the entire family really seemed more interested than normal, which was great because we taught the Plan of Salvation. After the lesson we tried a few members nearby which all didn't answer. We then started our long trek home, but half way through it a member picked us up and took us home.

Saturday Jan 10:
It was another very busy day. At about noon we decided to go tracting. We didn't get in to any houses but found a lot of really nice people. One of the greatest frustrations I've found about missionary work is that sometimes the gospel would really bless there lives at that moment, but they say they are too busy or aren't interested. Anyways after that we got to borrow some bikes from a member of our ward. It was a huge blessing to get to borrow them.
The Encampment of the twelve tribes
along with their flag and stone.
 Most of this comes from the oral history
of the Israelites. Some of it is found in
the scriptures but a lot of it we got
from Brother Averna in our ward

That night we had dinner with the Kings where there was a very long discussion about light and truth. It was interesting because they are all very sophisticated and go deep into topics. Apparently this is a normal family dinner for them. We then went to go see a family who has two unbaptized children who want to get baptized but need permission from their father. We offered to teach them the lessons and see what we can do. Overall it was a good day.

Sunday Jan 11:
Yesterday was was slow. In the morning we decided to do a study on the organization of the church specifically with the priesthood and look in the scriptures for the duties of the role and the first mention of it. We then went to ward council and got to watch the Youth Theme video for the year "Embark in the service of the Lord." It was a great video. It was put together really well. We then had church. The overall theme I found was obedience and our eternal family. We talked a lot about the preexistence and how we treat others in this life. Our church services are always pretty good. It may just be because I'm a missionary and gospel topics are what I focus on the most. 

Overall it was a pretty good week. We walked about 30+ miles. I'm glad we now have bikes and we have been able to stay busy even though we have been walking. Elder Young and I are getting along really well. I hope you all have a great week.

Till next time,

Elder Dallin S Pulsipher