Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Week 23 - Grand Junction

Hello everyone. Due to the Holiday yesterday the library was closed so I am emailing today. The internet for the entire county systems is also being very spotty at the moment so I may not get to email anyone back

Elder Young, Bedolla and I playing scrabble
Monday Jan 12: 
On Monday Elder Young and I realized that we are basically within walking distance of Walmart. So we went to Walmart got some bike locks and then rode to the library. After that we went to the church. Unfortunately our area is full of hills and back country. Everyone is far from one another. Fortunately there is almost always around the hills as well. That night Elder Young made some great Turkey burgers. He is actually a pretty good cook but just chooses to only eat Chicken Noodle Soup for breakfast and lunch because it is cheap.

Tuesday Jan 13: 5 Month Mark
I am about 21% through my mission. It has gone by fast. We tracted a lot today. We did about three full streets and got in about 1 house. The lady was very nice and taught many members children piano lessons but just wasn't really that interested. However Elder Young insisted on teaching her. It was a little awkward but he managed to give her a plan of salvation pamphlet and she seemed a little more interested. We invited her to read and then call us with any questions.

We also were able to contact a referral we got from Bishop. It turns out this man is a less-active member and that he isn't really interested in coming back to activity but would like us to come back. One thing I've learned however is that when people say this it means they really do want to come back but just don't know it or want to admit it. That night we also started an exchange with Elder Niue and Bedolla. One of the duties as a district leader is to hold exchanges with each companionship in my district.

Wednesday Jan 14: 
A sign we ran into while travelling
It was a very slow day. We had planned to do service at a place called Re-store. We biked three miles to it through a lot of intersections and found out they weren't taking volunteers. So we biked three miles to the library to look on a site we use called Just Serve to find that none of the projects on there we could do, so we went home and spent about three hours trying to do service. Other than that I found that I get along really well with Elder Bedolla. We had some great conversations. It made me excited to do future exchanges.

That night we had dinner at the Gustavsons and had a discussion on dreams. The previous night Elder Bedolla and I were talking about sleep walking and he ended up sleep walking. He was standing in the doorway and slowly came over to my bed. I asked if he was awake and he said yes. I then proceeded to guide him back to his bed and when he finally found it he fell fast asleep. In the morning he remembers When I spoke to him but nothing before that. This caused them to start interpreting my night fright dreams. They concluded that whenever I have night fright I am just dreaming about Heaven and Hell. It was quite funny.

After dinner and out coordination meeting we met with the Arledges. They have two unbaptized children that we have started teaching. They had decided to ask their father this weekend to see if they can be baptized.

Thursday Jan 15:
Thursday was very good. We started the day off with a district meeting. I had Elder Bedolla give a training on relying on the spirit and I gave one on using time wisely. It went a lot better this time. After the meeting we had lunch. During lunch we got a call from the Stone's asking for some help taking down Christmas lights. We said we would be right over there. When we got there no one answered the door so we just assumed that they might not be home, so we decided to start taking down lights. After we finished Elder Young took his bike and I took his to see the hieght difference. As he was riding he rode through some thick mud. This mud was caked so much the tire was twice as big.

The rest of the day we tried a few New Move-ins finding some of them aren't even at the address and a few less-actives. We rode a lot today and were able to get a lot of work done.

Friday Jan 16:
Our study on the Plan of Salvation
It was a great busy day. We started the day off by helping to move a member. After that we had lunch with Brother Smith and then did our weekly planning. Elder Young and I have really been able to open up a bit and discuss how we can improve.

After weekly Planning we went to see Doug. He is an investigator we found last week. He recently got a new job so his schedule hasn't been set but we tried him and he answered. We taught him the Plan of Salvation and invited him to be baptized if he comes to know if this is true. He accepted. We also gave him a Book of Mormon and he said the closing prayer. It was great. When we brought up baptism he actually said that he has been baptized in a cowboy themed baptist church. It was a little odd but we were able to use this to explain how we are baptized slightly differently.

That night we had dinner at bishop Holt's. His wife always makes the best food and this time was no exception. After dinner we had a lesson with the Gallegos family. They are a part-member family and this time we taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ using an analogy. THe entire family liked the lesson.

Faith - You see a gate a far way off. It attracts your attention, however it is dark and there is rocky terrain and gorges in your way. You must have faith to continue.

Repentance - Sometimes you get cut or fall in a gorge. We must repent to make these things better or to get out of the gorge.

Baptism - You finally get to the gate but it is locked. You see a grand Castle far off in the distance that you desire more than anything. In order to unlock this gate you must be baptized.

Holy Ghost - When you unlock the gate you are given a flash light. It is dark outside but the flash light helps lead the way to the castle. This is very much like the Holy Ghost. It is a guide in your life.

Endure to the End - We must continue along the path and have faith, repent, take the sacrament and follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost to make it to that Castle. The path is rocky but if we endure we will make it back.

Our Study on the Holy Ghost
Saturday Jan 17:
We decided on Friday night that we would spend Saturday riding out to the farthest reaches of our area. so We biked a total of 11 miles through hills and countryside. We started by riding 4 miles to the a unknown member. There is no info on her so we just decided to try. After about 15 minutes of looking for it we finally found it on the wrong street. Unfortunately no one was home. We then rode to a members house to visit. We had never met them and just decided to get to know them. We then rod

e about 2.5 miles to a fairly new neighborhood. No one was home and if they were they were Seventh Day Adventist, which means it was their Sabbath Day, so they were naturally not interested. We then rode another 3 miles trying to contact less-actives and were able to find one that said they will try and come back to church soon. We then rode 2 miles home to take a little rest before riding to dinner. That night we went to go teach a lesson to Shirls, or the talking bird lady. Overall it was a good day because we got out and worked hard, but very tiring.

Sunday Jan 18:
Sunday was very slow. They typically are because our church starts at 1PM. Anyways we started the day off by doing a study on the Plan of Salvation. We got through about half of it when we went to brunch with Brother Smith. He then took us to the institute building. I got to do my second baptismal interview. It went really well and this time I was a lot more focused and opened up a little bit more. Other than that we had church, dinner, and some more study.

Monday Jan 19:
Elder Young, Bedolla and I playing scrabble
It was an interesting day. Due to the library being closed we got an extra long P-Day. We cleaned our apartment went to Walmart and then went to the church. When we got there, no one was there so we just raced around. Eventually when people showed up we decided to play Scrabble another Elder brought. That night we had a dinner and a lesson with a member in our ward and her boyfriend. We watched the restoration, gave him a Book of Mormon and did an object lesson. We also received news that the Arledge Children got permission from their father, so we will be having two baptisms soon.

Overall it was a great week. Sorry this is very long. It was just very eventful. I hope you all had a great week as well.

Till next time,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher