Monday, January 26, 2015

Week 24 - Grand Junction

Tuesday Jan 26:
Not much happened on Tuesday. We went to go email in the morning due to Martin Luther King Jr. Day. After emailing we went to a place called Zoup! A member gave us a coupon to the place. I basically bought an extremely overpriced sandwich. After lunch we went to teach the Stones a part-member/less-active family. He hasn't been feeling to well lately so he wasn't fully there, but she listened inventively. We then decided to go tract the neighborhood where dinner was. We didn't get any success until the end. We knocked on the door and a lady answered saying, " I would love to give you a few hours of my time but I'm just heading out of the door. Could you please come back another day earlier" We agreed. she really seemed interested and as if she really wanted to hear about our message.

Elder Young and I at Broth Smith's
On Tuesday while at the library I was able to look at some family history. I found out that I am related to an Edward Partridge and an Amasa Lyman from Doctrine and Covenants. In fact Edward Partridge and Amasa come from my Bogh line and are mentioned quite frequently. I was also able to trace back to Adam and Eve through Judah on my Stiles line. Since I've been out family history has really interested me.

Elder Young and I
Wednesday Jan 27:
It was a great day. We had zone conference and it was just what I needed. The entire topic was really about change. Our mission is making a lot of changes. We are now focusing more on reactivation or "rescues". We are also going to be emphasizing putting people on a baptismal date at the end of the first lesson. This is a huge change because we have created an entire lesson just to put people on date and it comes later on. We are also going to be reported twice as many numbers, which i think will really help motivate and get specific about what we should do to improve. Many other things changed, but the biggest change will come when the Ipads get to our mission. They are thinking about march or April. It will be a Birthday present possibly. 

There also some trainings given. Our mission presidency really knows how to inspire and uplift. I heard one of the best talks on the atonement given by Sister Murdock. It really brought into perspective just how much we know about our Savior in this church. It also brought into perspective how much we really don't know but how much we need to act in faith to use his atonement. It was really just a great day.

Thursday Jan 28:
End of a long ride on our bikes.
Thursday was very successful and very busy. I was on exchanges with Elder Maw, Elder Capps companion. We started off by visiting Doug Farrington our investigator. I started to teach about faith when we heard a huge boom. After it we heard a dog bark, all of his appliances beeping, and sirens a few minutes later. It was a little spooky, but he said it might be God trying to tell him something. We found out it was a transformer that blew. Other than that the lesson went great. Later we tried a Recent Move-in to our ward. We were able to meet with her and shared a message in the doorway. Right before this my tire went flat, so we asked to use a bike pump. She didn't have one so we went next door and asked if they had one. The man answered the door by cracking it open and said, "Meet me in my Garage." When the garage door opened he pointed to the bike pump and ran inside. It was quite odd, but I was greatful for the pump.

We then tried brother Batten at a retirement home but found out that the entire facility was under lock-down due to a neurovirus. So we decided to go try a distant new move-in. We had tried her many times but never were able to make contact. This time she was pulling up right when we got there. It was a huge blessing. That night we also met with the Arledge children. They got permission from their father to be baptized but he backed out last second and called them to say no. We were very disappointing but have high hopes that their fathers heart will be softened.

Friday Jan 23:
It was a very slow day. Today I learned that Elder Young was very much like me in my first transfer, stubborn. I still am but he is also, so sometimes that can collide. He is a great person and one of my best companions. He just thinks he is king sometimes, figuratively speaking. In fact he just told me, "I am King" while reading what I just wrote. He is funny and quite humorous.

Rolling hill and mountains in our area
Country road in our area
While tracting that day we ran into a lady who answered the door and said, "We have a problem here." We did a survey and for every question in the 10-question survey she took about 10-20 minutes on explaining everything she knew. She was very nice once we opened up a little. She had actually been an investigator in the past but never went anywhere. She did however say that she felt the spirit the first time missionaries came. That night we were able to meet with Sister Glenn. We went on a walk around the lake talking for a little and went inside to visit a little. At the end of our visit I asked if we could teach the missionary lessons. She said she would love that. When we first met her she would have said no and never come back, but now she really trusts us.
This is what I see on my bike.

Saturday Jan 24: David got Baptized
20+ miles of riding through hill country. We started Saturday with some tracting but realized that most of the people were out of town so we decided to instead save that street for another day. Instead we tried every less-active in our north boundary. We were able to make contact with about 7 less-actives or at least find some info on them. We even tried a few active members and got a referral from it. It was a long day and by the end of it I slept like an angel mixed with a log. Also my brother David got baptized today.

Sunday Jan 25:
Honestly it was not a good day. This morning we got to church and our investigator Doug Farrington came. It was great until the talks were given. it was just one of those sacrament meetings where people do things that aren't normally done, and that isn't really focused on the Savoir that much. It would be fine if we were just there but just the fact that Doug was there. He left quickly afterwards. I really just hope it wasn't because of the Sacrament service. The rest of church was great however. After church brother Dean took us home to get my front tire fixed. It has been going flat so he just traded one out. Afterwards he invited us to come to his Mission Prep class. It was actually great. We got to teach a lesson, answer questions, and helped Brother Dean by giving him some ideas about his class. Other than that not much happened on Sunday.

Overall it was a good week. Definitely a spiritually boosting week with Zone conference. I hope you all have a great week.

Till next time,

Elder Dallin S Pulsipher