Monday, February 2, 2015

Week 25 - Grand Junction

Hello Everyone. This has been a great week. We have been able to get a lot done.

Tuesday Jan 27:
Found this while tracting
To start of the day we went to get my tires repaired. The member we are borrowing them from found that they are full of thorns and that it has popped the inner tube. So I got brand new tires and the bike has been riding wonderfully. Afterwards we planned to tract out in our far reaches. We eventually got to a neighborhood where it is about a three minute walk between them. We did the entire neighborhood and talk a partial lesson (the guy stopped us halfway through saying he wasn't interested) and one potential investigator.
After dinner that night we decided to try all of our referrals. One we even set up an appointment for. He is in high school and used to take lessons. His mom is also a little interested and will be taking lessons with us as well. One of the new things our mission is doing is inviting people to be baptized the first time you see them, so we tried that with them. She said no, but he never quite answered. It can be scary but it really establishes the end goal.

Wednesday Jan 28:
We started the day off with a church tour with our investigator Doug. Because we felt that sacrament meeting didn't go so well we figured giving a church tour would help him. He is quite and doesn't talk much but when we asked how he thought church was he said that he really enjoyed it and really felt good inside. It is amazing just how the spirit can work. I honestly didn't think he felt it but he did. After the church tour we taught a lesson called the Straight Gate which helps put people on date for baptism. We then invited him to be baptized on Feb 28. He accepted. So we will hopefully be having a baptism pretty soon, if I don't get transferred that is. (They are next Tuesday)

Study of the -ites
This week we really focused on finding people, so we went tracting and found a lady who grew up in the church but was never baptized. We taught her the first lesson, gave her a Book of Mormon and invited her to be baptized. She said she would if she comes to know this is true. She was actually pretty excited to read the Book of Mormon. We were also very excited too. We also ran into a man who did some service and fed missionaries a while back. We asked if he would like to take some lessons and he said he would once Spring hits.

Thursday Jan 29:
This morning we had a district meeting. I decided to give a training on the Book of Mormon and how it resolves every concern, question, and contains the fullness of the gospel. I had everyone right done one concern, one question, and one gospel topic and then have another person answer those. It was really cool just what the Book of Mormon could answer. We also decided to tract for a few hours and found quite a few potentials. We also met a very interesting fellow. He answerd the door and yelled, a very language-interlaced, "What do you want?" as he spit out a wad of tobacco. I stared at him and said, "We are just doing a survey." He then said, "I'm just kidding, what's the first question?" It is funny the people you meet, but also sad sometimes. You just see people so lost, and you know the gospel would change their lives, but they are too stubborn to accept it.

Friday Jan 30:
It was actually a very slow day. We started off with Weekly Planning where we set goal with our new key indicators. Usually we have about 12 (such as number of lessons, member-present lessons, service hours etc.) Now we have 25. I actually like it because we they all tie together well and it helps us focus more on exactly what we can do that week, rather than playing some numbers. Other than that all our appointments fell through, so we tried to do some service at the Restore. We rode three miles to wash off a piece of furniture and then they didn't need us anymore, so we rode three miles back.

Saturday Jan 31:
We use a survey when we tract in our mission. The idea is that people like to talk about themselves so it opens them up, and leads into a lesson. One of our questions is "Have you ever asked questions like 'Where did I come from', 'Why am I here?', and 'Where am I going after I die?'" We asked a man this question while tracting and he said, "I don't know. Do you know?" We then proceeded to tell him that we have a message we would love to share with him if he has some time. He gave us his number and we plan to meet with him soon.

We also were able to meet with Sister Glenn a less-active. This time we met with her we shared a message about the Book of Mormon, and prophets. We promised her that it is the best place to receive guidance from God, with conjunction with prayer. We originally were going to just teach the Restoration, but I felt that she needed to hear about the Book of Mormon halfway through. I pulled my book out and looked at Elder Young, he nodded and we proceeded to teach her about it. At the end she said that she really needed that and that she would read the Book of Mormon. 

Sunday Feb 1:
I got some model airplanes for
Christmas and this is the first one.
Yesterday was great. It was fast and testimony meeting and Doug said he would come to church. We were a little nervous because Fast and testimony meeting is usually hit or miss. Doug walked in and we explained a little about the church organization, and the meeting. It was great. The meeting went well, we had a baby blessing and a confirmation as well. Random people even came up to him and introduced themselves. When I was talking to him afterwards I noticed he just seemed happier, almost as if a spark went off in his head. He then came with us to Gospel Principles. Our lesson was on the Creation and there was a handout with fill in the Blanks. He was filling everything out and was really liking it.

Later that night on our way to dinner it was quite. The roads were empty and no one was out. It took a minute to realize the Super Bowl was on. Luckily with dinner there was a non-member and we got to teach him about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Overall it was a great week. Transfers are next week and I honestly have no idea where I am going to go. I might stay because I was just called as a district leader, but who knows. I really do want to stay and see Doug's baptism though. I will find out this weekend.

Hope you all had a great week,

Till next time,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher