Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Week 26 - Grand Junction - Transfers comming

Hello Everyone. So the first thing is that I am being transferred. I will explain more later, but if you are planning on sending a package or letter please send it to the mission office this week until I get my new address. The library is very crowded so this will have to be short.

Monday Feb 2:
On Monday we went around with Brother Smith our Assistant ward mission leader. After P-Day was over we taught Doug. It was a great lesson and he is progressing really well. Brother Smith then took us out to dinner.

Tuesday Feb 3:
It was a great day. We tracted for about 4 hours, and found one less-active and a taught one lesson. That night we taught Allen and his mother the plan of salvation. It is interesting because they ask a lot of questions. We felt good about it though and I can tell they really want to learn more.
Wednesday Feb 4:
Wednesday was slow. We decided to tract one large street. We went 1 mile down one side and 1 mile back on the other side. We also visited with Brother Batten. He lives in a retirement home and we found out last week that a deadly nerouvirus was going through it. Luckily he never got it and is still in good health. That night for dinner brother Smith made a great seafood extravaganza. We had king crab, mussels, asparagus and shrimp. It was really good but unfortunately like a laxative.

Thursday Feb 5:
I was on an exchange with Elder Baugham the zone leader. We decided to tract some and I really learned how to survey people better and to be more bold and personable. I also got a chance to OYM a lot. (Open your Mouth/ talk to random people) One of my biggest fears since I've been out is talking to a random person on the street and talking about Jesus Christ. With practice though I've gotten better.

Friday Feb 6:
This morning after our weekly planning we went to the church building to teach Doug Farrington. We taught him about the ten commandments and keeping the Sabbath day holy. It was a great lesson an we also gave him a goal to stop smoking on the 14th. He is really committed and he will be baptized for sure. It is truly a blessing to see someone except the gospel and to become a better person. After the lesson we went to go try the less-active we found and got her records moved in. We also met with a former investigator whose son is active.

Saturday Feb 7:
I had a slight cold so we couldn't do much that night because the air was so dry. We have actually had wonderful weather. It is in the 70-60 degrees during the day and 30s at night. It is like spring and even some flowers are starting to bud. It is quite bizarre but great. Today we met with a less-active lady who wasn't on our records. We talked and she told us about her life with the church. She mentioned that she is currently trying to decide which church to go to. It was the perfect timing to meet with her and we set up a time to come back. 

Saturday night we got transfer news. First of all I am leaving Grand Junction. Second of all the south elders in our ward are both being transferred. Elder Bedolla is becoming a Spanish elder and Elder Niue has been in the ward for the max limit. This means that Elder Young is taking over. I am honestly thinking that this doesn't make sense because Elder Niue and I know the ward quite well and we have two baptisms soon. This means I will miss Doug's baptism and I am sad about that. I will miss this ward. It is amazing how much you learn to love those you are in close association with. I hope to come back to Grand Junction so I can say Hi to these great people again. I'm excited though. I think it will be good to change and I'm ready to take on whatever comes.

Sunday Feb 8:
It was kind of a sad day. We had ward conference and I got to say goodbye to some people. Doug also came and loved it. He said it was a little weird and different but understood it was different just for that day. That night we ate dinner with the Berry's our two of our ward missionaries. I then started packing. 

Anyways that is my week. I hope you all have a great week and Valentine's Day.

Elder Dallin Pulsipher