Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 32- Littleton, CO

Hello everyone. It has been an amazing week with a huge miracle at the end of it.

Tuesday March 17:
It was a hard day. It wasn't that we had a bad day, I was just very very tired. In fact that morning during companionship study I suggested we come up with a new lesson to teach the members tieing into the new Because He Lives video the church is coming out with this Sunday on . I was so tired I was just talking to myself and repeating myself. I really don't remember what I was saying but Elder Farley thought it was pretty funny. On Tuesday we also met with Mark the Baptist Preacher. It was an interesting lesson. He had some crazy questions and even combined a few of the typical crazy questions together. I guess he had a friend in high school who was LDS who told him these things. Other than that it was a long day of tracting and visiting members.

Wednesday March 18:
The week started picking up on Wednesday. That morning we went to a meeting for the entire mission on the Metro-side of our mission. It was on housing and keeping clean. I was grateful that I got to come home to a clean place. I have been blessed with a companion who is clean. We decided to do some service on Wednesday and went to a place called the ARC. It is a thrift store who donates part of their proceeds to charity. 

My New Brother
The Owner is a member and told us his conversion story. Basically he requested a VHS from the church. Missionaries stopped by and his wife told them to leave and never come back. They came back two days later and the same response was given. Finally a few more days later Ed was there and allowed them to come in. From there he was baptized and eventually the rest of his extended family. IT really was a lesson on following-up.

For dinner we went to the Holmes. It is funny because everyone thinks/mistakes me for a Holme boy. I could fit right into their family. After dinner due to the sudden rain we got, we helped them move some things in their son's new place.

Thursday March 19:
We started the day off with our last district meeting of the Transfer. Sister Caisey who is finishing her mission on Tuesday gave a great training of the desire to work hard. After district meeting we went to teach one of our investigators. We taught him the restoration and at the end invited him to be baptized. He said yes, but said that he had already been baptized. We then explained that our baptism is done by immersion and done by someone holding the priesthood authority of God. He still said yes, but is not on any specific date. Leaving there I was thrilled. He was a former investigator and we don't know why he was dropped. The rest of the day was spent updating our database, and visiting people.

District Picture before transfers
Friday March 20:
We started with weekly planning and made some plans for this next transfer which is on Tuesday. We have found that most of the people in our area we have taught have been member referrals. Our entire area has been tracted a few times a year and we have found that visiting members and tracting their streets has been the most effective work. Also finding out where everyone stands on the ward list. We right now know more about the less-active members than most people. Using this database we have been able to gather information from members and put it all in one spot. It has been very effective.

The day was slow with some tracting and visiting people. We had dinner with sister Dekle who we are living with. After dinner I decided to make a Blue Velvet cake I got from Dad. While making it the bag exploded and I got cake mix all over me. Luckily there was still plenty of cake mix so I was able to make the cake. It was good, but unfortunately I didn't take a picture of the cake mix all over me.

Saturday March 21:
We got a lot done today. We went to a baptism in the morning and then went to go teach a referral we got. When we got there the parents weren't home. Due to some miscommunication they thought we weren't coming so we set up an appointment on Sunday. We also went to our ward mission leaders house to discuss some ideas for the ward mission. We are breaking the ward up into 4 groups and are going to assign 2-3 ward missionaries to each part. We have some really good ideas for the work in this ward and we are starting to implement them.

Sunday March 22:
It was an amazing day and a great miracle happened. Church was great and our meeting went well but right after church we went to our referral the Bernal family to teach. They invited us in and we started to teach them. It is a wife, husband, and son who will be taking the lessons. We taught them the restoration and they asked some good questions. At the end we invited them to be baptized and they all said, "Yes!" We also put them on date for April 25th. They apparently had taken some lessons in the past in another state but the missionaries stopped coming by. When they moved a work colleague of his asked him if he wanted to go to church and meet with missionaries. They accepted and waited I guess two months before we finally got the referral. They are all really excited to be baptized and have expressed that they are ready to give up things to join. After this lesson and lunch (they fed us) I was through the roof with excitment and joy. I was so excited and just ready to get out and do more.

Overall it was a great week. In fact it was a great week for the entire district. We put 10 people on date this week for April 25. We also hit all the goals we had for this transfer. Also Transfers are tomorrow and Elder Farley and I are both staying, so I will be able to go through the entire process with the Bernals and hopefully be there for their baptism if they make it.

I hope you all have a great week,

Elder Dallin S Pulsipher

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Week 31 - Littleton, CO - Happy Birthday 20 years

Hello Everyone. It was a great week and birthday.

Tuesday March 10: 20th Birthday!
My birthday was excellent. It is crazy that I'm 20. It feels odd that I'm leaving the teenage years and moving into the decade I will get married, graduate from college, get a job, and probably have a kid or two.

Happy Birthday Dallin
The day started off with a text from a the Stadlemans, saying that they were dropping something off in 5 minutes. I went outside to see a chocolate bunt cake with a note saying Surprise, from Mom, Paul, Jacob, Julianne, Madeline, and David. It was a huge surprise and was  a great start to my day. The rest of my day was great. We had the most success we had all transfer. We started by teaching Mariel. She is a less-active in our ward. The lesson went very well. After lunch we then went to go teach a pastuer of a baptist church. The lesson went well. He kept on jumping ahead and kept on asking when Moroni comes in. We also got a referral for a family that wants to be taught, and we taught our recent converts the Trejos that night. On a mission you really don't tell people it is your birthday, so we just had a normal dinner planned. At dinner we had BBQ chicken pizza, which is my favorite. They had no idea. 

Blowing out Birthday Candles
For my birthday I got candy, skittles, oreos, a new camera, and a time-chart history of the world. I couldn't stop staring at it. It includes the entire history of the world with biblical accounts and Book of Mormon accounts. I also got many letters from family and friends. Thank you all for the gifts and letters. It made my day.

Wednesday March 11:
We had exchanges today. I was with Elder Vaenuku (vie-new kew) from America Samoa. In fact he is from the same village as Elder Niue. The day went fine. He was fun to talk to and is a convert of 3 years. He just came out. The day was actually really slow, but good nonetheless.

Thursday March 12:
This morning we had district meeting. It went ok, but wasn't the best. We spent most of the day trying former investigators and less-active in one neighborhood. That night we went around with Brother Gleave to try some people in the farther reaches of our area. We tried t
The Columbine Zone

o see a sister in our ward but ended up meeting her non-member parents. They have an interesting story. He was in the army after 5 years after WWII in Japan. He met a girl there and they managed to get married a year later. They have been all over the world and they have been married 63 years. That is crazy. We then had an 8PM lesson with the bishop.

Friday March 13: 7 Month mark
It was an interesting day. Elder Farley has had terrible allergies because the weather decided to heat up this week to the 50-80 degrees. It has been great weather, but there has been this virus that gives you a sore throught and only that. We managed to teach Mariel again but after that we had to go home because Elder Farley was doing so bad. That night we went to teach the Trejos. It was mostly me, because Elder Farley was kind of out of it. During the lesson we got a knock on the door. The daughter answered it and it turned out it was the other missionaries in the Dakota Ridge ward. They got a referral from the Trejos requesting DVD's. They were not expecting to see missionaries when they knocked on the door. They stayed and helped teach the lesson.

My Birthday Cake from Mom.
Saturday March 14:
It was a good/bad/good day. This morning we had a zone meeting on the new Easter Initiative the church is coming out with. There will be another video and website like last year. The video is actually pretty good.  We also as a mission will be sacrificing two things for the next two transfers or until the end of May. We will only be drinking water (which means no cereal because that has milk) and we will be skipping Saturday lunches. We are doing this to really dedicate ourselves to baptize in May. I'm a little nervous about the Saturday lunches, but the water should be easy. After the meeting Elder Farley still wasn't feeling well so we went home. Luckily by dinner time he was feeling better. Sister Savage in our ward took us to Sushi. It was great to finally have some sushi again. She was very nice to take us to that. We have some awesome members.

Sunday March 15:
By the end of Sunday I was wiped out. We had PEC early in the morning and then church. Luckily Mariel came for the first time in a while. After church we tried some formers and less-actives and people we found in the area book with no info. We were able to tie up some loose ends. Luckily we stopped in on a member who offered to feed us. Our dinner had something come up so they had to cancel. Sister Alvarez offered to feed us two hours before dinner. The dinner was the Jones family get together. There is a huge family here in Littleton called the Jones. It is two brothers and all of their children and grandchildren. It seems like everyone is related to them. They also have this challange where if all the adults in the family who memorize the Living Christ before June get to go on a trip. It was cool. We then went tracting the rest of the day. 

Overall it was a good week. Really good at the beginning and slow at the end, but overall good. I hope you are all doing well and thanks again for all the birthday gifts, cards, and wishes.

Till Next time,

Friday, March 13, 2015

Week 30 - Littleton, CO

It was a long week. Yet very short.

Monday & Tuesday Mar 2-3:
It was not a good two days. I was a little stressed on Monday, because we were just going and going without stopping and were late to some things. Tuesday Elder Farley wasn't feeling well so we had to cancel all of our appointments. We had two appointments with new people and we haven't been able to get into contact with them since. That night we were able to go teach a less-active about how to use the Book of Mormon better. I think I've gotten better at this lesson and it has really been getting people excited.

Wednesday Mar 4:
We woke up at about 4AM to go to the Temple Wednesday morning. It was great to finally go to the Temple after about 6 months. It was kind of cool because our entire district was everyone in the session. Afterwards we all went home to eat and get ready for district meeting. This week I trained on the new Book of Mormon skill. It went well and I think I have been getting better at giving trainings. It is kind of fun.

After lunch we went to go teach a John, he has taken lessons in the past but neither one of us know why missionaries stopped going. We figured we would teach him the Book of Mormon and how to use it better. That night we went around with Brother MacNicholas, our ward mission leader, in the valley, the farthest part of the area, to try some people. He explained some of the history. The entire valley was owned by this family who owned this mansion. Picture is attached of the mansion. To let people know they were there at the ranch, they would light a huge bombfire(eventually became a lighted flag pole) so that people in Denver could see. If you saw the light you knew you could go out there.  After that we had an 8PM active member lesson with the Sheffields who tried to be hard investigators. It was fun.

Thursday Mar 5:
Today was ok. I was on exchanges with Elder Rosas the zone leader. That morning I practiced with Sister Shaw the musical number for Sunday. After lunch we decided to go tracting. Every door we hit answered and was antagonistic. It was odd. We deemed it Apostate Alley, or Gentile Corner. It didn't really help to that I was already really anxious and nervous about tracting. It has been happening a lot lately. I get really nervous and anxious about tracting, even though though everything will be fine. For dinner we went to Feddy's Burgers with Brother Gleave. He has gone out with missionaries before and knows a lot of people. We were able to go through our area book and find the most potential people. We also went through the ward directory and found who might have the most potential.

Friday Mar 6:
Today wasn't a very good day. I found out that Elder Farley had something happen back home, which is why he was ill. I realized that I had been too harsh about it and felt guilty all day. I think I pushed his limits when he told me what happened. It was a long day of reflection on what I can do to be better, more kind, more considerate, and just understanding what I need to improve on.

Saturday Mar 7:
It was a great day, and we finally got some success. That morning we went to help a former investigator organize some papers. When we got there he explained where he was at, and that he wanted to be baptized but is trying to address his two major hold ups. We went over some things with him and hopefully addressed some of his concerns. On Saturday we also met a Kirstin. She is a referrell from some members two doors down. She was very nice, and was probably the most relaxed and open person I've met on my mission with the exception of Doug who was baptized two Saturdays ago. She said that she would take the lessons and might come to church if she has time. Right after that I was about to jump for joy. We couldn't wait to tell the Larsen's, who gave us the referall.

Sunday Mar 8: Daylight Savings.
I'd just have to say that Daylight savings is better for a missionary, but the beginning of it is very hard. We had a meeting at 7, which meant 6. Which meant we woke up at 5 to get ready. It is good because we have light in the evenings and can tract. People tend to shut off when it gets dark. 

In Church I sang, "Savior Redeemer of My Soul" accompanied by Sister Shaw. It went very well and a lot of people came up to say good job, which is better than the last time I sang it. We were also in the Sacrament Meeting Program, with our bios. After church we put together a database of the members and investigators. It was a tool from my last area that really helped. It basically has all the info that someone would need as a missionary. It also makes it easier for new missionaries coming in.

I can't believe that I am almost (by one day) Twenty. A lot has happened. I'm still struggling with the fact that I am in the 20's. It is odd, but exciting.

I hope you all had a great week.

Till next time,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher

Monday, March 2, 2015

Week 29 - Littleton, CO

Hello Everyone. It was a slow week for the entire mission. We got a lot of snow and it has been very very cold.

Monday Feb 23:
It was an interesting day. We went to the family history center to find that a funeral was going on and the internet was done. In fact it is still done so I'm emailing at the library, which honestly isn't to bad. After emailing and shopping we went bowling. It was fun and there are some pretty good elders. That night we tried a few less-actives and then taught our ward mission leader's family about the Book of Mormon. We have this new Book of Mormon method that the church has given our mission. It gets people excited to read the Book of Mormon.

Tuesday Feb 24:
Today we had an exchange with the Dakota Ridge elders. I went with Elder Anderson in our area. There was really three major things that happened on this day. 
Elder Farley and I
  1. We met with a baptist preacher in his church. He was a former investigator and when we called him to see if he would be interested in another lesson he immediately said yes. This first time we didn't get to teach him but got to know eachother a little more. He basically said that he would like to hang-out more than anything, so we will only go a few more times and see if he will listen to lessons. He did however explain the reformation very simply and explained where all the different Christian church claim the authority lies. It was interesting.
  2. We met with a less-active family who said they would like to start coming back to church. We explianed that we could help them get there and set up an appointment.
  3. We taught our Recent Converts the Trejos about the Book of Mormon using our new method. It went perfectly. By the end they were really excited to start reading. When we asked them how long it would take to read 500 pages, they said 5 days. Funny thing is, they really weren't kiding.
Wednesday Feb 25:
It was a very uneventful day. All our appointments fell through, so we went to do some service with the YSA elders at a place called the Action Center. It is essentially like a bishops storehouse for the Community. They provide cheap food for people struggling. When we came out it was a snow storm. It snowed just as much as it did on Sunday. It took a long time to get home and by the time we got back we just had to go straight to dinner. We had dinner with the Connelly family. They are very funny and entertaining. We stayed there for a while to let the storm pass over. We wouldn't have been able to get out and work. They took us to an 8PM member lesson with the Larsens. They are a great family and helped us out a lot this week.

Thursday Feb 26:
It was another snowy day. It was one of those days where everything annoys you. I had to cancel district meeting due to the weather. Even the school's were cancelled. We decided to just shovel snow in the morning and try some people in the afternoons. Unfortunately everyone who doesn't shovel their driveway doesn't mind driving over the snow making it very hard to shovel because the tracks are solid ice. On the way to visit a few members we met a lady shoveling her driveway. We were walking on one side of the road, but I felt like we should offer to help. She said yes, so we went back and grab our shovels. We talked a little as we shoveled and we gave her our card at the end of it. She was very appreciative.  We then decided to just go around between members and offer to help people and shovel member's driveways. 

At dinner with the Connellys, there wild dog
 found my coat to be a very comfortable pillow.
That night we taught the Trejos. The lesson was ok, but they told us that they had read 14 chapters in just two days. It was amazing. They really are soaking up the gospel.

Friday Feb 27:
IT was another slow day. We taught a less-active sister in our ward the Book of Mormon skill. It was hard because she has a 1 year old who gets into everything and a 4 year-old who won't stop talking. We plan to teach her in a members home who can babysit the children. We then went home to do our weekly planning session. We took a little bit longer than usual. We discussed ways we can improve and I also found out that Elder Farley wants to become a better missionary. It is a huge blessing to have someone who is willing to change. Few people are really completely open to try and improve. 

That night for dinner was interesting, and very entertaining. We tried to call them but they never answered so we just showed up. It made her a little mad that we showed up "unexpected", but they were in the middle of making dinner anyways. This family is very funny and spunky. She explained that she was just trying to make it into my journal and that it is her one goal to make it into missionaries journals. It was all very funny and entertaining.
Saturday Feb 28: Doug Farrington's Baptism
 I have basically been wearing this the past two weeks.
It was actually a pretty good day. The zone-leaders called me and told me we had to have our district meeting so we scheduled it for 8AM. The meeting went very well. I gave a training on fear and how it stops us from doing things that we should do as missionaries. It went very well. We then had the chance to try some of the farther people in our ward. Our ward mission leader, Brother MacNicholas took us around and we were able to meet with two families and make contact with another person. Later that day went tracting around our dinner, the Campbells. When we got there we saw brother Campbell shoveling, so we helped him out. While tracting we found two potentials, one we have an appointment withtomorrow. The rest of the night after dinner was visiting members both less-actives and active members. Also Doug Farrington, an investigator I found and taught in my last area, was baptized. At least I think he was. I haven't heard any confirmation yet that he was, but he was pretty solid and really wanted to be baptized.

Sunday March 1:
It was a good Sunday. We actually had church; it wasn't cancelled. We had a great fast and testimony meeting. The Centers who are leaving on a mission this next week also got a chance to speak. They have some great testimonies and conversion stories. Brother Center's life was terrible up until he was 19. He was at his lowest when he got a knock on the door from two missionaries. He was baptized 4 weeks later. It is amazing to see how Heavenly Father humbles us or allows us to be humbled to the point when we are ready to accept the gospel. One thing I've learned the most since I've been out is that a humble heart is definitely on the most valuable qualities.

Because church was cancelled last week, we didn't have a chance to pass around our dinner calender. When we got it back at the end of church, the Larsen's offered to feed us. It was sudden but a huge blessing. That night we went to the Shaw's to teach an 8PM member lesson and also for me to practice "Savior Redeemer of my soul". I'll be singing it next Sunday accompanied by sister Shaw.

Overall it was a slow week, but eventful. I just want it to stop snowing. Luckily this week we have a lot of set appointments. I hope you all have a great week and feel better if you are ill.

Till next time,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher

Week 28 - Littleton, CO - Let it Snow!!

Hello everyone. It has been a slow week here in Littleton and full of snow. 

Tuesday Feb 17: 
Due to the holiday we had to go email on Tuesday. That night we went to go teach the Trejo family. They were just baptized. The two daughters speak perfect english and love answering questions. The mother doesn't understand it entirely so we had to speak slow, loud, and clear. It was a little odd, but luckily we brought with us sister Alverez who speaks fluent Spanish. Overall it went really well.

Wednesday Feb 18:
This morning we walked about two miles to district meeting. We were going to ride bikes but found that Elder Farleys bike's tire was flat so we just walked. District meeting went very well. I think I'm starting to get a hang of being a district leader. We also have a great district this transfer which will make the meetings even better. The rest of the day we tracted and tried some less-actives. We finally were able to set up some appointments with people, which was nice.

Elder Farley in the Snow.
Thursday Feb 19:
We had interviews with president on Thursday. We had a zone meeting with the Assistants and president and sister murdock. During the meeting everyone had their interview with president. My interview went well. He said he sent me to this area to uplift it. He mentioned that the area hasn't has been suffering since he has gotten there and trusted that Elder Farley and I can make it a model area. During the training we learned a new skill. Recently we have been getting a lot more skills to use for missionary work. This new skill is making the Book of Mormon more appealing to someone who has never heard of it. We read through half of the first chapter and apply it directly to them. It is a great method and it just got me really excited about trying it. The rest of the day we did some service, tracted, and visited with members.

Friday Feb 20:
It was a very slow day. We had weekly planning and decided to look through all the teaching records and potentials to find people we can try. It was very long but we were able to set up some appointments with people. We even set up an appointment with a pasture for tomorrow. He apparently has taken some interest and doesn't want to bash with us. Other than that the day was quite slow. That night we started exchanges with the Chatfield Elders, my first area.

Saturday Feb 21:
this is when the blizzard hit. It turned from a
 light snow to a blizzard quite literally a minute.
Being back in Chatfield for a day was very odd/nice. The first thing we did was help move someone out. It was one of those moves where nothing was packed up before hand, so most of the ward was there, which was great because I got to see everyone again. I decided to stay silent and see if people would recognize me and sure enough people came up to say hi. We then tried some people who I had tried back when I was in the area. Right before I left there was a lady who we tracted into. (Refer to Sept 28 2014) She called us one night saying her husband was missing and asking what she should do. I told if she felt her husband was in danger call the police. The last I heard of them was that her husband was in the hospital and that they were fine. When we went by on Saturday They both were doing well. In fact the elders in that ward had met her at a dinner with her daughter who just moved into the ward. I think they have made friends with people in the ward. It was kind of cool to see what happens 6 months later.

About an hour before dinner a blizzard hit. I will send some pictures of it. We decided that it would be best just to go to dinner early because we were close. After dinner the snow let up a little and we went to go see Kurt and Carrie. Kurt was an investigator I put on date back in Chatfield. We never did get baptized but he goes to church every week with his wife and son, and he has a calling. It was great to see them and I could tell they both have progressed quite a bit. I also found out just how stiff and timid I was in that area. Carrie mentioned that I seemed a lot more relaxed. 
 More snow. We got 12 inches in one day.
Sunday Feb 22:
In case you haven't heard already, church was cancelled in Littleton. We got about a foot of snow and it was way to dangerous to get on the roads. We decided to get together with some other elders and shovel other people's driveways. It was fun actually. Other than that we were basically home-bound for the day.

This area has been very slow, but I trust that as we are putting in the work and effort we will have success. I have already seen our district lifting a little. Another one of the area's in the district witnessed a lot of miracles this week. They taught twice as many lessons and found 7 new investigators, which hardly ever happens. I'm excited to be here, but hope the snow that is coming this week will not be to bad. Elder Farley and I are getting along great and he has opened up a lot more.

Have a great week everyone,

Elder Dallin S Pulsipher

Week 27 - Littleton, CO - Elder Farley

Hello Everyone. It has been a crazy week.

Tuesday Feb 10:
We had transfers today. I finished packing up and was told my stuff is going on the east side of the building which means I'm going out East. At transfer meeting I found out that I was still going to be a district leader and that I am going to go to Littleton right next to my Greenie area in the Ken Caryl Ward. I then was given keys to a car and was told to drive. The drive through the pass is amazing. There are really deep canyons and it was nice to drive again. We got to the mission office at 7 that night. It was chaotic with everyone saying hi to one another so it took awhile to meet my new companion. His name is Elder Farley. He is from Indiana and loves sports. He doesn't talk much though. We finally got to Sister Dekle's house at about 8:30. We are living in her basement and it is actually pretty nice. I also found out that I am white-washing. This is essentially where you are two new elders and there is very little information about the ward.
A generation photo. My "step-son", my "Grandfather"
and me. Translation. Elder Young who
I follow-up trained, Elder Christensen
who is my trainers trainer, and me.

Wednesday Feb 11:
We spent most of Wednesday just reviewing our area book. We found that it hadn't been updated for the past transfer, but we found a list of peoples names that we should visit. We found the name of the Trejos family. The Trejos family was baptized last saturday. They were found in a Burger King bathroom by sister Alverez. She invited her to come to church and they came that Sunday. Since then they have been really receptive and accepted to be baptized. A night before the baptism the son ran away from home. Even with this devastating event, they still were determined to be baptized. That is some determination. We talked with Sister Alverez that day and set up an appointment for Saturday.

Thursday Feb 12:
Today was slow. This morning we put all the members in my GPS. It took a long time, but we have an updated list on the GPS of where everyone lives and whether they are active or not. After this I had a doctors appointment for an ingrown toenail. The doctor explained what I should do to heal it and prescribed some prescription. We then got a ride to the Pharmacy where they mentioned that they have not yet received the prescription (it had been two hours). So we started the two mile walk home. That night we tracted some and visited with members. Because we both don't know anyone we thought it best to visit with as many members as possible this first week.

Friday Feb 13: 6 Months | 25% through
Most of my district with Brother Smith.
Wow, this is crazy. I can't believe I am a quarter of the way through. It has gone by fast, but when I look back, I've come a long way. This morning we had a District leader meeting with the Zone Leaders. It got me excited for this transfer. I can't wait to try some new ideas for district meetings. Today we decided to just stop by members. We picked a neighborhood and stopped by active and less-active members. We got a few referrals and really got to know some of the members. That night sister Dekle took us to Texas Road House. She is really nice, but has an evil bird. We will be studying in the morning and it will sound like a crying kid yelling "Mom" with a few screeches. It is kind of funny because her two dogs hate the bird and start wimpering and barking at it when it starts to talk.

That night we met with the old ward mission leader brother Jones (everyone is related to him and his brother who is the stake president) He helped us out with who to visit. We then met with the new Ward Mission Leader Brother MacNicholas. He is great and is excited to get working. He also is very open to ideas and we got to discuss some great ideas for how to progress the ward and get members excited about misssionary work. His wife is also a non-member which makes it interesting considering he is the ward mission leader.

Saturday Feb 14:
Saturday morning we had a zone meeting. We were pleased to have the Assistants there along with Sister Murdock. We talked about progressing missionaries and also consecrating ourselves. At the end Sister Murdock bore her testimony of the importance of this work. Whenever she speaks it is very inspiring and it made me question whether I am really consecrating myself. I decided I can really improve, and that the only thing that is holding me back is probably fear of how people will react. They gave us a great talk about how to consecrate oneself and it suggested that the only way to overcome fear is just to do it. It won't improve over time and one won't magically get confidence. One must act and confront the fear they have. It was a great talk and I plan to start confronting those fears.

The Bookcliff elders with David and Michelle Berry.
 Ward Missionaries and amazing people
The rest of the day we just visited with members and less-actives until dinner with the Alverez family. They invited the Trejos family over and we got to meet them. The two daughters speak English fine, but the mother is a little slower. After Dinner we taught them a lesson on Charity and Service. Sister and Brother Alverez had to explain things to Sister Trejos in Spanish, but overall they seemed to really understand.

Sunday Feb 15:
Today was great. This morning we had Priesthood Executive meeting where we got to meet some of the ward leaders. We then had Sacrament meeting. During the last talk, the first counselor sent a deacon to come tell us that we would be bearing our testimony if the talk ended early. The last speaker ended about ten minutes early and we were called to come up and speak. This was probably the best thing for us to do in order to gain the trust of the members. After we spoke and we said the closing prayer, we were confronted by many members thanking us for bearing our testimony. I then talked with the chorister about doing a special musical number. She was excited because they haven't had one is a while. The rest of church went well.

After Church Brother MacNicholas and us discussed some ways we can improve missionary work in the ward. I suggested something we used in my last ward to keep track of everyone. He loved it and we decided on some ways to make this method even better. I can tell he really is excited to be the ward mission leader. We then went to see some less-actives and members, trying a few refferalls and then went to dinner. We had dinner with the Capeners who told us about a baptism by the mission office. The girl being baptized lives in our area with her mother, who is now interested, during the week. We got permission to go to it. It was a great baptism adn we got to meet the girl and her mother.

Monday Feb 16:
It snowed a ton last night. We got about a foot of snow and in the morning we shoveled the driveway along with a nieghbors. By the time we came out later there were 4 inches on top of it. On our way to email at the Family History Center we found out that the church building is closed for Carpet Cleaning. Because it is also President's day we couldn't email so we decided to go shopping, eat and do stuff at the church building. That night Sister Bennett took us to Olive Garden. She actually grew up the Murdocks and is best friends with Sister Murdock. When we got back home Elder Farley wasn't feeling well, so we stayed inside.

Overall it has been a wild crazy, but good week. I hope everyone is doing fine back home.

Also here is my new address.

Elder Dallin Pulsipher
7659 S Holland Way
Littleton, CO 80127

Till Next time,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher