Monday, March 2, 2015

Week 27 - Littleton, CO - Elder Farley

Hello Everyone. It has been a crazy week.

Tuesday Feb 10:
We had transfers today. I finished packing up and was told my stuff is going on the east side of the building which means I'm going out East. At transfer meeting I found out that I was still going to be a district leader and that I am going to go to Littleton right next to my Greenie area in the Ken Caryl Ward. I then was given keys to a car and was told to drive. The drive through the pass is amazing. There are really deep canyons and it was nice to drive again. We got to the mission office at 7 that night. It was chaotic with everyone saying hi to one another so it took awhile to meet my new companion. His name is Elder Farley. He is from Indiana and loves sports. He doesn't talk much though. We finally got to Sister Dekle's house at about 8:30. We are living in her basement and it is actually pretty nice. I also found out that I am white-washing. This is essentially where you are two new elders and there is very little information about the ward.
A generation photo. My "step-son", my "Grandfather"
and me. Translation. Elder Young who
I follow-up trained, Elder Christensen
who is my trainers trainer, and me.

Wednesday Feb 11:
We spent most of Wednesday just reviewing our area book. We found that it hadn't been updated for the past transfer, but we found a list of peoples names that we should visit. We found the name of the Trejos family. The Trejos family was baptized last saturday. They were found in a Burger King bathroom by sister Alverez. She invited her to come to church and they came that Sunday. Since then they have been really receptive and accepted to be baptized. A night before the baptism the son ran away from home. Even with this devastating event, they still were determined to be baptized. That is some determination. We talked with Sister Alverez that day and set up an appointment for Saturday.

Thursday Feb 12:
Today was slow. This morning we put all the members in my GPS. It took a long time, but we have an updated list on the GPS of where everyone lives and whether they are active or not. After this I had a doctors appointment for an ingrown toenail. The doctor explained what I should do to heal it and prescribed some prescription. We then got a ride to the Pharmacy where they mentioned that they have not yet received the prescription (it had been two hours). So we started the two mile walk home. That night we tracted some and visited with members. Because we both don't know anyone we thought it best to visit with as many members as possible this first week.

Friday Feb 13: 6 Months | 25% through
Most of my district with Brother Smith.
Wow, this is crazy. I can't believe I am a quarter of the way through. It has gone by fast, but when I look back, I've come a long way. This morning we had a District leader meeting with the Zone Leaders. It got me excited for this transfer. I can't wait to try some new ideas for district meetings. Today we decided to just stop by members. We picked a neighborhood and stopped by active and less-active members. We got a few referrals and really got to know some of the members. That night sister Dekle took us to Texas Road House. She is really nice, but has an evil bird. We will be studying in the morning and it will sound like a crying kid yelling "Mom" with a few screeches. It is kind of funny because her two dogs hate the bird and start wimpering and barking at it when it starts to talk.

That night we met with the old ward mission leader brother Jones (everyone is related to him and his brother who is the stake president) He helped us out with who to visit. We then met with the new Ward Mission Leader Brother MacNicholas. He is great and is excited to get working. He also is very open to ideas and we got to discuss some great ideas for how to progress the ward and get members excited about misssionary work. His wife is also a non-member which makes it interesting considering he is the ward mission leader.

Saturday Feb 14:
Saturday morning we had a zone meeting. We were pleased to have the Assistants there along with Sister Murdock. We talked about progressing missionaries and also consecrating ourselves. At the end Sister Murdock bore her testimony of the importance of this work. Whenever she speaks it is very inspiring and it made me question whether I am really consecrating myself. I decided I can really improve, and that the only thing that is holding me back is probably fear of how people will react. They gave us a great talk about how to consecrate oneself and it suggested that the only way to overcome fear is just to do it. It won't improve over time and one won't magically get confidence. One must act and confront the fear they have. It was a great talk and I plan to start confronting those fears.

The Bookcliff elders with David and Michelle Berry.
 Ward Missionaries and amazing people
The rest of the day we just visited with members and less-actives until dinner with the Alverez family. They invited the Trejos family over and we got to meet them. The two daughters speak English fine, but the mother is a little slower. After Dinner we taught them a lesson on Charity and Service. Sister and Brother Alverez had to explain things to Sister Trejos in Spanish, but overall they seemed to really understand.

Sunday Feb 15:
Today was great. This morning we had Priesthood Executive meeting where we got to meet some of the ward leaders. We then had Sacrament meeting. During the last talk, the first counselor sent a deacon to come tell us that we would be bearing our testimony if the talk ended early. The last speaker ended about ten minutes early and we were called to come up and speak. This was probably the best thing for us to do in order to gain the trust of the members. After we spoke and we said the closing prayer, we were confronted by many members thanking us for bearing our testimony. I then talked with the chorister about doing a special musical number. She was excited because they haven't had one is a while. The rest of church went well.

After Church Brother MacNicholas and us discussed some ways we can improve missionary work in the ward. I suggested something we used in my last ward to keep track of everyone. He loved it and we decided on some ways to make this method even better. I can tell he really is excited to be the ward mission leader. We then went to see some less-actives and members, trying a few refferalls and then went to dinner. We had dinner with the Capeners who told us about a baptism by the mission office. The girl being baptized lives in our area with her mother, who is now interested, during the week. We got permission to go to it. It was a great baptism adn we got to meet the girl and her mother.

Monday Feb 16:
It snowed a ton last night. We got about a foot of snow and in the morning we shoveled the driveway along with a nieghbors. By the time we came out later there were 4 inches on top of it. On our way to email at the Family History Center we found out that the church building is closed for Carpet Cleaning. Because it is also President's day we couldn't email so we decided to go shopping, eat and do stuff at the church building. That night Sister Bennett took us to Olive Garden. She actually grew up the Murdocks and is best friends with Sister Murdock. When we got back home Elder Farley wasn't feeling well, so we stayed inside.

Overall it has been a wild crazy, but good week. I hope everyone is doing fine back home.

Also here is my new address.

Elder Dallin Pulsipher
7659 S Holland Way
Littleton, CO 80127

Till Next time,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher