Monday, March 2, 2015

Week 28 - Littleton, CO - Let it Snow!!

Hello everyone. It has been a slow week here in Littleton and full of snow. 

Tuesday Feb 17: 
Due to the holiday we had to go email on Tuesday. That night we went to go teach the Trejo family. They were just baptized. The two daughters speak perfect english and love answering questions. The mother doesn't understand it entirely so we had to speak slow, loud, and clear. It was a little odd, but luckily we brought with us sister Alverez who speaks fluent Spanish. Overall it went really well.

Wednesday Feb 18:
This morning we walked about two miles to district meeting. We were going to ride bikes but found that Elder Farleys bike's tire was flat so we just walked. District meeting went very well. I think I'm starting to get a hang of being a district leader. We also have a great district this transfer which will make the meetings even better. The rest of the day we tracted and tried some less-actives. We finally were able to set up some appointments with people, which was nice.

Elder Farley in the Snow.
Thursday Feb 19:
We had interviews with president on Thursday. We had a zone meeting with the Assistants and president and sister murdock. During the meeting everyone had their interview with president. My interview went well. He said he sent me to this area to uplift it. He mentioned that the area hasn't has been suffering since he has gotten there and trusted that Elder Farley and I can make it a model area. During the training we learned a new skill. Recently we have been getting a lot more skills to use for missionary work. This new skill is making the Book of Mormon more appealing to someone who has never heard of it. We read through half of the first chapter and apply it directly to them. It is a great method and it just got me really excited about trying it. The rest of the day we did some service, tracted, and visited with members.

Friday Feb 20:
It was a very slow day. We had weekly planning and decided to look through all the teaching records and potentials to find people we can try. It was very long but we were able to set up some appointments with people. We even set up an appointment with a pasture for tomorrow. He apparently has taken some interest and doesn't want to bash with us. Other than that the day was quite slow. That night we started exchanges with the Chatfield Elders, my first area.

Saturday Feb 21:
this is when the blizzard hit. It turned from a
 light snow to a blizzard quite literally a minute.
Being back in Chatfield for a day was very odd/nice. The first thing we did was help move someone out. It was one of those moves where nothing was packed up before hand, so most of the ward was there, which was great because I got to see everyone again. I decided to stay silent and see if people would recognize me and sure enough people came up to say hi. We then tried some people who I had tried back when I was in the area. Right before I left there was a lady who we tracted into. (Refer to Sept 28 2014) She called us one night saying her husband was missing and asking what she should do. I told if she felt her husband was in danger call the police. The last I heard of them was that her husband was in the hospital and that they were fine. When we went by on Saturday They both were doing well. In fact the elders in that ward had met her at a dinner with her daughter who just moved into the ward. I think they have made friends with people in the ward. It was kind of cool to see what happens 6 months later.

About an hour before dinner a blizzard hit. I will send some pictures of it. We decided that it would be best just to go to dinner early because we were close. After dinner the snow let up a little and we went to go see Kurt and Carrie. Kurt was an investigator I put on date back in Chatfield. We never did get baptized but he goes to church every week with his wife and son, and he has a calling. It was great to see them and I could tell they both have progressed quite a bit. I also found out just how stiff and timid I was in that area. Carrie mentioned that I seemed a lot more relaxed. 
 More snow. We got 12 inches in one day.
Sunday Feb 22:
In case you haven't heard already, church was cancelled in Littleton. We got about a foot of snow and it was way to dangerous to get on the roads. We decided to get together with some other elders and shovel other people's driveways. It was fun actually. Other than that we were basically home-bound for the day.

This area has been very slow, but I trust that as we are putting in the work and effort we will have success. I have already seen our district lifting a little. Another one of the area's in the district witnessed a lot of miracles this week. They taught twice as many lessons and found 7 new investigators, which hardly ever happens. I'm excited to be here, but hope the snow that is coming this week will not be to bad. Elder Farley and I are getting along great and he has opened up a lot more.

Have a great week everyone,

Elder Dallin S Pulsipher