Monday, March 2, 2015

Week 29 - Littleton, CO

Hello Everyone. It was a slow week for the entire mission. We got a lot of snow and it has been very very cold.

Monday Feb 23:
It was an interesting day. We went to the family history center to find that a funeral was going on and the internet was done. In fact it is still done so I'm emailing at the library, which honestly isn't to bad. After emailing and shopping we went bowling. It was fun and there are some pretty good elders. That night we tried a few less-actives and then taught our ward mission leader's family about the Book of Mormon. We have this new Book of Mormon method that the church has given our mission. It gets people excited to read the Book of Mormon.

Tuesday Feb 24:
Today we had an exchange with the Dakota Ridge elders. I went with Elder Anderson in our area. There was really three major things that happened on this day. 
Elder Farley and I
  1. We met with a baptist preacher in his church. He was a former investigator and when we called him to see if he would be interested in another lesson he immediately said yes. This first time we didn't get to teach him but got to know eachother a little more. He basically said that he would like to hang-out more than anything, so we will only go a few more times and see if he will listen to lessons. He did however explain the reformation very simply and explained where all the different Christian church claim the authority lies. It was interesting.
  2. We met with a less-active family who said they would like to start coming back to church. We explianed that we could help them get there and set up an appointment.
  3. We taught our Recent Converts the Trejos about the Book of Mormon using our new method. It went perfectly. By the end they were really excited to start reading. When we asked them how long it would take to read 500 pages, they said 5 days. Funny thing is, they really weren't kiding.
Wednesday Feb 25:
It was a very uneventful day. All our appointments fell through, so we went to do some service with the YSA elders at a place called the Action Center. It is essentially like a bishops storehouse for the Community. They provide cheap food for people struggling. When we came out it was a snow storm. It snowed just as much as it did on Sunday. It took a long time to get home and by the time we got back we just had to go straight to dinner. We had dinner with the Connelly family. They are very funny and entertaining. We stayed there for a while to let the storm pass over. We wouldn't have been able to get out and work. They took us to an 8PM member lesson with the Larsens. They are a great family and helped us out a lot this week.

Thursday Feb 26:
It was another snowy day. It was one of those days where everything annoys you. I had to cancel district meeting due to the weather. Even the school's were cancelled. We decided to just shovel snow in the morning and try some people in the afternoons. Unfortunately everyone who doesn't shovel their driveway doesn't mind driving over the snow making it very hard to shovel because the tracks are solid ice. On the way to visit a few members we met a lady shoveling her driveway. We were walking on one side of the road, but I felt like we should offer to help. She said yes, so we went back and grab our shovels. We talked a little as we shoveled and we gave her our card at the end of it. She was very appreciative.  We then decided to just go around between members and offer to help people and shovel member's driveways. 

At dinner with the Connellys, there wild dog
 found my coat to be a very comfortable pillow.
That night we taught the Trejos. The lesson was ok, but they told us that they had read 14 chapters in just two days. It was amazing. They really are soaking up the gospel.

Friday Feb 27:
IT was another slow day. We taught a less-active sister in our ward the Book of Mormon skill. It was hard because she has a 1 year old who gets into everything and a 4 year-old who won't stop talking. We plan to teach her in a members home who can babysit the children. We then went home to do our weekly planning session. We took a little bit longer than usual. We discussed ways we can improve and I also found out that Elder Farley wants to become a better missionary. It is a huge blessing to have someone who is willing to change. Few people are really completely open to try and improve. 

That night for dinner was interesting, and very entertaining. We tried to call them but they never answered so we just showed up. It made her a little mad that we showed up "unexpected", but they were in the middle of making dinner anyways. This family is very funny and spunky. She explained that she was just trying to make it into my journal and that it is her one goal to make it into missionaries journals. It was all very funny and entertaining.
Saturday Feb 28: Doug Farrington's Baptism
 I have basically been wearing this the past two weeks.
It was actually a pretty good day. The zone-leaders called me and told me we had to have our district meeting so we scheduled it for 8AM. The meeting went very well. I gave a training on fear and how it stops us from doing things that we should do as missionaries. It went very well. We then had the chance to try some of the farther people in our ward. Our ward mission leader, Brother MacNicholas took us around and we were able to meet with two families and make contact with another person. Later that day went tracting around our dinner, the Campbells. When we got there we saw brother Campbell shoveling, so we helped him out. While tracting we found two potentials, one we have an appointment withtomorrow. The rest of the night after dinner was visiting members both less-actives and active members. Also Doug Farrington, an investigator I found and taught in my last area, was baptized. At least I think he was. I haven't heard any confirmation yet that he was, but he was pretty solid and really wanted to be baptized.

Sunday March 1:
It was a good Sunday. We actually had church; it wasn't cancelled. We had a great fast and testimony meeting. The Centers who are leaving on a mission this next week also got a chance to speak. They have some great testimonies and conversion stories. Brother Center's life was terrible up until he was 19. He was at his lowest when he got a knock on the door from two missionaries. He was baptized 4 weeks later. It is amazing to see how Heavenly Father humbles us or allows us to be humbled to the point when we are ready to accept the gospel. One thing I've learned the most since I've been out is that a humble heart is definitely on the most valuable qualities.

Because church was cancelled last week, we didn't have a chance to pass around our dinner calender. When we got it back at the end of church, the Larsen's offered to feed us. It was sudden but a huge blessing. That night we went to the Shaw's to teach an 8PM member lesson and also for me to practice "Savior Redeemer of my soul". I'll be singing it next Sunday accompanied by sister Shaw.

Overall it was a slow week, but eventful. I just want it to stop snowing. Luckily this week we have a lot of set appointments. I hope you all have a great week and feel better if you are ill.

Till next time,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher