Friday, March 13, 2015

Week 30 - Littleton, CO

It was a long week. Yet very short.

Monday & Tuesday Mar 2-3:
It was not a good two days. I was a little stressed on Monday, because we were just going and going without stopping and were late to some things. Tuesday Elder Farley wasn't feeling well so we had to cancel all of our appointments. We had two appointments with new people and we haven't been able to get into contact with them since. That night we were able to go teach a less-active about how to use the Book of Mormon better. I think I've gotten better at this lesson and it has really been getting people excited.

Wednesday Mar 4:
We woke up at about 4AM to go to the Temple Wednesday morning. It was great to finally go to the Temple after about 6 months. It was kind of cool because our entire district was everyone in the session. Afterwards we all went home to eat and get ready for district meeting. This week I trained on the new Book of Mormon skill. It went well and I think I have been getting better at giving trainings. It is kind of fun.

After lunch we went to go teach a John, he has taken lessons in the past but neither one of us know why missionaries stopped going. We figured we would teach him the Book of Mormon and how to use it better. That night we went around with Brother MacNicholas, our ward mission leader, in the valley, the farthest part of the area, to try some people. He explained some of the history. The entire valley was owned by this family who owned this mansion. Picture is attached of the mansion. To let people know they were there at the ranch, they would light a huge bombfire(eventually became a lighted flag pole) so that people in Denver could see. If you saw the light you knew you could go out there.  After that we had an 8PM active member lesson with the Sheffields who tried to be hard investigators. It was fun.

Thursday Mar 5:
Today was ok. I was on exchanges with Elder Rosas the zone leader. That morning I practiced with Sister Shaw the musical number for Sunday. After lunch we decided to go tracting. Every door we hit answered and was antagonistic. It was odd. We deemed it Apostate Alley, or Gentile Corner. It didn't really help to that I was already really anxious and nervous about tracting. It has been happening a lot lately. I get really nervous and anxious about tracting, even though though everything will be fine. For dinner we went to Feddy's Burgers with Brother Gleave. He has gone out with missionaries before and knows a lot of people. We were able to go through our area book and find the most potential people. We also went through the ward directory and found who might have the most potential.

Friday Mar 6:
Today wasn't a very good day. I found out that Elder Farley had something happen back home, which is why he was ill. I realized that I had been too harsh about it and felt guilty all day. I think I pushed his limits when he told me what happened. It was a long day of reflection on what I can do to be better, more kind, more considerate, and just understanding what I need to improve on.

Saturday Mar 7:
It was a great day, and we finally got some success. That morning we went to help a former investigator organize some papers. When we got there he explained where he was at, and that he wanted to be baptized but is trying to address his two major hold ups. We went over some things with him and hopefully addressed some of his concerns. On Saturday we also met a Kirstin. She is a referrell from some members two doors down. She was very nice, and was probably the most relaxed and open person I've met on my mission with the exception of Doug who was baptized two Saturdays ago. She said that she would take the lessons and might come to church if she has time. Right after that I was about to jump for joy. We couldn't wait to tell the Larsen's, who gave us the referall.

Sunday Mar 8: Daylight Savings.
I'd just have to say that Daylight savings is better for a missionary, but the beginning of it is very hard. We had a meeting at 7, which meant 6. Which meant we woke up at 5 to get ready. It is good because we have light in the evenings and can tract. People tend to shut off when it gets dark. 

In Church I sang, "Savior Redeemer of My Soul" accompanied by Sister Shaw. It went very well and a lot of people came up to say good job, which is better than the last time I sang it. We were also in the Sacrament Meeting Program, with our bios. After church we put together a database of the members and investigators. It was a tool from my last area that really helped. It basically has all the info that someone would need as a missionary. It also makes it easier for new missionaries coming in.

I can't believe that I am almost (by one day) Twenty. A lot has happened. I'm still struggling with the fact that I am in the 20's. It is odd, but exciting.

I hope you all had a great week.

Till next time,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher