Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Week 31 - Littleton, CO - Happy Birthday 20 years

Hello Everyone. It was a great week and birthday.

Tuesday March 10: 20th Birthday!
My birthday was excellent. It is crazy that I'm 20. It feels odd that I'm leaving the teenage years and moving into the decade I will get married, graduate from college, get a job, and probably have a kid or two.

Happy Birthday Dallin
The day started off with a text from a the Stadlemans, saying that they were dropping something off in 5 minutes. I went outside to see a chocolate bunt cake with a note saying Surprise, from Mom, Paul, Jacob, Julianne, Madeline, and David. It was a huge surprise and was  a great start to my day. The rest of my day was great. We had the most success we had all transfer. We started by teaching Mariel. She is a less-active in our ward. The lesson went very well. After lunch we then went to go teach a pastuer of a baptist church. The lesson went well. He kept on jumping ahead and kept on asking when Moroni comes in. We also got a referral for a family that wants to be taught, and we taught our recent converts the Trejos that night. On a mission you really don't tell people it is your birthday, so we just had a normal dinner planned. At dinner we had BBQ chicken pizza, which is my favorite. They had no idea. 

Blowing out Birthday Candles
For my birthday I got candy, skittles, oreos, a new camera, and a time-chart history of the world. I couldn't stop staring at it. It includes the entire history of the world with biblical accounts and Book of Mormon accounts. I also got many letters from family and friends. Thank you all for the gifts and letters. It made my day.

Wednesday March 11:
We had exchanges today. I was with Elder Vaenuku (vie-new kew) from America Samoa. In fact he is from the same village as Elder Niue. The day went fine. He was fun to talk to and is a convert of 3 years. He just came out. The day was actually really slow, but good nonetheless.

Thursday March 12:
This morning we had district meeting. It went ok, but wasn't the best. We spent most of the day trying former investigators and less-active in one neighborhood. That night we went around with Brother Gleave to try some people in the farther reaches of our area. We tried t
The Columbine Zone

o see a sister in our ward but ended up meeting her non-member parents. They have an interesting story. He was in the army after 5 years after WWII in Japan. He met a girl there and they managed to get married a year later. They have been all over the world and they have been married 63 years. That is crazy. We then had an 8PM lesson with the bishop.

Friday March 13: 7 Month mark
It was an interesting day. Elder Farley has had terrible allergies because the weather decided to heat up this week to the 50-80 degrees. It has been great weather, but there has been this virus that gives you a sore throught and only that. We managed to teach Mariel again but after that we had to go home because Elder Farley was doing so bad. That night we went to teach the Trejos. It was mostly me, because Elder Farley was kind of out of it. During the lesson we got a knock on the door. The daughter answered it and it turned out it was the other missionaries in the Dakota Ridge ward. They got a referral from the Trejos requesting DVD's. They were not expecting to see missionaries when they knocked on the door. They stayed and helped teach the lesson.

My Birthday Cake from Mom.
Saturday March 14:
It was a good/bad/good day. This morning we had a zone meeting on the new Easter Initiative the church is coming out with. There will be another video and website like last year. The video is actually pretty good.  We also as a mission will be sacrificing two things for the next two transfers or until the end of May. We will only be drinking water (which means no cereal because that has milk) and we will be skipping Saturday lunches. We are doing this to really dedicate ourselves to baptize in May. I'm a little nervous about the Saturday lunches, but the water should be easy. After the meeting Elder Farley still wasn't feeling well so we went home. Luckily by dinner time he was feeling better. Sister Savage in our ward took us to Sushi. It was great to finally have some sushi again. She was very nice to take us to that. We have some awesome members.

Sunday March 15:
By the end of Sunday I was wiped out. We had PEC early in the morning and then church. Luckily Mariel came for the first time in a while. After church we tried some formers and less-actives and people we found in the area book with no info. We were able to tie up some loose ends. Luckily we stopped in on a member who offered to feed us. Our dinner had something come up so they had to cancel. Sister Alvarez offered to feed us two hours before dinner. The dinner was the Jones family get together. There is a huge family here in Littleton called the Jones. It is two brothers and all of their children and grandchildren. It seems like everyone is related to them. They also have this challange where if all the adults in the family who memorize the Living Christ before June get to go on a trip. It was cool. We then went tracting the rest of the day. 

Overall it was a good week. Really good at the beginning and slow at the end, but overall good. I hope you are all doing well and thanks again for all the birthday gifts, cards, and wishes.

Till Next time,