Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 32- Littleton, CO

Hello everyone. It has been an amazing week with a huge miracle at the end of it.

Tuesday March 17:
It was a hard day. It wasn't that we had a bad day, I was just very very tired. In fact that morning during companionship study I suggested we come up with a new lesson to teach the members tieing into the new Because He Lives video the church is coming out with this Sunday on . I was so tired I was just talking to myself and repeating myself. I really don't remember what I was saying but Elder Farley thought it was pretty funny. On Tuesday we also met with Mark the Baptist Preacher. It was an interesting lesson. He had some crazy questions and even combined a few of the typical crazy questions together. I guess he had a friend in high school who was LDS who told him these things. Other than that it was a long day of tracting and visiting members.

Wednesday March 18:
The week started picking up on Wednesday. That morning we went to a meeting for the entire mission on the Metro-side of our mission. It was on housing and keeping clean. I was grateful that I got to come home to a clean place. I have been blessed with a companion who is clean. We decided to do some service on Wednesday and went to a place called the ARC. It is a thrift store who donates part of their proceeds to charity. 

My New Brother
The Owner is a member and told us his conversion story. Basically he requested a VHS from the church. Missionaries stopped by and his wife told them to leave and never come back. They came back two days later and the same response was given. Finally a few more days later Ed was there and allowed them to come in. From there he was baptized and eventually the rest of his extended family. IT really was a lesson on following-up.

For dinner we went to the Holmes. It is funny because everyone thinks/mistakes me for a Holme boy. I could fit right into their family. After dinner due to the sudden rain we got, we helped them move some things in their son's new place.

Thursday March 19:
We started the day off with our last district meeting of the Transfer. Sister Caisey who is finishing her mission on Tuesday gave a great training of the desire to work hard. After district meeting we went to teach one of our investigators. We taught him the restoration and at the end invited him to be baptized. He said yes, but said that he had already been baptized. We then explained that our baptism is done by immersion and done by someone holding the priesthood authority of God. He still said yes, but is not on any specific date. Leaving there I was thrilled. He was a former investigator and we don't know why he was dropped. The rest of the day was spent updating our database, and visiting people.

District Picture before transfers
Friday March 20:
We started with weekly planning and made some plans for this next transfer which is on Tuesday. We have found that most of the people in our area we have taught have been member referrals. Our entire area has been tracted a few times a year and we have found that visiting members and tracting their streets has been the most effective work. Also finding out where everyone stands on the ward list. We right now know more about the less-active members than most people. Using this database we have been able to gather information from members and put it all in one spot. It has been very effective.

The day was slow with some tracting and visiting people. We had dinner with sister Dekle who we are living with. After dinner I decided to make a Blue Velvet cake I got from Dad. While making it the bag exploded and I got cake mix all over me. Luckily there was still plenty of cake mix so I was able to make the cake. It was good, but unfortunately I didn't take a picture of the cake mix all over me.

Saturday March 21:
We got a lot done today. We went to a baptism in the morning and then went to go teach a referral we got. When we got there the parents weren't home. Due to some miscommunication they thought we weren't coming so we set up an appointment on Sunday. We also went to our ward mission leaders house to discuss some ideas for the ward mission. We are breaking the ward up into 4 groups and are going to assign 2-3 ward missionaries to each part. We have some really good ideas for the work in this ward and we are starting to implement them.

Sunday March 22:
It was an amazing day and a great miracle happened. Church was great and our meeting went well but right after church we went to our referral the Bernal family to teach. They invited us in and we started to teach them. It is a wife, husband, and son who will be taking the lessons. We taught them the restoration and they asked some good questions. At the end we invited them to be baptized and they all said, "Yes!" We also put them on date for April 25th. They apparently had taken some lessons in the past in another state but the missionaries stopped coming by. When they moved a work colleague of his asked him if he wanted to go to church and meet with missionaries. They accepted and waited I guess two months before we finally got the referral. They are all really excited to be baptized and have expressed that they are ready to give up things to join. After this lesson and lunch (they fed us) I was through the roof with excitment and joy. I was so excited and just ready to get out and do more.

Overall it was a great week. In fact it was a great week for the entire district. We put 10 people on date this week for April 25. We also hit all the goals we had for this transfer. Also Transfers are tomorrow and Elder Farley and I are both staying, so I will be able to go through the entire process with the Bernals and hopefully be there for their baptism if they make it.

I hope you all have a great week,

Elder Dallin S Pulsipher