Monday, April 27, 2015

Week 36 - Littleton CO

Monday April 13: 8 Month Mark
We had a good preparation day. After P-day we went to go help a lady in our ward move some wood. Having forgotten a change of clothes I worked in my proselyting clothes. I had dirt all over me. After this little service project we went to teach an 8PM member lesson with the Johansens. It turns out that sister Johansen is actually my 5th cousin once removed. She is a descendant of Elias Pulsipher who was Daniel's brother.

Plan of Salvation
Tuesday April 14:
It was a great day. We spent a few hours helping out some of the elderly sisters in our ward mowing lawns. Right in the middle of the day I also went to go practice singing for zone conference the next day. That night we ended up teaching three lessons, with the Trejos, Mariel (who is becoming more active), and John and Kelsey. The Trejos lesson was interesting because it was the Law of Chastity and we were with a bunch of girls. To relief some of the awkwardness we used For the Strength of Youth and tied in principles from that. 

Wednesday April 15:
We had zone conference today. I always love zone conference. They are uplifting and inspiring especially this one. There really wasn't anything new but it was just a very spiritual meeting. I ended up being a little late for a District Leader Meeting before hand because traffic was terrible. It took 40 minutes to get there when it should have taken 20. We started the zone conference off with me, sister Knecht, Elder Taviuni, and Elder Krieder on paino, singing "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing". The overall topic was consecration. They took an analogy of how water boils at 212 degrees and not at 211. We must put forth that 1 degree to consecrate ourselves.

After conference we got stuck in traffic for about an hour, which through off the rest of our schedule, luckily we didn't have any set appointments that it interfered with. That night we also had an 8PM member lesson with the Broussard's (they apparently know the Walker family in Idaho because their daughter married one of them, and the Shepherds who used to live here) It was cool that we had those connections.

Thursday April 16:
We started the day off with a district meeting. It was one of the best ones I've done. I had Elder Lin give a training and he did a great job. I then gave a training on how the Holy Ghost is involved in missionary work and conversion. I made a diagram with it which I'll send sometime. The rest of the day included service, tracting, and contacting referrals. Luckily our ward is doing a great job with giving us referrals. 

That night we went taught John and Kelsey again. It was an interesting lesson in that we had John and Kelsey, and the Meyer teenagers only. We had a lesson on the Law of Chastity and used For the Strength of Youth. The lesson went really well and Kelsey mentioned that we taught it well because she didn't feel awkward about it. At the end of the lesson we asked Kelsey if she thought May 2nd would be a good date for her. She thought for a moment and decided that she would commit to May 30th. Usually when we put someone on date for baptism we don't expect them to be fully committed or even make their date. The fact that she set the date herself was great news. She was actually really excited about it afterwards.

Friday April 17: Happy Birthday Madeline!
Friday was an okay day. We started off with a great weekly planning session. We discussed how we can progress our investigators, and what we would need to do to help them and to improve our missionary work. I'm getting along great with Elder Farley. He is actually really funny which lightens things up sometimes.

Lehi's Dream
After planning we headed to go teach Boyd. He was a potential investigator we found over a month ago. When we met with him we soon found out that he just wanted to prove us wrong and say how we can only be saved by grace. It would have been a great lesson if he would have let us talk. Instead he just pulled scriptures out and tried to prove us wrong also known as "Bible Bashing" except from one direction. Luckily we were able to get out of there quickly. He was nice about everything but not receptive at all.

Saturday April 18:
It was an interesting day. Saturday morning are hard to plan for. People aren't receptive in the mornings so we usually just try some people. We went to Brother Slowcum's house and had a long discussion on morals and standards. It is interesting to see his perspective on teenagers and youth today. We then went tracting in these town homes. It was odd because no one answered the door. People answered the previous week in this neighborhood, but it was cold on Saturday and no one was home. The only person who answered turned out to be a member who had just moved into the area. The odds of that are very small.

We then had a lesson with the Bernals who are on date for May 3. They really are an awesome family. They are so humble and willing to accept this gospel and commandments associated with it. They also have great questions. We taught them the ten Commandments, the Sabbath Day, and the Law of Chastity. It was a great lesson. It looks like they will make their date.

That night while eating in a Chinese restaurant it started to downpour. My in-grown toes also started hurting. Luckily we were able to get a ride home from our ward mission leader. Another interesting note is that my fortune cookie had a Chinese word on it Yǔ which means "Rain".

Sunday April 19:
It was another awesome day. Church was great. We only had four of our investigators show up but everyone else who couldn't make it was either out of time or ill. For third hour we also taught in Young Women's about the Restoration. It was a great lesson because we got a lot of participation.

After church we went to go teach the Bernals. We taught them the Law of Tithing and Fasting. I was personally a little nervous about this lesson. It was the last commitment and sometimes people can get overwhelmed. However when we taught it, they were saying that it makes sense and that they are prepared to pay an honest tithe. Basically all they have left before their baptism is two more lessons and their interviews. I can't wait and they can't wait. I then went to go do a baptismal interview for an investigator in another ward. Our entire district is actually lifting. We have had only a few baptisms in the last few years but now we have 7 planned within the next two weeks.

Overall it was a good week. It was cold near the end and we got some rain mixed with snow. I hope all is well back home. Have a great week.

Till next time,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Week 35 - Littleton CO

Hello everyone. This was a good week.

Tuesday April 7:
It was a long day. I had a large meeting at the mission office. It was for all the District Leaders and zone leaders, focusing on how to be better leaders. The meeting was good. For district meetings I have to give one training each meeting. Usually I get to decide what the topic will be but recently they changed it to where I am given the topic. At first I didn't like this but after looking at it more, it just makes my job easier and allows me to have better trainings. Unfortunately Elder Farley wasn't feeling too well the rest of the day.

Wednesday April 8:
From left to right: John, me, Kelsey, Elder Moncur, Zack
We had exchanges with Chatfield on Wednesday. I was with Elder Moncur in our area. The day was slow with us trying people. I have made a goal to visit with every member before the end of the transfer. One thing we focused on this week is visiting less-active members. We actually only have a few left to visit. Our ward is small, but we have a lot of active members. That night we had dinner with a former spy. He wasn't a field agent but was more of a logistics collector. It was pretty cool. After dinner we had a lesson with our two new investigators John and Kelsey. They are awesome. They are progressing well and Kelsey is getting ready for baptism on May 2. We had a lesson on the tree of life and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It went well and you can tell they really are trying to find out if this is the truth. During the lesson we brought up if John had thought more about baptism. When he said he felt he wasn't ready a huge lighting strike happened accompanied with loud thunder. It took him aback a little and everyone else in the lesson said, "Wrong answer" and "That's your answer." The forecast was not predicting a thunderstorm, but we got one.

Thursday April 9:
It was a long and hard day. We started off with a district meeting. IT went well and I trained on our purpose as missionaries. One of the things I liked about the meeting we had on Tuesday was an explanation of our mission vision to have one baptism and reactivation per month per companionship. They explained this promise as this; You shouldn't expect to get one baptism every single month, but rather 12 baptisms over the course of 12 months. Looking back and assuming the people in our area who are on date are baptized, I will have reached that promise by the end of this transfer.

The rest of the day we walked around this large neighborhood called the ranch. We tried almost everyone. By the end of the day my legs were very very sore. No one was really receptive but at the end of that day we were able to get into a home and teach someone.
We were in the valley when we
say about 7 dear in someones front lawn.
We got within touching distance

Friday April 10:
It was another hard day for me. By the end I was physically and emotionally tired. Elder Farley has been transferred a lot recently. It has been for different reasons each time, but it has gotten to the point where he has a hard time caring or loving people in our area because he thinks he will get transferred again. This isn't necessarily him choosing not to but rather him trying not to be hurt when he leaves I think. This combined with his quietness causes me to make most decisions and to take on more of the work. This sometimes stresses me out a little. I feel sorry for him and hope he opens up a little more.

Anyways, today I practiced for a song that some other missionaries and I will be singing at Zone Conference this Wednesday. Singing was luckily stress relieving and was fun. One of the elders I am singing with makes it fun. One of the other sisters singing also might be closely related to me. Her last name is Shoemaker (which really isn't that common) and Grandpa Stiles line has Shoemakers.

Saturday April 11:
I spent the day with the Zone Leaders on exchanges. Luckily they have a car so it was nice to sit a lot. We did some tracting, visits, and some service. Not much happened but it was a good day. Sometimes it is nice to take a break from your own area. Our zone leaders, Elder Morgan and Elder Rosas, are actually training a new missionary from Tonga, Elder Ika. He is funny and said that he may know Grandma and Grandpa Pulsipher. He lives not to far from the Liohona school and remembers some missionaries doing some of his dental work a few years back. He is funny and says the most random things.

Meanwhile back in our area, Elder Farley and Elder Rosas had a few lessons and found some potentials. One of the lessons was with the Bernals the family getting baptized on May 2. The lesson went well and it turns out that a member of our ward is the 14 year-old boy's teacher at school.

Sunday April 12:
This was one of the best days on my mission.
It started off with Ward Council in the morning where bishop praised us for the work we were doing. We then had sacrament meeting. We were expecting the Bernals, John, and Kelsey to come, but only John and Kelsey came. Since the Bernals weren't there it meant that they wouldn't be able to go to church 3 times before baptism and the date would be pushed back. That also means I wouldn't be there for it. Luckily John and Kelsey made it. After sacrament meeting I looked at the phone and found that there were a lot of messages from the Bernals. It turns out they attended to wrong sacrament meeting (which happened to have an area presidency speaking at). We finally got them to come to our ward by the middle of second hour. You should have seen the members. They were so excited. I was excited. When the Bernals came it took about 20 minutes to get them to the last 10 minutes of class because member after member flocked to the Bernals. Luckily they liked that. In Gospel Priciples we usually have about 5 people, but instead this time we had about 20. An investigator from the other ward attended our ward, because he couldn't attend the other time that day. He actually made the class very good with his comments. At the end of church the Bernals, John and Kelsey loved it.

That was just the start of the day. The rest of the day was good ending with a lesson with John and Kelsey. When we got to the house we were teaching them at, Kelsey's mother was there too to listen. She expressed some interest and was fully supportive of her daughter taking the lessons. It was great.

Overall it was a great week. It truely is a blessing to be out here and to love the people. Each area I have learned to love the people even more. I have decided this week that I don't care where I go or how often I get transferred. I will try my best to love the people.

Till next time,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher

Monday, April 13, 2015

Week 34 - Littleton, CO

Hello Everyone. It was a week full of miracles. Unfortunatley I am convinced that my body is falling apart.

Monday March 30:
During P-day we got a text from a member saying that she has two new investigators for us that want to be taught. After P-day we got home ate dinner and took off to go tracting. Unfortunately because of my in-grown toenail I was limping there. It was very stupid on my part because of what happened that night.

Tuesday March 31:
In the middle of the night I got a charlie horse and pulled a muscle. I actually yelled out in pain and woke up Elder Farley. Because of this I couldn't walk. I was hopping around everywhere all day. We thought it best to stay home and recover. Luckily by dinner I could limp walk. We did however have an appointment that night, so I didn't have to walk much or far.

Wednesday April 1:
On Wednesday morning we got to go to the Temple. It is a huge blessing to go to the temple and have it so close to where I live and to even have it in the mission. After that I took it easy until a doctors appointment for my in-grown toenails. They basically told me the same thing as last time, but I got some anti-biotics for it. We then went to do some service at the ARC. That night we ended up teaching those two new investigators. They are two high-schoolers. One of them has actually been taught before and the other has a lot of member friends. We actually invited them to be baptized and one of them accepted a date of May 2!

Thursday April 2:
So on Thursday I woke up with really bad allergies, to the point where I couldn't talk very well. We had zone meeting in the morning and the rest of the day I was not feeling well at all.

Friday April 3:
My allergies got worse and I really couldn't talk at all. A small cold might have been mixed in with them. Luckily we had a lot of appointments so we were able to get rides to them and teach. It was actually more of Elder Farley teaching because I really couldn't talk. It was hard though because I love teaching and just really wanted to say stuff. I managed to basically say brief sentences here and there.

Saturday April 4:
Saturday was a great day. I still wasn't feeling any better but General Conference was awesome. My favorite talks were Elder Eyring's in Priesthood Session and Elder Hollands in the Sunday Morning. If you have not heard Elder Hollands, watch it as soon as possible. It was a great talk. After the first session we had a lesson with the Bernals, the family we have on date. It was a great lesson on the Book of Mormon. We read the first chapter showing them how to read scripture. They loved it and were ready to read more. After the next session we taught our two new investigators. It turns out they read 5 chapters. For dinner that night we actually had dinner with a less-active member whose active daughter who is visiting signed up. It went well and he thanked us at the end.

Sunday April 5: Happy Easter
After the first session of conference we went to teach the Bernals again. When we got there they shared that they have received answers about whether they should join or not. The mom actually said she wasn't interested but decided to pray about the truthfulness of this. She actually got an answer at work the next day. The father had a similar experience when he was buying groceries they got a random 80% discount on there food and took that to be an answer. It is a huge blessing to teach this family. They are so committed and I can't wait for their baptism.

For dinner that night we got invited to the Wonnacotts. They are actually the in-laws to Jimmer Fredette, but he was not there. They had a ton of great food. Sister Wonnacotts mother tried to get me to sing, but because of my voice I said I couldn't. I ended up singing and playing piano. She doesn't give up. 

Overall it was a good week. We didn't really get out much but were able to teach more lessons than any other week in this area. I hope you all had a great Easter

Till next time,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher

Monday, April 6, 2015

Week 33 - Littleton, CO

It was a tough week. We had transfers and usually when transfers happen, not much else happens.

Tuesday March 24: Transfer 6
Today was transfers. Elder Farley and I are both staying. We woke up at about 5:15 and got ready for transfers at 6:30. Transfers were long but good. Every missionary leaving gets up and bears their testimony in front of everyone. This takes about two hours. We had three changes to our district. For the first time one elder in our district missed the transfer train. He wasn't told he was going out west and found out when he needed to leave. So he stayed another day and President Murdock took him out the next day. I guess there was one really confused elder out west.

After transfers we had the chance to go with another elder in his car while he waited for his companion out west. We tried some people until dinner. After dinner we did a church tour with the Trejos, the recent converts in our ward. It went great. We took them to see the family history center, and they had no idea that you could do family history. They were really excited about that. We will take them next week to get their family history started. That night we also had an 8PMlesson with the Cardons. We got to show the Because He lives video the church has produced for the Easter Initiative. If you haven't already seen it go to

Wednesday March 25: 
It was an odd day, as far as weather goes. It has been very nice out lately, but it just decided to snow hard and rain hard simultaneously. This created this odd slush everywhere. Today we tried members showing them the Because He Lives video. It was interesting to see where conversations lead when we showed this video. Most often people talked about how great it is for videos like this to come out in this ever increasingly anti-religious world. They also mentioned how we need to ever rely on the savior's atonement more than ever through our trails.

Thursday March 26:
We started the day off with the first district meeting of the transfer. It went well. We did something called Hot seat where every missionary sits in front of everyone and everyone else gets to ask them one question. It really builds district unity when we get to know each other. Our district in general has actually been doing really well. The Columbine zone which I am in is considered the hardest zone in the mission. It has had the least success. Recently however the zone and our district has been progressively getting better. We now have 13 people on date of whom many are golden investigators.  This is the most the zone has seen in a while. It is great to have a sense of being part of a lifting zone.

Friday March 27:
Today was long. We started off with teaching Mariel a less-active we are helping to re-activate. The lesson went fine, but had many distractions. After that we did our weekly planning which was very long. We decided to plan for our investigators who are on date and really make sure they will be prepared for baptism. We then had a dinner with the Bennetts and the Trejos and got to teach them a lesson on Temples afterwards. They will have the opportunity to go to the temple early next month.

Saturday March 28:
This was a very hard day. To start off I have two in-grown toenails. This makes it hard to walk (I lost the bike I was using on transfers) We decided to basically walk all day (I wasn't really thinking there). Anyways we tried many people to share the Because He Lives. We had an appointment with the Bernals, the family we put on date, and we were going to bring a member, but they cancelled last minute because they forgot about a dentist appointment. They said they would get back but never did. This made the rest of the day hard.

Sunday March 29:
Church was ok. We had investigators coming but no one came. This made church hard. We also taught a lesson on scriptures in Gospel Principles which didn't go to well. The day changed after church. The Stake Seminary and Institute coordinator asked us to give the Morningside on Thursday for Seminary. I was excited about that. We will be talking about the influence that Joseph Smith had on us and the world. This will be my first fireside. I am excited. We decided to go tracting after church. While tracting we say the Bernals. They said that at their dentist appointment the mom was told that she had to have her wisdom teeth pulled right now. That is why they never got back to us, or came to church. This was relieving to know that they wanted to but really couldn't. That night we also got to teach a less-active family that has expressed some interest in letting us teach them. 

While writing this email I realized that it really wasn't that bad of a week. I just had a hard time and was just down through a lot of it. It probably is the in-grown toenails. I have an appointment on Wednesday to get it checked.

Anyways I hope you all have a great week and an amazing Easter/General Conference Weekend.

Till next time,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher