Monday, April 6, 2015

Week 33 - Littleton, CO

It was a tough week. We had transfers and usually when transfers happen, not much else happens.

Tuesday March 24: Transfer 6
Today was transfers. Elder Farley and I are both staying. We woke up at about 5:15 and got ready for transfers at 6:30. Transfers were long but good. Every missionary leaving gets up and bears their testimony in front of everyone. This takes about two hours. We had three changes to our district. For the first time one elder in our district missed the transfer train. He wasn't told he was going out west and found out when he needed to leave. So he stayed another day and President Murdock took him out the next day. I guess there was one really confused elder out west.

After transfers we had the chance to go with another elder in his car while he waited for his companion out west. We tried some people until dinner. After dinner we did a church tour with the Trejos, the recent converts in our ward. It went great. We took them to see the family history center, and they had no idea that you could do family history. They were really excited about that. We will take them next week to get their family history started. That night we also had an 8PMlesson with the Cardons. We got to show the Because He lives video the church has produced for the Easter Initiative. If you haven't already seen it go to

Wednesday March 25: 
It was an odd day, as far as weather goes. It has been very nice out lately, but it just decided to snow hard and rain hard simultaneously. This created this odd slush everywhere. Today we tried members showing them the Because He Lives video. It was interesting to see where conversations lead when we showed this video. Most often people talked about how great it is for videos like this to come out in this ever increasingly anti-religious world. They also mentioned how we need to ever rely on the savior's atonement more than ever through our trails.

Thursday March 26:
We started the day off with the first district meeting of the transfer. It went well. We did something called Hot seat where every missionary sits in front of everyone and everyone else gets to ask them one question. It really builds district unity when we get to know each other. Our district in general has actually been doing really well. The Columbine zone which I am in is considered the hardest zone in the mission. It has had the least success. Recently however the zone and our district has been progressively getting better. We now have 13 people on date of whom many are golden investigators.  This is the most the zone has seen in a while. It is great to have a sense of being part of a lifting zone.

Friday March 27:
Today was long. We started off with teaching Mariel a less-active we are helping to re-activate. The lesson went fine, but had many distractions. After that we did our weekly planning which was very long. We decided to plan for our investigators who are on date and really make sure they will be prepared for baptism. We then had a dinner with the Bennetts and the Trejos and got to teach them a lesson on Temples afterwards. They will have the opportunity to go to the temple early next month.

Saturday March 28:
This was a very hard day. To start off I have two in-grown toenails. This makes it hard to walk (I lost the bike I was using on transfers) We decided to basically walk all day (I wasn't really thinking there). Anyways we tried many people to share the Because He Lives. We had an appointment with the Bernals, the family we put on date, and we were going to bring a member, but they cancelled last minute because they forgot about a dentist appointment. They said they would get back but never did. This made the rest of the day hard.

Sunday March 29:
Church was ok. We had investigators coming but no one came. This made church hard. We also taught a lesson on scriptures in Gospel Principles which didn't go to well. The day changed after church. The Stake Seminary and Institute coordinator asked us to give the Morningside on Thursday for Seminary. I was excited about that. We will be talking about the influence that Joseph Smith had on us and the world. This will be my first fireside. I am excited. We decided to go tracting after church. While tracting we say the Bernals. They said that at their dentist appointment the mom was told that she had to have her wisdom teeth pulled right now. That is why they never got back to us, or came to church. This was relieving to know that they wanted to but really couldn't. That night we also got to teach a less-active family that has expressed some interest in letting us teach them. 

While writing this email I realized that it really wasn't that bad of a week. I just had a hard time and was just down through a lot of it. It probably is the in-grown toenails. I have an appointment on Wednesday to get it checked.

Anyways I hope you all have a great week and an amazing Easter/General Conference Weekend.

Till next time,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher