Monday, April 13, 2015

Week 34 - Littleton, CO

Hello Everyone. It was a week full of miracles. Unfortunatley I am convinced that my body is falling apart.

Monday March 30:
During P-day we got a text from a member saying that she has two new investigators for us that want to be taught. After P-day we got home ate dinner and took off to go tracting. Unfortunately because of my in-grown toenail I was limping there. It was very stupid on my part because of what happened that night.

Tuesday March 31:
In the middle of the night I got a charlie horse and pulled a muscle. I actually yelled out in pain and woke up Elder Farley. Because of this I couldn't walk. I was hopping around everywhere all day. We thought it best to stay home and recover. Luckily by dinner I could limp walk. We did however have an appointment that night, so I didn't have to walk much or far.

Wednesday April 1:
On Wednesday morning we got to go to the Temple. It is a huge blessing to go to the temple and have it so close to where I live and to even have it in the mission. After that I took it easy until a doctors appointment for my in-grown toenails. They basically told me the same thing as last time, but I got some anti-biotics for it. We then went to do some service at the ARC. That night we ended up teaching those two new investigators. They are two high-schoolers. One of them has actually been taught before and the other has a lot of member friends. We actually invited them to be baptized and one of them accepted a date of May 2!

Thursday April 2:
So on Thursday I woke up with really bad allergies, to the point where I couldn't talk very well. We had zone meeting in the morning and the rest of the day I was not feeling well at all.

Friday April 3:
My allergies got worse and I really couldn't talk at all. A small cold might have been mixed in with them. Luckily we had a lot of appointments so we were able to get rides to them and teach. It was actually more of Elder Farley teaching because I really couldn't talk. It was hard though because I love teaching and just really wanted to say stuff. I managed to basically say brief sentences here and there.

Saturday April 4:
Saturday was a great day. I still wasn't feeling any better but General Conference was awesome. My favorite talks were Elder Eyring's in Priesthood Session and Elder Hollands in the Sunday Morning. If you have not heard Elder Hollands, watch it as soon as possible. It was a great talk. After the first session we had a lesson with the Bernals, the family we have on date. It was a great lesson on the Book of Mormon. We read the first chapter showing them how to read scripture. They loved it and were ready to read more. After the next session we taught our two new investigators. It turns out they read 5 chapters. For dinner that night we actually had dinner with a less-active member whose active daughter who is visiting signed up. It went well and he thanked us at the end.

Sunday April 5: Happy Easter
After the first session of conference we went to teach the Bernals again. When we got there they shared that they have received answers about whether they should join or not. The mom actually said she wasn't interested but decided to pray about the truthfulness of this. She actually got an answer at work the next day. The father had a similar experience when he was buying groceries they got a random 80% discount on there food and took that to be an answer. It is a huge blessing to teach this family. They are so committed and I can't wait for their baptism.

For dinner that night we got invited to the Wonnacotts. They are actually the in-laws to Jimmer Fredette, but he was not there. They had a ton of great food. Sister Wonnacotts mother tried to get me to sing, but because of my voice I said I couldn't. I ended up singing and playing piano. She doesn't give up. 

Overall it was a good week. We didn't really get out much but were able to teach more lessons than any other week in this area. I hope you all had a great Easter

Till next time,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher