Sunday, April 19, 2015

Week 35 - Littleton CO

Hello everyone. This was a good week.

Tuesday April 7:
It was a long day. I had a large meeting at the mission office. It was for all the District Leaders and zone leaders, focusing on how to be better leaders. The meeting was good. For district meetings I have to give one training each meeting. Usually I get to decide what the topic will be but recently they changed it to where I am given the topic. At first I didn't like this but after looking at it more, it just makes my job easier and allows me to have better trainings. Unfortunately Elder Farley wasn't feeling too well the rest of the day.

Wednesday April 8:
From left to right: John, me, Kelsey, Elder Moncur, Zack
We had exchanges with Chatfield on Wednesday. I was with Elder Moncur in our area. The day was slow with us trying people. I have made a goal to visit with every member before the end of the transfer. One thing we focused on this week is visiting less-active members. We actually only have a few left to visit. Our ward is small, but we have a lot of active members. That night we had dinner with a former spy. He wasn't a field agent but was more of a logistics collector. It was pretty cool. After dinner we had a lesson with our two new investigators John and Kelsey. They are awesome. They are progressing well and Kelsey is getting ready for baptism on May 2. We had a lesson on the tree of life and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It went well and you can tell they really are trying to find out if this is the truth. During the lesson we brought up if John had thought more about baptism. When he said he felt he wasn't ready a huge lighting strike happened accompanied with loud thunder. It took him aback a little and everyone else in the lesson said, "Wrong answer" and "That's your answer." The forecast was not predicting a thunderstorm, but we got one.

Thursday April 9:
It was a long and hard day. We started off with a district meeting. IT went well and I trained on our purpose as missionaries. One of the things I liked about the meeting we had on Tuesday was an explanation of our mission vision to have one baptism and reactivation per month per companionship. They explained this promise as this; You shouldn't expect to get one baptism every single month, but rather 12 baptisms over the course of 12 months. Looking back and assuming the people in our area who are on date are baptized, I will have reached that promise by the end of this transfer.

The rest of the day we walked around this large neighborhood called the ranch. We tried almost everyone. By the end of the day my legs were very very sore. No one was really receptive but at the end of that day we were able to get into a home and teach someone.
We were in the valley when we
say about 7 dear in someones front lawn.
We got within touching distance

Friday April 10:
It was another hard day for me. By the end I was physically and emotionally tired. Elder Farley has been transferred a lot recently. It has been for different reasons each time, but it has gotten to the point where he has a hard time caring or loving people in our area because he thinks he will get transferred again. This isn't necessarily him choosing not to but rather him trying not to be hurt when he leaves I think. This combined with his quietness causes me to make most decisions and to take on more of the work. This sometimes stresses me out a little. I feel sorry for him and hope he opens up a little more.

Anyways, today I practiced for a song that some other missionaries and I will be singing at Zone Conference this Wednesday. Singing was luckily stress relieving and was fun. One of the elders I am singing with makes it fun. One of the other sisters singing also might be closely related to me. Her last name is Shoemaker (which really isn't that common) and Grandpa Stiles line has Shoemakers.

Saturday April 11:
I spent the day with the Zone Leaders on exchanges. Luckily they have a car so it was nice to sit a lot. We did some tracting, visits, and some service. Not much happened but it was a good day. Sometimes it is nice to take a break from your own area. Our zone leaders, Elder Morgan and Elder Rosas, are actually training a new missionary from Tonga, Elder Ika. He is funny and said that he may know Grandma and Grandpa Pulsipher. He lives not to far from the Liohona school and remembers some missionaries doing some of his dental work a few years back. He is funny and says the most random things.

Meanwhile back in our area, Elder Farley and Elder Rosas had a few lessons and found some potentials. One of the lessons was with the Bernals the family getting baptized on May 2. The lesson went well and it turns out that a member of our ward is the 14 year-old boy's teacher at school.

Sunday April 12:
This was one of the best days on my mission.
It started off with Ward Council in the morning where bishop praised us for the work we were doing. We then had sacrament meeting. We were expecting the Bernals, John, and Kelsey to come, but only John and Kelsey came. Since the Bernals weren't there it meant that they wouldn't be able to go to church 3 times before baptism and the date would be pushed back. That also means I wouldn't be there for it. Luckily John and Kelsey made it. After sacrament meeting I looked at the phone and found that there were a lot of messages from the Bernals. It turns out they attended to wrong sacrament meeting (which happened to have an area presidency speaking at). We finally got them to come to our ward by the middle of second hour. You should have seen the members. They were so excited. I was excited. When the Bernals came it took about 20 minutes to get them to the last 10 minutes of class because member after member flocked to the Bernals. Luckily they liked that. In Gospel Priciples we usually have about 5 people, but instead this time we had about 20. An investigator from the other ward attended our ward, because he couldn't attend the other time that day. He actually made the class very good with his comments. At the end of church the Bernals, John and Kelsey loved it.

That was just the start of the day. The rest of the day was good ending with a lesson with John and Kelsey. When we got to the house we were teaching them at, Kelsey's mother was there too to listen. She expressed some interest and was fully supportive of her daughter taking the lessons. It was great.

Overall it was a great week. It truely is a blessing to be out here and to love the people. Each area I have learned to love the people even more. I have decided this week that I don't care where I go or how often I get transferred. I will try my best to love the people.

Till next time,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher