Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Week 37 - Littleton CO

Hello Everyone. This was an amazing week. A lot happened. The work here has really progressed for the first time in years.

Tuesday April 21:
Not much happened on Tuesday. A lot of walking and tracting.

Wednesday April 22:
When we planned for Wednesday we honestly thought we were out of things to do besides tracting. It was looking a little morbid. All we had planned was a lesson with Kirstin, a refferral form some members. However when we got out and started tracting that day we were able to find an investigator. We actually didn't tract far until we met Jessie. He is agnostic but is interested in what we believe. We did a survey and taught the first lesson. We then asked if we could come back and he said yes. Right after the lesson is started to downpour with thunder and lightning. Luckily home wasn't to far. That night we got to teach Kirstin. We had a dinner and taught the first lesson. She was very receptive and has said that she is looking for a religion. At the end of the lesson we invited her to be baptized and she excepted. Her goal is May 30th.  We have another appointment on Saturday.

The Trejos family with Sister Alvarez.
Sister Alvarez is the one who found
them in a Burger King Bathroo
Thursday April 23:
We started the day off with a district meeting. It was great. I talked about how Prayer is essential to conversion. We also had the new stake housing coordinators come and talk to us. They will be inspecting our places this next week and expect it to be very very clean. I think this will be a great excuse to deep clean our place. They also talked about trust with members and how when missionaries live with members, rather than apartments, the church saves thousands of dollars.

Today we also decided to go tracting in the same neighborhood we found Jessie. It is the lowest income housing in our area. which is about $150,000 to buy. Our area is not poor at all. However there are a lot of people renting and this place has a large turn over rate. The second door we knocked on we got in and taught a lesson adding another investigator to our teaching pool. This guy was very nice and said he had a friend on a mission. We got a return appointment for two weeks out (because he will be gone). 

That night was very busy with appointment after appointment. We ended up teaching three lessons that day which is great in this area.

Friday April 24:
Bandages on my toes
It was a slow day but good nonetheless. We started by teaching Mariel a member who is taking the steps to start coming back to church. We then had a long weekly planning session where we planned out the Bernals baptism and the steps to progress our investigators to baptism. That night we taught the Trejos the last new member lesson. We will continue to teach them when they have questions about anything. It has been awesome to see this family progress these last three months. They are awesome and it truly is amazing to see them soak up the gospel like they are.

Saturday April 25:
Today was long but good. We started the morning off by tracting Unfortunately we had no success. We then went to go to the Bernal sons baptismal interview. He passed. We had an appointment after that with them but they all weren't feeling well. Instead we walked around what we call the Ranch (the largest neighborhood in our area) trying some people. My toe was acting up and it was hard to walk though. We did this until a dinner with the Goodwins who made amazing burgers. We had one appointment that night with Kirstin. We taught about how to read the Book of Mormon better and how to relate it to your own life. It was a very good lesson. She is really interested and wants to know a lot more.

Sunday April 26: 
It was not a good day for me. Because of all the walking and my in-grown toenails hurting I couldn't walk very well. Church was ok. Unfortunately none of our investigators showed up. All of the Bernals were ill, which means they can't be baptized on May 3rd. We will have to push the date back to past mothers day. The thing about this is that we might not be here for it. Transfers are May 5th. The two teenagers we taught were both at prom the previous night and were too tired to come. Church itself was fine. We actually had a lot of people show up. That night we had dinner with Bishop Willardson. It was great.

Monday April 27:
This morning I finally had a doctors appointment for my in-grown toenails. When I got there he said they would just removed the side of the toenail. He took out a few needles and numbed up my toes. It hurt. I'll spare you the details. Anyways he then cut off the edge of the nail and pulled it out. I didn't feel a thing. He then wrapped it up into bandages. It is weird because I still don't feel a single thing in those toes. It turns out that the nail had grown really deep. One of the ward members took us and while we were in the doctors office, he called President Murdock and asked for us both to stay. I guess it is likely we will. I really do especially because there are all these baptisms coming up and the work is progressing very well.

I hope you all had a great week and a great week coming up. I will find out for sure if I am being transferred this next Saturday.

Till next time,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher