Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Week 38 - Littleton CO

Hello everyone. It was an interesting week. 

Our District
So basically due to part of my toenails being taken out on Monday. I really couldn't walk. We had jam packed evenings with nothing during the day. I also got a little ill this week. Overall it was good though.

Tuesday April 28:
When I woke up I couldn't walk. So we were home bound. By the end of the day I was able to walk a little. We just cleaned and rested all day. We have a housing inspection on Wednesday and if everyone in the zone gets a 10/10 weget a surprise at district meeting. We got rides to our appointments that night. We ended up teaching John and Kelsey. Kelsey has her whole baptism planned for May 30th.

Wednesday April 29:
We started the day off with our housing inspection. They are the Hancy's and served in the Denver Colorado North Mission. They said they remember an Elder Pulsipher who looks like me. They are sure it is Matthew. I need to see a picture. Anyways when they walked in they were astonished. We made that place spotless (because we basically had so much time on our hands). Elder Farley basically went on a cleaning frenzy on Tuesday. 
A view of Denver from a hill in our area

That night we had an investigator drop us because he didn't get an answer right away. We had only taught him once. However he did pray fro the first time in 10 years. We also taught Kirstin that night and it went well. We talked about the Plan of Salvation.

Thursday April 30:
We started the day with District meeting. Everyone ended up getting a 10/10 so we got these really good cinnamon rolls. We then went home and helped Sister Dekle with her yard. I was able to walk but not far distances. I ended up cutting the edges of the grass with scissors. Overall my toes started healing but I got a bad stomach ache that day. That night we had a relief society activity that all the missionaries sang at. It went well and Sister Murdock came as well. We even saw sister Bernal who was invited by a friend. It was great to see her there and engaged.

Friday May 1:
The Rain we Got
We had Weekly Planning in the morning. It is always odd planning when you don't know if you are getting transferred. Luckily I was able to walk a little so we tried a few people close by. After one of our visits it started to storm. There were crackles of thunder and lightning and when we almost got home it started to downpour. When
we got downstairs into our little apartment we noticed a really loud knocking sound coming from the windows. We then went up stairs to find that it was hailing. It wasn't small like we get in California, it was slightly larger, and there was a lot of it. By the time dinner hit, it was sunny. That is just colorado weather. Wait five minutes and it will be another season. 

That night we went to a baptism of two 8 year-olds. We were invited to share a message while they change. It went well and we showed the Because He livesand Because of Him videos with a brief message. After that we taught the Bernals. They are now on date for May 16th. Unfortunately that night I had a migraine.

Saturday May 2:
We started the morning helping clean the church building. We had a church tour with John and Kelsey. It was odd because people were still cleaning. We get it down so early back home that I assumed they would be done cleaning, but they didn't finish until 11. So we just kind of went around the building avoiding the vacuum noises. Later that day we met with the Bernals and planned their baptism. I will get the opportunity to baptize the father. I'm excited for their baptism I was just hoping I would stay. They took us to Mexican food afterwards. We then went to the Trejos to teach them a lesson on Moses. We finished the new member lessons and are giving them the choice to pick the topics. One of the girls said she wanted to know more about Moses. The previous lesson we talked about the 12 Tribes of Israel and the covenant tied to that. With the lesson on Moses we taught the Restoration and one of the pride cycles, using The Moses story to explain it. It turned out really well. 

That night we had stake conference. There were some great talks. Our mission president got up and bore his testimony too. There was a focus on missionary work. Our entire zone has been lifting and the areas have all immensely improved. 

That night when we got home and got a call. It turns out that we are both staying! That is rare to have two people in the same area for more than 2 transfers. I was very happy about that news.

Sunday May 3:
The morning was great. We had stake conference to start off. During stake conference we had the Bernals come, Kelsey, and our new investigator Kirstin. They all liked it. The topic of the entire session was the family. There were some great talks on the family. Sister Trejo also had the opportunity to speak. She spoke in Spanish and someone translated for her. During her talk she mentioned us and thanked us for teaching her and her family. I almost cried. After the session we talked to President Murdock. He said that he got three calls from members of our ward asking us to stay. I was going to be transferred but he said that this is the most calls he has ever gotten for someone to stay. I was happy that the ward did that. We then had the interview of the father of the Bernals. He passed and they are on track for baptism.

Overall it was a great week. We had a ton a rain, and time to study. This week I decided to compare Moses and Genesis. I was curious just what has been lost through translations and the years. It was really cool. The book of Moses contains most of the gospel as far as topics go. I found some great scriptures in there as well.

Anyways, I hope you have a great week.

Till next time,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher