Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Week 40 - Littleton, CO - Baptism

Monday - Wednesday May 11-13: 9 month mark
Not much happened. We were ill (I think from something we ate. Nothing too bad). We did some tracting, started preparing for the Bernals baptism and we did some service. One thing I've noticed lately is that I feel like I've hit a road block of progression. I hit this with swimming year round. I wasn't getting any better and it was getting harder. Often times missionaries hit this around their 1 year mark. When someone hist this mark they have two choices. To push hard through it or to take a simple road. By choosing the hard path one will eventually progress even more. By choosing the simpel road one will only progress to a certain point. I believe I have hit this point and have had to make a decision. I've decided to push through. I know it won't be easy but it will be worth it. I just have to push through even without that motivation to work or the fear of some of the things I must do.

Thursday May 14:
We had exchanges today. I went back to my first area Chatfield ward. It was a good day starting off with a great district meeting. The theme was church attendence and why church is vital to conversion. One thing we have been focusing on in district meetings is the keys to conversion
  1. Holy Ghost - testifies of truth
  2. Prayer - the way we act on our faith
  3. The Book of Mormon - another way we act. By reading. Goes with prayer
  4. Church Attendence - Something we can personally witness. As we take the sacrament we feel the spirit.
I also got to see some people I had helped teach. We also went tracting and found someone who said she had been waiting for someone to come teach her about the gospel. It was really cool. We also had the oppurtunity to rip out some carpet. We have had a record amount of rain. It has been coming down hard. A member of the Chatfield ward's basement had flooded, so we got to rip it up and throw it away. It was fun. It was a great day and it felt good to be back in Chatfield

Friday May 15:
We had a great day planned, unfortunately all of our appointments fell through or rescheduled. In general it was an odd day. We did however get to finish up planning the Bernals baptism. We noticed that the baptism was at the same time as seminary graduation so we had to move it down in time.

Saturday May 16:
This was a very very busy day. We started off visiting an investigator who has been "investigating" the church for 30 years. We have a lot of people like that in our area. He just wanted to talk about the three nephites. We did however turn the conversation to the Gospel of Jesus Christ (faith, repentence, baptism, etc.) He then proceeded to question us about baptism and why he needs to be rebaptized. It was kind of funny because he kept on turning to Elder Farley to try and get another opinion.

Elder Morgan, Me, Sebastion, Juan, Marcela, 
and Elder Farley
During the middle of the Day we had a lesson planned for the Bernals where we go over their baptism and show them the font. However 30 mintues it stormed hard. We got hail/snow about 3/4 of an inch thick. it was odd because it just splattered when it hit the ground. The Bernals told us they couldn't come. We then prayed to allow the storm to pass so we could still meet with them in 30 minutes. 10 minutes before our appointment the hail and rain stopped and a blue sky appeared. The lesson went well and they were very excited.

That night we got to teach the Trejos. The youngest daughter has been reading the fastest and has been in Jacob 5 for the last few weeks. In case you don't know that is the Allegory of the Tame and Wild Olive Trees. So we decided to teach them a lesson on that. We had already talked about the Tribes of Israel so it worked out. I don't know if they really got much out of it but I learned a lot about it.

Sunday May 17: Bernals Baptism
It was a long day. Church went well. The father of the Bernals was ill so he couldn't come. He said he would be able to attend the baptism, but it was still nerve racking. We actually got to teach in Primary about baptism. It was fun. It reminded me of my calling before my mission of teaching the 4 and 5 year-olds. We have also been preparing a Come and See Sunday. It is going to be excellent. We will have just had a baptism, we have a homecoming talk and a farewell talk and during second hour we will do a panel type thing where we have a topic and have people ask questions about that topic. I will be one of the people on this panel. I'm excited for it.

We then went to start filling up the font for the baptism. It took a long time. A very long time.

Crazy Storms and weather
we have been getting has produced some crazy clouds
Around 4:30 the Bernals showed up. We got changed into our white clothes and took some pictures. The baptismal service then started. We had a talk on baptism by Elder Farley and a musical number. Then came the baptisms. I was nervous. This is my first time baptizing someone (the father Juan). When I started walking down into the font A warning signal went off. The water was a foot lower then what we had filled it to. There was a leak somewhere and it was up to my knees. I was nervous and the witnesses just gave me a concerning face. However I knew that the baptism still must go on and that everything would work out. I said the prayer and put him under the water. However it was not completely under the water so I had to do it again. He just barely made it. When I said we were good. Brother Bernal just laughed and had a huge smile on his face. The mother had to get baptized twice as well. In the end no one was injured luckily.

Talking to Brother Bernal and his son while changing he said that his headache he had was completely gone and that they just felt on top of the world. The rest of the service included Sister Capener who has helped us out a ton giving a talk (she is the son's spanish teacher). Then sister Bernal got up and bore her testimony. It just seemed like the entire baptism was a dream afterwards. It went by so fast and I couldn't think straight afterwards. It was great though. I am so happy they made it and have partaken of this saving ordinance. I can't wait to see where they will go in the gospel.

The Bernals, Capeners, and Us
Along the path of life we will always come to a block or a fork in the road. It will ultimately make us choose whether to take an easy path or a difficult one. Baptism is like this. We can only progress so far before we must make a decision. The Bernals baptism is like this because their path to baptism wasn't easy, nevertheless they decided to take it. Satan tried to stop it but everyone involved push through that. Ulitmately they have made it to baptism and now they can have the opportunity to eternally progress if they remain faithful.
So that was my week. 3 baptisms down and 2 more to go before I leave. We should have a busy crazy next couple of weeks. Hope all is well back home. Have a great week.

Elder Dallin S Pulsipher