Monday, June 8, 2015

Week 42 - Littleton, CO - Baptism

Hello Everyone,

It was an Ok week with the best weekend I've had on my mission. Elder Farley has been ill again this week so we were home bound except for our set appointments. Honestly I'm a little tired of sitting at my desk. However Saturday and Sunday was very good.

We also had interview with President Murdock this week. It went well and while we were doing interviews we had an awesome district meeting.

Saturday May 30: Kelsey's Baptism
Kelsey's Baptism
It was an awesome day. This morning we went to go fill up the font early. We made sure it was full this time. Kelsey showed up about one and a half hours early she was so excited. Her mom came with her and it seemed as though she was even more excited than Kelsey. There were a lot of people there. Half of the people there weren't members and friends of Kelsey. The baptism went smooth. Elder Farley baptized Kelsey. While they were changing we passed notecards around to everyone to write a short little message to her. At the end of the baptism we wrapped them up and gave it to her. It worked out really well. The entire baptism was awesome and went smoothly.

She gave me a letter right before the baptism that I read later that day. It was a very nice letter thanking me for teaching her and changing her life. Something in there made me realize that it wasn't just her we were changing but the life of her future children, friends, and family. I was filled with joy seeing her baptism and it just hit me hard while reading her letter. I felt at that moment that this is why I came here.

Things you do when you are stuck at home

We are continuing to have crazy weather
with amazing scenes
We also had the opportunity to teach the Trejos and the Bernals. They have come a long way in the short time I have been here. When someone accepts the gospel and makes changes in there lives you see it. The Bernals just seemed more peaceful. They were happy. I've seen it with the Trejos as well. It is such a blessing to be apart of this great work. It is very hard at times but is so worth it when you get to see others feel the joy you have felt because of this gospel.

Sunday May 31:
It was another amazing day. We had a "Come and See" Sunday. This is where we put an extra emphasis on inviting others. At Sacrament meeting both Kelsey and Sister Bernal got up and shared their testimonies. They did amazing. We also had a homecoming and farewell talk. It was a great sacrament meeting followed by a panel meeting. We had a special second hour where we had a panel and had a MC ask us questions. Both Elder Farley and I were on the panel. Kelsey also wanted to go on the panel. She did amazing. She was confident and answered the questions better than I think I could have. We used as a guide. Check it out. For third hour we had a lunch outside. It was the first day that didn't rain in over a month. After this all I had the opportunity to give Brother Bernal the Priesthood. Afterwards he then turned around and gave the priesthood to his son. It was a very special moment. The spirit was strong. I was just thinking of a video I had seen recently during this experience. Power of God. They have an entire life full of opportunities to use their priesthood in the service of others.

Needless to say it was an amazing weekend. One I will never forget. I hope you all have a great week.

Till next time,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher