Monday, June 8, 2015

Week 43 - Littleton, CO

Hello everyone,

It was an ok week. That is normal though after a really amazing week.

Monday June 1:
So on Monday we had our normal Preparation day activities but a difference is that we ended our water fast. for April and May we have only been drinking water and skipping Saturday lunches. We finally ended it on Monday with a great dinner with the Bernals with lots of soda.

Tuesday June 2:
On Tuesday morning we had a district meeting. It went really well and I presented a training on how we should teach people and not lessons. It focused more on the things we can do besides the lessons we teach to make a lesson effective for a person. I found a new visual strategy to do this as well. The rest of the day we did some service and visited some people.

Wednesday June 3:
On Wednesday I went on exchanges with an Elder Tavares. He is a brand new missionary but is really good at missionary work. It also happened to be his birthday so it was a great day. We also got to go to the temple this morning. It was really great. I also got to drive for the first time in months which was very odd. We got a lot of work done on Wednesday and got a lot of referrals. We also did some service at the ARC which was actually a lot of fun. They had us work in the back moving stuff around. After the ARC it started storming. It was down pouring with constant cracks of thunder and lightning including hail. Driving in it was very odd. Overall it was a great day.

Thursday June 4:
We spent the entire day at a specialized training. Basically it was a zone conference that is for a specific purpose. In this specialized training they introduced the TIWI's into our mission. Basically they attach to the car and notify the driver if they are speeding, driving recklessly or are not wearing seat belts. It will also notify the mission office of these and every driver will be given a score. We have these cards to log in and out of cars and if we have so many violations our score goes down. If you drive too recklessly then you will lose driving priveleges. It will also notify the mission if you leave the mission boundaries. They are putting this in all the cars in the US missions. They say it lowers costs and accidents by 50%. Even though I am not driving I was kind of excited for it. It really
Elder Rogers at specialized training
with 38 water bottles. I think we
could have fit more.
isn't that sensitive though.

Friday June 5:
It was an ok day. We had weekly planning and then spent most of the day contacting former investigators. It was odd because no one seemed to be home. That was basically our day. Nothing exciting.

Saturday June 6:
It was a good day. We had to go to the library in the morning to take a survey that our mission wants us to take. After that we went to teach the Bernals. You could tell they just had a tough week. However by the time we left they were lit up and happy. They had a lot of good questions about how the church works. We ended up watching the Restoration film with them and they loved it. That night we also got to teach the Trejos about the Plan of Salvation specifically pertaining to life after death. It went very well. They also had some great questions, ones I had never thought about. It is cool sometimes when you teach. You learn new things.

Sunday June 7:
It was an interesting day. Church was good. A random person came in to our lesson and I guess was looking for a church. At first I thought that this would be great. However the lesson went a little all over the place because it was about all the restored truths of the gospel. I think this man was a little overwhelmed and just bolted out after 10 minutes. The rest of church went great. That night for dinner we had dinner with the Campbells who invited some non-members over. It went really well. It turns out that they let their daughters get baptized when they were in elementary school.

Overall it was just and ok week. I'm excited for transfers coming up on June 16. I think I need a change, which usually provides a boost of motivation. Anyways, I hope you all have a great week.

Till next time,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher