Monday, June 29, 2015

Week 45 - Grand Junction - Transfers

Hello Everyone,

This has been a great week. Typically this happens right after a terrible week. Anyways, I was transferred back to Grand Junction. I just keep going back and forth from Columbine to Grand Junction.

Tuesday June 16:
I woke up early and went to transfer meeting. Unfortunately my alarm was accidentally set for PM rather than AM. So I just had to get dressed and go. When I got there we all sat down and they presented where everyone is going. I am now in the Grand Junction Melody Lane ward. It is two wards away from Bookcliff ward where I served. It is in the poorer part of Grand Junction so it is very very different then my last area. I am also with Elder Brown. He is awesome. He works hard, is obedient and is from the middle of nowhere Idaho (Burley). He has two more transfers left.

Wednesday June 17:
The Larsens and us.
They are great member missionaries.
This area has a lot of work. Last week this area had 20 lessons and in my last area we had 7. I am really excited to be here. We also live in a pretty nice apartment which makes things even better. It was odd on Wednesday we ran into a ton of members just riding around. I have made it a goal to memorize every members name and one random fact about them. I have about half the ward done. We started the day off by helping a member move. We then went around and just visited people. There are so many people we can go stop by in this area that we don't have to do much finding. We also got to teach a Davin who is looking for the truth. He started his journey on Temple Square by talking to two sister missionaries. He then got into contact with missionaries here and has been taking lessons since. Hopefully he will be able to progress.

Thursday June 18:
There is a lot of cotton fluff here but
it makes for some amazing views at sunset.

It was another great day. It has been very hot though. In the 100s and the air is thick and hot. I have probably drank a total of 2 gallons a day. By the end of the day all we want to do is take a shower and sleep. Anyways we had a zone meeting today where we got introduced to the zone. It went very well. My assistant ward mission leader in Bookcliff ward, Brother Smith, took us out to lunch. It was great to be able to see him and catch up. That evening we also got to teach a teenage girl who wants to be baptized, Natasha. We teach her at the top of this hill, the only one in our area, which is very steep and long. By the time we got up there we were sweaty and out of breath. It took us about 10 minutes to cool off and catch out breath. We taught the Restoration and she is on date for July 18th!

Friday June 19:
We had a long day of planning. I am trying to get used to this area as quickly as possible but it is hard because there are so many people. So we spent a lot of time going through the area book and planning for all these people. It took a while but was much needed. Other than that we just visited a lot of people. 

Saturday June 20:
The flowers are in bloom here. Very pretty
The days here have been really long while in it but really fast by the end of the day. Every time I get in the shower at the end of the day I feel like I was just there. It is an odd feeling when time flies and goes the pace of a snail simultaneously. We visited some more people, tried some referrals and did some tracting. It was odd because no one was home, probably because it is summer. However it was very hot so we figured everyone would be inside. We did however meet a lady who is a descendant of the founder of Ricks college (now BYU-Idaho) and Rexburg Idaho. She also liked to talk, a lot. After about an hour we were able to leave. Very nice lady though, just not interested. We also met a less-active member who used to live in my last area. We knew the same people, which was really cool. We talked a while just about the people we knew as Elder Brown talked with the husband about trucks and cars. It was a perfect scenario to meet and connect with someone.

Sunday June 21: Happy Father's Day!
Happy Father's Day. Hope you got the text message.
Church was great. We don't live very far from the church so we were able to ride to church. We sang in the choir because we basically are the only men who will sing. I will be singing in church next month. I was able to meet a lot of people and people kept on coming up to me saying that they used to know a Pulsipher, or that it sounds familiar. After church we got to go teach Natasha again. The lesson we taught we have been teaching a ton here. It is a new Book of Mormon skill that helps people get excited about reading it. We do it with everyone and teach it about 2-3 times a day.

Anyways, I am happy to be back in Grand Junction. I hope you all have a great week.

Till next time,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher