Monday, July 27, 2015

Grand Junction - Week 49 - Baptisms

Hello Everyone,

The baptisms of Natasha and Lizzie.
This was a great week. It was a little slow but ended with two baptisms so it ended great.

Tuesday July 14:
So this was a busy day. We started it off by going to our ward mission leaders work to get the baptismal program done for Natasha and Lizzie. We then spent a lot of the day visiting some people and trying some former investigators. Overall it was a good day.

Wednesday July 15:
It was zone conference. I always love these. They really are a spiritual boost. The focus of this one was talking about how to work with members and getting referrals. We also touched on the new Supreme Court action to legalize Gay marriage and what to expect from that. Near the end the Assistants to the president got up and asked us what we think the Savoir would have us become by the end of out mission. It reminded me of something my Branch President in the MTC had us do while we are heading to our mission. He told us to write who we want to become by the end of the first year of our mission. I did that and have reviewed it since. I have found that all the things I wanted to become have actually happened. This time for this next year I plan to focus it more on what I think God would have me become. Hopefully he will let me know what that is.

Thursday July 16th:
We had exchanges again. They decided to have it where we do it once a week. I personally don't like this but that is fine. We had a district meeting where I gave a training on inviting people to keep commitments. It went very well. We then taught a lesson to one of our investigators on the articles of faith. Later that day we tried someone who almost never answers the door. However this time, they answered and we got to go in and teach a lesson on the Book of Mormon. They loved it and said they wanted us to go back. The rest of the day was interesting. The elder I was with tended to push a little too hard on people and really offended some people. I was just happy this day ended.

Friday July 17th:
We were busy on Friday preparing for the baptism. I had a doctors appointment in the morning for some inflamed lympnodes. They put me on antibiotics that will hopefully get rid of any infections. They think it is a sinus infection. We also helped a lady move. It was fun because I got to see members from Bookcliff ward who helped out with this project. That night we did our last lesson with Natasha and LIzzie. We got their jumpsuits. Looked at the font and did a church tour. We then had to remake the programs because some names were spelled wrong and some things were missing.

Saturday July 18th:
This was a great day, at the end. I was actually ill from the antibiotics. I forgot to get a probiotic that has to be used with it so I had an upset stomach and a slight fever. We went to the store and picked one up so that we could be fine by the baptism that night. The baptism went really well. We had a few things pop up but that is normal. Things like the person baptizing coming a little late without a jumpsuit so we have to call someone else to unlock a door that has them. Things like that. However the baptism was very good and a lot of people showed up. At the end Natasha got up and bore her testimony. It was great. It is amazing to see the spirit that some people have. It sometimes doesn't come out in the lessons but does when they are baptized.

Sunday July 19th:
It was another good day. Natasha and Lizzie were confirmed and we had an investigator come by himself. Usually we have to drag him, but he came out of his own free will. At dinner we walked in when the boyfriend of the daughter said to Elder Brown, "Hey man, long time no see." They apparently showed cows together. It is crazy who you find on a mission.

Anyways it was a good week. The transfer is coming up on the 28th. I have no clue what will happen. Thanks for all the prayers. You are all awesome.

Till next time,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher

Grand Junction - Week 48

Hello everyone,

This was a good week. Nothing too exciting and nothing too boring.

Tuesday July 7:
It was a very busy day. We started the morning off  by doing some service for a less-active member. We then went from appointment to appointment. We have been teaching this guy who hasn't been progressing lately. It can be very frustrating when you have someone who likes to meet with you but won't commit to anything. However when someone wants to continue to learn you really cant say no.

Wednesday July 8: 
I went on exchanges with the district leader, Elder Marah, The African King. He is from Sierra Leone. He is funny and very small in comparison to me. We had a busy day of biking around going form one appointment to another. We even met a man who doesn't speak very good english and attempted to talk with him for a while about the Bible and the Book of Mormon and how we are Christian. The 4 years combined of Latin and French really helped. Meanwhile in my area, Elder Brown found a new family that we will go teach today. Hopefully they go somewhere.

Thursday July 9:
This was another busy day of appointments. We had a district meeting in the morning. It is odd not giving trainings all the time at district meeting and just being another missionary. I hope I can be a district leader again. It was fun. We then had a lesson with someone who gave us a ride to get my bike fixed. I now have a brand new tire. We then had 3 more lessons that night which all went really well. One was with Natasha and her sister Elizabeth. They are getting baptized this weekend.
Friday July 10:
On Friday we had a great weekly Planning session followed by a visit with an elderly man in our ward. It was interesting in that his favorite hobby was reading. It wasn't the kind of books you would expect someone his age to read but rather Young adult books. He had read Percy Jackson, Hunger Games, Twilight, The Lord of the Rings and Hobbit series with the entire 12 part history compilation. It was interesting. We then had dinner with Brother Smith from the Bookcliff ward. Someone from bookcliff ward that we had tried working with just moved into my ward now. Brother Smith was the hometeacher so we get to work closely with him which is awesome.

Saturday July 11:
It was just a slow day. We did some indexing as service tried a few people and ultimately didn't teach any new lessons. Just a long day.

Sunday July 12:
This was a great day. We had meetings before church where we got some more people to go try. We then had our three hour block where one of the less-actives we have been teaching just got a calling. 1 rescue! It is awesome to see someone be baptized but just as awesome to see someone become active again. Natasha and Elizabeth also had the baptismal interviews and passed! They are set to go for their baptism this next saturday. Another exciting thing too is that their other sister is now active again. 2 rescues!

Well that was my week. Today is also my 11 month-mark. Alsmost half-way through, which is odd. I hear it really speeds up after your year mark. Before you know it I will be home. Anyways I hope you all have a great week.

Also just so you know, myldsmail which is the filtered email service we use is acting up. I will not get an email sent the same day sometimes. When I got here this morning I had all the emails you sent last week. So for today please send them to And in the future please send them a day early. Thanks

Till next time,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher

Grand Junction - Week 47

This was an interesting week. Very physically tiring.
Monday - Wednesday June 29 - July 1:
These three days were full of service. Unplanned service. We were even on our way home for lunch one day when a member was driving along and said, "Hey Elders. I need your help moving something" and us just following behind. We helped out with a lot of moves this week. Wednesday specifically was a crazy day. We had 
an appointment every single hour of the day. We were completely exhausted, and sore. We have also been trying to help a kid out named Angelo. We promised him and made him commit to read and pray everyday and allow us to come visit everyday and come to church twice. If he does this and continues he will receive and answer to whether he should get baptized.

Thursday July 2:
It was a slow day. We had a district meeting in the morning and a few appointments that afternoon. I actually don't remember much of what happened on this day because I don't have my journal or planner with me. We just got back from a hike up mount Garfield. So on Thursday we went to teach Natasha when her younger sister asked, "Am I being baptized on the same day?" It was great to see the example that her sister was making. So we have two baptisms planned on July 18th.

Friday July 3: This was a very interesting day. We had a long planning session and on our way to go somewhere I crashed my bike. I looked down for a moment and then hit the side of a parked car. I remember everything going into slow motion as I fell to the hard ground. It took about a minute for me to come to my senses and then the pain came. I didn't break anything but have bruises and scrapes down one side and a big cut on my right hand. When I got up I looked at my bike. The front wheel was all twisted, but everything else was perfectly fine. I ended up going to the bishops to get my wounds cleaned up and we spent the rest of the day walking around and visiting people. We had a good laugh about it when talking to people. I mean I hit a stationary car with a bike and got really bruised up from it.

Saturday July 4th: Independence Day!
Happy 4th of July! We had a great day. We went to visit Angelo in the morning and then went to a barbecue of an awesome couple the Davis'. We had a feast and helped make things. We then went over to the Fox's for another dinner and some games. We were instructed to basically just visit members and attend barbecues. We then watched fireworks with some recent converts that live close by. It was cool because there was a lot of air fireworks around us and an intense lightning storm off in the distance. By the end of the day we were just completely exhausted.
Sunday July 5th:
We had a great Church service today. We had some recent converts get up and bear their testimony. A ton of investigators and less-actives come, and a less-active girl whose sisters are getting baptized on July 18th. We also had a successful day visiting and stopping by people. People have also been very nice. It might just be because it is the 4th of July weekend. However it is odd being on foot again. I hope to get my bike fixed today.

Monday July 6th: Happy 16th Birthday Julianne
I hope you have a great amazing day.
This morning we woke up and went with Angelo to hike up Mount Garfield. It was very cool. You basically go up these long narrow mounds all the way up. It was very steep, but very pretty and amazing, We also saw some wild horses. It was awesome. 
Anyways I hope you all have a great week. 

Till next time,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher