Saturday, August 1, 2015

Week 50 - Grand Junction

Hello Everyone,

So we have transfers on tomorrow and I will be transferred. It was very unexpected because I have only been here for one transfer, but I guess I need to go somewhere else. 

Tuesday July 21:
Brother Smith and I. I got to
work closely with him again.
It was a good day, very busy. We started off the day by doing some indexing at the Family history Center

. We then had a ton of appointments the rest of the day. That night the Davis' took us out to dinner at this Mexican restaurant called Dos Hombres. It was really good. Other than that it was just a good busy day.

Wednesday July 22:
The Orchard Mesa District
It was another good day with one shocking thing. We started off doing some service and then went to go try some less-actives in the ward that bishop told us to go see. When we knocked on a door a man came to the door and said his wife was ill and couldn't come up. As he finished his sentence his eyes got wide and he fell to the ground and died. Luckily he had a pacemaker that brought him back to life. When he fell it reminded me of a friend who had this same problem. He would pass out in class quite a bit. We went up to this man and I yelled at him, "Are you ok? He woke up startled asking "Why am I on the floor?" We helped him up and he explained that this happens. We made sure he was fine. Elder Brown freaked out a little bit. 

Thursday July 23:
Elder Brown. The All-American Missionary
The first thing we had was a district meeting. It was very good. One of the elders is going home, Elder Krieder. He is an awesome missionary. It was a very emotional district meeting with us saying goodbye and him giving a training. it was great. On Thursday we also started the new member lessons with Natasha and Lizzie. She looked completely different. It is amazing to see how people change after they are baptized. Their whole aura changes to become someone greater and brighter. If that makes sense. Natasha seemed a lot happier.

Friday July 24:
On Friday we had a cleaning inspection. Our place was spotless and we had a 10/10. We then tried some people and had dinner with sister Tanner. She is an awesome lady in our ward. She comes and sits in the family history center with us every Monday so we can email. She will also feed us when we are out of meals. She is awesome. Not much else happened on Friday though.

Saturday Julyu 25:
The Orchard Mesa District
We celebrated Pioneer day as a stake on Saturday morning. It was great. Unfortunately no one we invited showed up. Everyone wanted us to do the activities and challenge them. So we did the three legged race, stick-pull, volleyball, and took pictures with a face cut-out. We then did some tracting and went home for dinner. That night we went to visit Angelo who is very close to baptism but is just very stubborn. Awesome kid though. When we were there we got a call with transfer news. I am leaving and Elder Brown is staying for his last transfer and becoming a district leader. This transfer should be interesting in that a lot of missionaries are being moved around. It is odd but I am excited to see what is going to happen.

Sunday July 26:
Church was great. During sacrament meeting the bishop announced that I would be bearing my testimony to start the meeting. Afterwards many people came up and said we will miss you. This surprised me because I have only been here for 6 weeks and people said they will miss me. I felt good about that. For third hour a teacher came up to us and said, will you teach my primary class. We ended up grabbing our ward mission leader to sit in with us and we taught the kids about How Jesus loves us. It reminded me of teaching the 4 year-olds when I was back home. We then spent the rest of the day visiting some people to say goodbye. 

It has been a pleasure to serve here. I will miss this ward even though I was only here for 6 weeks. I will also miss serving with Elder Brown. He is a great elder. However I am excited to go serve in another area. I am just nervous to see where I am going. Anyways I hope you all have a great week. I miss you all.

Till next time,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher