Monday, August 10, 2015

Week 52 - Highlands Ranch - Hump Day

Hello everyone,

 Today is officially 1 year left on my mission. I will be returning home August 10th 2016. It is really weird. I had a dream last night that the last part of my mission went by extremely fast and that suddenly I had 8 days left. I hit my year mark this Thursday the 13th.

 Overall this was not a good week at all. However you have those weeks. This email will take a different format. Rather than talking about my awful week I will rather talk about some ideas/goals/insights I have from the last year.

This last year has gone by so so slow and so so fast simultaneously. It is a weird feeling. I have learned a ton this last year. Some of these things include.

  1.  I would not make a good door to door salesman. 
  2. How to work with people who are very different from me or people I might not get along with and still get work done and have some success. 
  3. I learned what it means to be humble. I read a scripture recently about humility. Alma 32:16. Therefore, blessed are they who humble themselves without being compelled to be humble; or rather, in otherwords, blessed is he that believeth in the word of God, and is baptized without stubbornness of heart, yea, without being brought to know the word, or even compelled to know, before they will believe. 
  4. I have learned that at times we can be humbled by our circumstances but we will be so much better off if we choose to humble ourselves without being compelled to be humble. 
  5. I learned about the Book of Mormon and its power. 
  6. I have grown to love the Book of Mormon and its influence on us. It contains the fullness of the gospel and that by reading it we can come to understand what we need to do in order to put our lives in order with God's will. Through it He will reveal things that we need for our lives. 
  7. I've learned Patience. You have to be patient when working with investigators, less-actives, members, black boxes on your car, and your own companion. 
  8. I've learned that no matter how easy or hard the area may be. God has prepared people to receive the gospel. You just have to do your part and work hard to bring people into the waters of baptism. 
  9. I've learned to love all sorts of people, people I wouldn't think I could love. 
  10. I've learned about the Joy the gospel brings to my life, and the life of others. 
  11.  I've learned about Pain, both physical, emotional, and spiritual. The best cure to these all is by allowing the Atonement that Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father provide to take hold of our lives and change us into someone greater. 
  12. I have learned that God is in Control. This work will go on with or without me and that I am given the privilege to be apart of it. 
I have learned so much more but these are some of the things I have been thinking about lately. I have also set some goals for this next year. The major one I am going to focus on is to read the entire Standard Works by the end of my mission. This will include Finish Jesus the Christ (halfway through) The Old Testament, the New Testament, Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price. This will be about 6.5 pages every day. I will also read the Book of Mormon for about 30 minutes every day. It will be hard, but I am giving myself about 20 days of slack.

Anyways, it is so odd and crazy that I am halfway through.(in three days) I will see you all in a year. I hope you all have a great week. I love you and miss you all.

 Till next time,

Elder Dallin S Pulsipher