Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Week 59 - Highlands Ranch, CO

Hello Everyone,

To Infinity and Beyond
This was a great week. We had some success and it ended with a very rare and cool event.

Tuesday Sept 22:
I went on exchanges on Tuesday with Elder Legler, whom I served next to in the past, in his area. We had a great day. We tried this new method of knocking doors where we only knock on doors we feel prompted to. It worked out great. One door we knocked on the person opened up and said come in. He listened intensively to our message and said he would love to hear more. It was a great day. Meanwhile in my area They found 4 new investigators two of which I will talk about later.

Wednesday Sept 23:
It was a slow day. I had some doctors appointments some of which were on the other side of Denver so it was a long drive. I did get to drive through two different missions though including the Denver North mission where Matthew served. That night we went by one of our investigators who hasn't been progressing. When we were there we met his brother and talked to him for a while. He seems very interested. We had a great lesson and conversation about the Plan of Salvation

Light Sabers from Hump Day
Thursday Sept 24:
Mask from Hump Day package
This was a great day. We had a district meeting and then tried some people. That night however we had dinner with a mother and her son who Elder Armenta found on exchanges. It was a great dinner and discussion. She has an amazing conversion story to her own religion / Jesus Christ. She was in a very dark place and eventually got out of it when a prompting of the spirit came to her to make another decision. It is a long story but is truly amazing. One interesting thing is that when Elder Armenta came to the door, the son answered and they talked with him for a while. When they mentioned Joseph Smith it made her angry to the point when she got up and started going to the door. On the way however she got a prompting to stop and the thought came into her mind, "Don't you dare be mean to those missionaries" It took her aback and she calmed down and went to the door and politely invited us to dinner. We had a great discussion about our common beliefs and are going back this Thursday.

Friday-Saturday Sept 25-26:
These were two very long days but were both good. We found some potentials and met some people on our ward list. Other than that there wasn't too much that happened.

Sunday Sept 27: 
It was a great day. It felt good to report that we have some great people that we are teaching. Our biggest issue here is finding people to teach. It has been difficult. We also had the Primary Program in one of our wards. It was funny and cute. We had the little sunbeams go out one by one to use the bathroom throughout, the kid that yells the last word of every phrase and there was an amazing solo this girl did.

Blood Moon in CO. Not the end of the world
In case you didn't know. Last night there was a rare occurrence that happened in the night sky. There was a lunar eclipse/harvest moon/the point in the year when the moon is the closest to the earth. This made a huge lunar eclipse. We watched it with a member and discussed the creations and wonders that God has given us. This entire week it seems that there has been a focus in the discussions I've had with others. I have appreciated the wonders and beauties of this earth. Colorado is a very beautiful place with a lot of cool rock/natural formations. When we see these it just makes me realize that there is a God who loves us and gave us this world for us to live on.

It was a great week. I can't wait for General Conference. There are going to be a lot of changes, with three new apostles. I hope you all have a great week.

Till next time,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher

Monday, September 28, 2015

Week 58 - Highlands Ranch, CO

Hello Everyone,
This was a good week. Nothing too exciting happened, but it was good nonetheless.
Tuesday Sept 15:
We decided that we need to find some people in our area. Our area is really suffering as far as investigators go. We have been doing a lot more tracting, which has honestly gotten better for me because we are trying to have more fun doing it. However there is someone we have started teaching. She has a great story. She had been less-active for 10 years and finally decided in June to start coming back. She has been through a very hard time and decided to essentially restart and move out here. She has asked us to help her by teaching her the discussion and to introduce her to members of the ward. You couldn't tell that she has been less-active for that many years. She has a solid testimony and it was great to be able to teach her.
Wednesday Sept 16:
It was a good day. Unfortunately it was one of those days where everything falls through, however we were  still able to teach one of our investigators about the Book of Mormon. She is an older lady who missionaries have been working with for a while. OTher than that it was a slow day.
Thursday Sept 17:
We had a zone Meeting. It was an interesting and a little intense meeting. They are making some more changes in the mission and a lot of them were on how we report numbers and just some new goals. We used to have the goal of 1 baptism and 1 reactivation per companionship per month, but now it is 3. We will see how that goes. After this meeting we went out with a young man is our ward who is preparing for a mission. We are making it a weekly thing. He is really liking it, and I think it will help me be a little more motivated.
Friday Sept 18:
It was another slow day but we did get in contact with a less-active family in our ward. Sometimes it is nice to have a companion that speaks Spanish. The father of this family speaks spanish and Elder Armenta was able to really connect with him. They opened up and told us why they decided to come back and we addressed concerns. We have an appointment with them tonight, so we will see where that goes.
Saturday Sept 19:
It was a good day. We went with one of our investigators to the family history center. It has been hard to get her to keep appointments but we were happy she actually kept this one. Unfortunately when we got there, their hours had changed due to a genealogy festival, So we did a church tour instead. The rest of the day we met with some people, set up some appointments, and did some tracting.
Sunday Sept 20:
We had a long time at church but had some great classes on honesty and pride. At church our bishop gave us a list of all the Young single adult people in our area. So we coordinated with the YSA ward to see if they had any info on these people.
That was our week. Nothing too exciting. I hope you all have a great week.
Till next time,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher

Week 57 - Highlands Ranch, CO

It was a very very slow week. However it was good.

Thursday Sept 10: 11 Months left
We started the morning off with a district meeting. We have a new district leader who I really like. We are focusing on being more unified. We are doing some fun competitions to be unified such as who can take the weirdest statue or piece of art in your area. We are also getting matching ties and scarfs for the district and the other district is doing inverted colors. We also came up with this thing to do when we drive. When we come to a stop wave at the person next to you as if they are a celebrity. Haven't tried that one yet but I will see how it goes.

Friday Sept 11:
This was a good day. We ended up doing a lot of spur of the moment service. We planned to go see a bunch of people and we met them. The odd thing was that some of them really needed service at that time. We talked to a lot of people and overall it was a good day.

Saturday Sept 12:
We went on exchanges. I was in my area with Elder Dean. He is awesome. We started the morning off doing service for a lady who lives and works at a storage facility. It was long but fun. She has an unlimited supply of cookies and water and she even gave us lunch. We then had a few set appointments where no one was home. We decided to stop by a former investigators house to invite her to go the family history center and when we were there we met her autistic son. It reminded me of when I taught autistic kids. She was impressed by the way we got along with him.

Another interesting thing happened on Saturday. Our dinner had us come to Deseret Book to pick up some gift cards when I ran into Sister Bennett from the Ken Caryl ward, who is the Relief Society President. We talked about the ward and the people I taught. The ward is doing great and most everyone I taught is strong in the gospel still. Before we left she said, "When are you coming back to Ken Caryl. I will have to talk to President and see if he could send you back." This honestly made my day. I felt such gratitude for the opportunity to serve in that ward and I realized why I enjoyed it so much. I learned to love the people. I got to know every member in that ward. It made me realize that I need to start loving these wards.

We also had stake Conference where it was mostly themed on Missionary work. President and Sister Murdock got up and gave talks as well.
Sunday Sept 13: 13 month mark
We had Stake conference in the morning which was great. The stake president here loves calling on people to come up and share his testimony so that his talk is shorter (really just to fill time but it is the joke in highlands ranch that he never prepares a talk.) We then had a successful day trying people and doing some tracting. We actually ran into a guy who almost joined the church and even read the Book of Mormon and the Doctrine and Covenants. He was very nice and said he wasn't interested right now. He seemed so prepared however sometimes it takes more invites before someone opens up and accepts.

Overall it was a good week, but very slow. I hope all is well back home. 

Till next time,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher

P.S. Also we are getting a visit from a general Authority. His name is Wilford W Anderson and gave an amazing talk titled, "The Music of the Gospel" I can't wait for that visit. I actually have a quote from that talk on my planner this transfer.

Week 56 - Highlands Ranch

Hello Everyone,
This was an ok week with a lot of success.

Tuesday Sept 1: 
Transfer Meeting
We went on an exchange on Tuesday. I was with Elder Gish whom I served next to a back in Ken Caryl Ward. We had a busy day where we found one new investigator through a fence. We actually knocked on their neighbor’s door who is a member of the mission presidency to see if we could use the bathroom. He actually let us use his bathroom and we ended up talking to his son who is interested. We taught him a little bit and set up a return appointment. We also taught two more lessons that night with two more families.

Wednesday Sept 2:
We had the opportunity to go to the Temple bright and early. I always love going even though it is bright and early. I then had a drs. Appointment. We also met with a lady who has taken lessons before and taught her the Restoration. Other than that the day was slow.

Thursday Sept 3:
I wasn’t feeling very well on Thursday but we had some success. We went with a young man in our ward who is preparing to serve a mission. We did some tracting and found a lady who read the book of Mormon and took lessons thirty years ago. She recently moved here to highlands ranch and is looking for a church. We have a church tour with her next week.

Friday-Saturday Sept 4-5:
I was still not feeling well so work was especially slow. We tried some people and knocked some doors. We did get transfer calls and Elder Armenta and I are both staying.

Sunday Sept 6:
We had a great Sunday. Very long but the Fast and Testimony Meeting along with the classes went very well. Other than that it was pretty slow.

Monday Sept 7:
Due to it being Labor day we basically had an entire P-Day to do what we wanted. Our apartment was inspected early in the morning and we did our shopping before 11, so we went hiking and just relaxed all day. 

Tuesday Sept 8:
It was Transfers. It was an amazing meeting. Many missionaries that I got to know went home including Elder Brown whom I served with. They all shared amazing testimonies and it was a spiritual meeting. We also got a lot of new missionaries so the number of missionaries will be going up back to 200 soon.

Overall it was a long week but we had success. I hope you all have a great week.

Till next time,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher

Monday, September 7, 2015

Week 55 - Highlands Ranch, CO

So this was a very very interesting week. I would say a mission changing week.

Tuesday August 25:
So on Tuesday I was on exchanges with Elder Brimhall again, my MTC companion. We started the day off by doing service at a Catholic Church. It was a food bank. It was fun and we got to do it with Elder Jensen and his companion. The rest of the day was slow. I was actually having a really hard last two days. We have had no success in this area and we were on week 5. Our mission President even called us about that. I actually had a melt down (You need to have at least one). However being with Elder Brimhall helped out a ton. He is a very good missionary and a good friend. That night Elder Armenta and I also talked about some challenges in our companionship and settled our differences. There was some misunderstanding.

Wednesday August 26:
We decided to rethink our approach to this area. We had mostly just tried people in the area and ward list. So for this day we decided to tract all day. I wasn't to thrilled but realized we had to give it a try. We ended up teaching some which honestly came as a surprise. I started feeling better by the end of the day.

Thursday August 27:
This was a long day because it was our weekly planning day. We decided to completely look at this area with a different approach. We spent hours refocusing our efforts. Putting higher goals and casting a vision of where we see this area by the end of the year. We had a lesson with an investigator planned but he ended up cancelling. That night we went with a return missionary in our ward out to do some tracting and try some people. I learned a lot from him. My biggest struggle on my mission is talking to random people. He showed us a very natural way to do it. It was very beneficial.

Friday August 28:
We had a long meeting on Friday. It was an extra long district meeting where the assistants took over most of it. We also had interviews with President Murdock. It went very well. In the interview we talked about repentance and how repentance is a gift given to us from God and that through our repentance we can return to live with Heavenly Father. The meeting was focused on Planning and knocking doors and Talking to random people. Just what I needed. It was a very spiritual meeting and a huge booster. The rest of the day went really well.

Saturday August 29:
It was a long day. We did some tracting and tried a ton of people. There was a saying that the Assistants used in there training on Friday. "There is a reason you are here, Find that reason." We tried doing that all day. It was cool to see that God really did send us to certain spots for a specific reason. For instance we tried to visit a member Bishop told us to go see. They weren't home but there was a guy taking a smoke outside that we talked to. He was from Georgia so he said he couldn't take lessons. However he was excited when we gave him a Book of Mormon.

Sunday August 30:
It was a great day. We had 6 hours of church again which may sound very long, but I enjoy it. As a missionary you pick up on lessons really well and you enjoy church. 6 hours of it is awesome honestly. We then did some tracting and met a lot of really nice people.

So overall it was a great week. This was a week where I got motivated to work harder and try new things. Just like in anything you get complacent after a while which I felt I was being. However this week was a big change for me and I hope to keep working harder and harder until I drop, because I know it will make me happy and many others happy as well.

Anyways I hope you all have a great week. 

Till next time,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher

Week 54 - Highlands Ranch, CO

Hello everyone,

This was a slow week.

Tuesday August 18:
We started the day off in a District Meeting. Since everyone is starting to figure out I can sing I was asked to do a special musical number where I just sang Come, Come Ye Saints. It was a great meeting where the spirit was felt strongly. The rest of the day was spent knocking doors. 

Wednesday August 19:
It was a good day. I went to a Drs office in the morning to get some lumps on my neck checked out. They think it might be an infection of some sort that I might have. The question is What? So I have been getting that checked out. Later that day we tried some potentials that the previous elders left. We actually didn't meet any of them but talked to some people who might be interested on the street. So the work is moving along slowly.

Thursday August 20:
It was a very slow and long day. We had a total of 3 people open up their door, and we knocked doors all day. The first was a less-active lady who was very nice and technically we met her outside. The second was dinner and the third was our 8PM member lesson. We did however meet this teenager who had this really cool RC car. We were tracting his neighborhood and talked to him after we finished. He seemed interested so hopefully his parents will give him permission to be taught.

Friday August 21:
It was a good day. We started the morning doing a church tour with one of our investigators. He seemed to like it and had a lot of good questions. We then taught him the Restoration lesson. He liked it but had some concerns about the Great Apostasy. He didn't think that Jesus Christ organized a church when he was on earth. We then explained that he actually did by calling 12 apostles giving them the priesthood, who would replace someone who was missing if one died or fell away, and how these apostles went out to organize the church further. Christ even called seventies. He actually understood after that. We then spent another long day knocking doors.

Saturday August 22:
We had an interesting opportunity to help out with a Hawaiian festival. A member of our ward is the President of this Hawaiian Club and got our church to set up a family history booth. It was cool because the missionaries basically ran it. We had a lot of people really interested in learning about family history. Some even said that they would go to a family history center. Family history really is one of the best ways to share the gospel because people want to learn more about their families. With the tools we have today it hasn't been more easy to find your ancestors. It was fun to just talk about family history with people.

Sunday August 23:
It was a long day of meetings. We had two ward councils about 6 hours of church with a fireside we were invited to that night. Needless to say it was a very long day. However it was good. Unfortunately thought Our investigator we did a church tour with didn't show up to church. We will have to find out what happened.

So overall it was a good week. A couple of other things to note. We have had some terrible pollution from all the fires from the West Coast. I guess it is their way of getting back at Colorado for taking all the rain. It has made for some awesome sunsets and sunrises. It dims the son so much that you can look directly at it and it not hurt your eyes.

Also here is an update to me address. The last one is correct but we have had some issues with stuff not coming so here is a more correct one.

Elder Pulsipher

Also I just found out that a girl in my last area that I taught got baptized this last week. When I was in Bookcliff ward her family was in our ward and we tried to get in and teach. When I went back to the Melody Lane ward they moved into that ward and we started actually teaching her. So here are some pictures. Brother Smith who is an amazing person baptized her. I got to work closely with him in both wards.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Week 53 - Highland Ranch - One year mark

Hello Everyone,

Tuesday August 11:
Elders Jenks, Workman, Armenta, Gish and I
This was an interesting day. Interesting in that I got to serve with my MTC companion for a day, Elder Brimhall. It had been one year from when we started our missions and served together before. He is my zone leader so he did an exchange with me. It was a good day. We did some service for a members neighbor and also put an investigator of theirs on date. It was a cool story because she was found by the Elder Brimhall's companion, Elder Baughn getting a prompting to turn down two streets. She was taking her garbage out. It was a very cool lesson. Overall it was an awesome exchange it was great to serve with Elder Brimhall again and to talk about our first year on our mission.

Wednesday August 12:
We had another exchange with our district leader. I was with Elder Workman who has been out about 2 months. We spent the morning taking in our car to get it fixed, dropping off sheet music for the member playing piano for me for sacrament meeting in the other ward this Sunday. The previous day in our area we found a new investigator named Eddie. The lesson with him went really well and they set up a church tour for Wednesday. When we got to the church building however they were painting. Classic. So we had to cancel that. It always seems to happen when we have a church tour. Overall it was a slow day but that night we did an 8PM member lesson with the relief society president in one of our wards. It was an amazing lesson.

     1 Year Mark!  50% completed    

Thursday August 13:
Unfortunately it was a very slow day, but we made some contact with some less-active members and tried some former investigators.

Friday August 14:
It was a good day. We did Weekly Planning and then did some tracting and tried some potentials. While we were tracting we knocked on a door where a teenager answered. He let us right in took a survey and we shared the first lesson the Restoration. He liked it and said he will try church out. He did just graduate so he might be in the YSA ward but we are hoping that might not be the case so we can teach him. 

Saturday August 15:
It was a busy day. In the morning we helped two people move. I was exhausted after the 4 hours of moving. We then made contact with a lot of people our bishop asked us to see. That night we practiced the musical number I will be singing in the Northridge ward this Sunday. Because we cover two wards I get to sing in two wards. Overall it was a busy and good day.

Sunday August 16:
Elder Brimhall and I, Baughn and Armenta
It was a very good day. We had 6 hours of church again. I sang in sacrament meeting and we taught about how to find people as members in Gospel Principles. That night after dinner we felt like we should visit an active member. When we got there this nice man let us in and said, "I am so glad you came" He sat us down and after about 10 minutes of waiting for him to make some dinner for himself he sat down and explained he wasn't the house-owner but is a member living there with them. He told us his story and then told us about a way he does missionary work. He goes on a jog every day. While on his jog he meets a lot of people. He makes friends and after getting to know them or even with strangers he asks if they go to church. He then invites them to check out Mormon.org and gives him a card with his number on it and a q-code that leads to Mormon.org. He has done this with about 500 people. Pretty amazing. We spent the rest of the evening at a member lesson and a coordination meeting where we talked and came up with some ideas about how to progress missionary work in the ward.

Overall it was a good week. I hope you all had a great one as well.

Till next time,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher

So another story from Thursday I forgot about. I can't believe I did anyways.  We were eating dinner at a members when one of the many storms this week was coming towards us. They were keeping track of it during dinner on their I-pad. They were concerned that their garden would get ruined. The conversation then turned into how members are blessed for helping missionaries. We then mentioned that they will be blessed for feeding the missionaries. A few minutes later they looked at the image of the storm. The most intense part was supposed to be over us but instead there was a hole in the storm right above there house. It was an odd sight because it was the only hole.