Sunday, September 6, 2015

Week 53 - Highland Ranch - One year mark

Hello Everyone,

Tuesday August 11:
Elders Jenks, Workman, Armenta, Gish and I
This was an interesting day. Interesting in that I got to serve with my MTC companion for a day, Elder Brimhall. It had been one year from when we started our missions and served together before. He is my zone leader so he did an exchange with me. It was a good day. We did some service for a members neighbor and also put an investigator of theirs on date. It was a cool story because she was found by the Elder Brimhall's companion, Elder Baughn getting a prompting to turn down two streets. She was taking her garbage out. It was a very cool lesson. Overall it was an awesome exchange it was great to serve with Elder Brimhall again and to talk about our first year on our mission.

Wednesday August 12:
We had another exchange with our district leader. I was with Elder Workman who has been out about 2 months. We spent the morning taking in our car to get it fixed, dropping off sheet music for the member playing piano for me for sacrament meeting in the other ward this Sunday. The previous day in our area we found a new investigator named Eddie. The lesson with him went really well and they set up a church tour for Wednesday. When we got to the church building however they were painting. Classic. So we had to cancel that. It always seems to happen when we have a church tour. Overall it was a slow day but that night we did an 8PM member lesson with the relief society president in one of our wards. It was an amazing lesson.

     1 Year Mark!  50% completed    

Thursday August 13:
Unfortunately it was a very slow day, but we made some contact with some less-active members and tried some former investigators.

Friday August 14:
It was a good day. We did Weekly Planning and then did some tracting and tried some potentials. While we were tracting we knocked on a door where a teenager answered. He let us right in took a survey and we shared the first lesson the Restoration. He liked it and said he will try church out. He did just graduate so he might be in the YSA ward but we are hoping that might not be the case so we can teach him. 

Saturday August 15:
It was a busy day. In the morning we helped two people move. I was exhausted after the 4 hours of moving. We then made contact with a lot of people our bishop asked us to see. That night we practiced the musical number I will be singing in the Northridge ward this Sunday. Because we cover two wards I get to sing in two wards. Overall it was a busy and good day.

Sunday August 16:
Elder Brimhall and I, Baughn and Armenta
It was a very good day. We had 6 hours of church again. I sang in sacrament meeting and we taught about how to find people as members in Gospel Principles. That night after dinner we felt like we should visit an active member. When we got there this nice man let us in and said, "I am so glad you came" He sat us down and after about 10 minutes of waiting for him to make some dinner for himself he sat down and explained he wasn't the house-owner but is a member living there with them. He told us his story and then told us about a way he does missionary work. He goes on a jog every day. While on his jog he meets a lot of people. He makes friends and after getting to know them or even with strangers he asks if they go to church. He then invites them to check out and gives him a card with his number on it and a q-code that leads to He has done this with about 500 people. Pretty amazing. We spent the rest of the evening at a member lesson and a coordination meeting where we talked and came up with some ideas about how to progress missionary work in the ward.

Overall it was a good week. I hope you all had a great one as well.

Till next time,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher

So another story from Thursday I forgot about. I can't believe I did anyways.  We were eating dinner at a members when one of the many storms this week was coming towards us. They were keeping track of it during dinner on their I-pad. They were concerned that their garden would get ruined. The conversation then turned into how members are blessed for helping missionaries. We then mentioned that they will be blessed for feeding the missionaries. A few minutes later they looked at the image of the storm. The most intense part was supposed to be over us but instead there was a hole in the storm right above there house. It was an odd sight because it was the only hole.