Monday, September 7, 2015

Week 54 - Highlands Ranch, CO

Hello everyone,

This was a slow week.

Tuesday August 18:
We started the day off in a District Meeting. Since everyone is starting to figure out I can sing I was asked to do a special musical number where I just sang Come, Come Ye Saints. It was a great meeting where the spirit was felt strongly. The rest of the day was spent knocking doors. 

Wednesday August 19:
It was a good day. I went to a Drs office in the morning to get some lumps on my neck checked out. They think it might be an infection of some sort that I might have. The question is What? So I have been getting that checked out. Later that day we tried some potentials that the previous elders left. We actually didn't meet any of them but talked to some people who might be interested on the street. So the work is moving along slowly.

Thursday August 20:
It was a very slow and long day. We had a total of 3 people open up their door, and we knocked doors all day. The first was a less-active lady who was very nice and technically we met her outside. The second was dinner and the third was our 8PM member lesson. We did however meet this teenager who had this really cool RC car. We were tracting his neighborhood and talked to him after we finished. He seemed interested so hopefully his parents will give him permission to be taught.

Friday August 21:
It was a good day. We started the morning doing a church tour with one of our investigators. He seemed to like it and had a lot of good questions. We then taught him the Restoration lesson. He liked it but had some concerns about the Great Apostasy. He didn't think that Jesus Christ organized a church when he was on earth. We then explained that he actually did by calling 12 apostles giving them the priesthood, who would replace someone who was missing if one died or fell away, and how these apostles went out to organize the church further. Christ even called seventies. He actually understood after that. We then spent another long day knocking doors.

Saturday August 22:
We had an interesting opportunity to help out with a Hawaiian festival. A member of our ward is the President of this Hawaiian Club and got our church to set up a family history booth. It was cool because the missionaries basically ran it. We had a lot of people really interested in learning about family history. Some even said that they would go to a family history center. Family history really is one of the best ways to share the gospel because people want to learn more about their families. With the tools we have today it hasn't been more easy to find your ancestors. It was fun to just talk about family history with people.

Sunday August 23:
It was a long day of meetings. We had two ward councils about 6 hours of church with a fireside we were invited to that night. Needless to say it was a very long day. However it was good. Unfortunately thought Our investigator we did a church tour with didn't show up to church. We will have to find out what happened.

So overall it was a good week. A couple of other things to note. We have had some terrible pollution from all the fires from the West Coast. I guess it is their way of getting back at Colorado for taking all the rain. It has made for some awesome sunsets and sunrises. It dims the son so much that you can look directly at it and it not hurt your eyes.

Also here is an update to me address. The last one is correct but we have had some issues with stuff not coming so here is a more correct one.

Elder Pulsipher

Also I just found out that a girl in my last area that I taught got baptized this last week. When I was in Bookcliff ward her family was in our ward and we tried to get in and teach. When I went back to the Melody Lane ward they moved into that ward and we started actually teaching her. So here are some pictures. Brother Smith who is an amazing person baptized her. I got to work closely with him in both wards.