Monday, September 28, 2015

Week 56 - Highlands Ranch

Hello Everyone,
This was an ok week with a lot of success.

Tuesday Sept 1: 
Transfer Meeting
We went on an exchange on Tuesday. I was with Elder Gish whom I served next to a back in Ken Caryl Ward. We had a busy day where we found one new investigator through a fence. We actually knocked on their neighbor’s door who is a member of the mission presidency to see if we could use the bathroom. He actually let us use his bathroom and we ended up talking to his son who is interested. We taught him a little bit and set up a return appointment. We also taught two more lessons that night with two more families.

Wednesday Sept 2:
We had the opportunity to go to the Temple bright and early. I always love going even though it is bright and early. I then had a drs. Appointment. We also met with a lady who has taken lessons before and taught her the Restoration. Other than that the day was slow.

Thursday Sept 3:
I wasn’t feeling very well on Thursday but we had some success. We went with a young man in our ward who is preparing to serve a mission. We did some tracting and found a lady who read the book of Mormon and took lessons thirty years ago. She recently moved here to highlands ranch and is looking for a church. We have a church tour with her next week.

Friday-Saturday Sept 4-5:
I was still not feeling well so work was especially slow. We tried some people and knocked some doors. We did get transfer calls and Elder Armenta and I are both staying.

Sunday Sept 6:
We had a great Sunday. Very long but the Fast and Testimony Meeting along with the classes went very well. Other than that it was pretty slow.

Monday Sept 7:
Due to it being Labor day we basically had an entire P-Day to do what we wanted. Our apartment was inspected early in the morning and we did our shopping before 11, so we went hiking and just relaxed all day. 

Tuesday Sept 8:
It was Transfers. It was an amazing meeting. Many missionaries that I got to know went home including Elder Brown whom I served with. They all shared amazing testimonies and it was a spiritual meeting. We also got a lot of new missionaries so the number of missionaries will be going up back to 200 soon.

Overall it was a long week but we had success. I hope you all have a great week.

Till next time,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher