Monday, September 28, 2015

Week 58 - Highlands Ranch, CO

Hello Everyone,
This was a good week. Nothing too exciting happened, but it was good nonetheless.
Tuesday Sept 15:
We decided that we need to find some people in our area. Our area is really suffering as far as investigators go. We have been doing a lot more tracting, which has honestly gotten better for me because we are trying to have more fun doing it. However there is someone we have started teaching. She has a great story. She had been less-active for 10 years and finally decided in June to start coming back. She has been through a very hard time and decided to essentially restart and move out here. She has asked us to help her by teaching her the discussion and to introduce her to members of the ward. You couldn't tell that she has been less-active for that many years. She has a solid testimony and it was great to be able to teach her.
Wednesday Sept 16:
It was a good day. Unfortunately it was one of those days where everything falls through, however we were  still able to teach one of our investigators about the Book of Mormon. She is an older lady who missionaries have been working with for a while. OTher than that it was a slow day.
Thursday Sept 17:
We had a zone Meeting. It was an interesting and a little intense meeting. They are making some more changes in the mission and a lot of them were on how we report numbers and just some new goals. We used to have the goal of 1 baptism and 1 reactivation per companionship per month, but now it is 3. We will see how that goes. After this meeting we went out with a young man is our ward who is preparing for a mission. We are making it a weekly thing. He is really liking it, and I think it will help me be a little more motivated.
Friday Sept 18:
It was another slow day but we did get in contact with a less-active family in our ward. Sometimes it is nice to have a companion that speaks Spanish. The father of this family speaks spanish and Elder Armenta was able to really connect with him. They opened up and told us why they decided to come back and we addressed concerns. We have an appointment with them tonight, so we will see where that goes.
Saturday Sept 19:
It was a good day. We went with one of our investigators to the family history center. It has been hard to get her to keep appointments but we were happy she actually kept this one. Unfortunately when we got there, their hours had changed due to a genealogy festival, So we did a church tour instead. The rest of the day we met with some people, set up some appointments, and did some tracting.
Sunday Sept 20:
We had a long time at church but had some great classes on honesty and pride. At church our bishop gave us a list of all the Young single adult people in our area. So we coordinated with the YSA ward to see if they had any info on these people.
That was our week. Nothing too exciting. I hope you all have a great week.
Till next time,
Elder Dallin S Pulsipher